How To Install Bidet Spray

Do you consider yourself refreshed after wiping yourself down with a dry towel? Don’t even consider it. Nothing beats a long, hot shower for feeling clean and refreshed. Why not treat your nether regions with the same care as the rest of your body? The spray from a bidet can be useful in certain situations. 

A bidet can spray water to help you thoroughly clean yourself after using the restroom. Because bidet sprayers are so simple, many people consider installing one when shopping for a new faucet. This comprehensive guide will be extremely useful for you to know how to install bidet spray.

How to Install Bidet Spray

How to Install Bidet Spray

Turn off the waters supply and empty the tank

The water to the sink in the bathroom needs to be turned off. Behind the tank is where you find the shutdown valve for your toilet, as is standard. Locate this valve, then turn it to the off position. Before disconnecting the line, you must first ensure that all water has been removed. To accomplish this, you will have to drain the fuel tank and flush the toilet, which will clear up the water in the tank. 

You should not hear any water coming in to fill the tank now that the water supply has been cut off. When the sound of water rushing stops after turning off the source, you know you’ve done it right. If you’re sure you switched the water off at the shut-off valve, but the water is still running, listen closely to be sure the sound isn’t coming from the pipe itself.

Connect the T-valve

Turn off the water connection at the main valve, then remove the hose from the fill valve located under the toilet tank. Ensure the T-valve on top of your bidet has the flat rubber washer installed. After removing the water supply hose, screw the top of the T-valve onto the toilet’s fill valve. Don’t force the screws in too far.

Connect water line

Tighten the water line into the bottom threads of the T-valve you just put in the toilet tank. The water line in this model must be attached to the T-base. Valve’s Reiterating; tighten your grip. After that, you can attach the bidet sprayer to the other female thread.

Attach sprayer hose and sprayer

The sprayer is up next. It looks like you’ll be using the hose and sprayer. Put a black gasket on both ends of the hose. The hose’s nut should be screwed onto the T-internal valve’s threads, and the sprayer’s base should be threaded to receive the opposite end.

Install sprayer holder

The spray nozzle for the bidet can be stored in a holder on the unit. The time has come to set up the holder for the spray bottle. The sprayer holder has two possible attachment points, the wall and the toilet tank’s lid. The bidet spray kit included screws and drywall anchors for wall mounting, but you can get these screws anywhere. You can finally put away the sprayer and call it a day.

Test sprayer for leaks

Now would be an excellent time to see whether there are any leaks in the bidet. Gently reactivate the water supply. You should ensure that everything is secure, and feel free to double-check your work. The water should begin flowing, and the tank should fill. The water valve should be turned back to its initial position until it stops flowing.

Please turn on the spray system’s control valve and give it a try. This component sits on the T-outside. Valve’s Direct the sprayer’s nozzle at the bowl and squeeze the trigger slowly until water begins to dribble out. Inspect the hose and its fittings for any signs of leaking. Once you’ve checked the sprayer’s condition, you can release the trigger and let the water spray out.

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Benefits of Installing a Bidet Spray

Easy to use 

When first exposed to a bidet spray, most people are baffled. Installing a bidet spray is as simple as turning on the water and directing the spray where it needs to go. You’ll adore it after just one use since it aids in maintaining a clean appearance between washes.

It reduces plumbing issues and prevents clogs

You should have a toilet sprayer because it’s good for the plumbing. You can prevent the buildup of waste and clogs in your toilet by using a bidet spray instead of toilet paper when you flush. This will extend the life of the pipe in your toilet. This means you won’t have to worry about plumbing problems again, at least not for a very long time.

Bidet spray doesn’t take up too much space

Placing a bidet spray in your bathroom is as minimally invasive as other bathroom equipment. Sprays that may be attached to the toilet are a great option for those with small homes. Therefore, the bidet spray may easily fit into any size bathroom.

It has many functions

In addition to its primary purpose, the spray from a bidet can serve several other purposes. For those times when you require to clean something but aren’t near a sink or shower, a bidet can come in handy. There are numerous advantages you will notice after installing a bidet spray.

It prevents infection

Suppose microorganisms like viruses, fungi, or bacteria gain access to an open sore, wound, or scrape. In that case, it won’t be long before an infection sets in. A bidet spray installation is the most effective means of avoiding this issue.

It is comfortable to use

You may feel uneasy about using a toilet that has a bidet spray. Nonetheless, most bidet sprayers feature multiple adjustments. The water pressure can be adjusted on a bidet to suit your needs, from a light spray to a thorough rinsing.

Is It Worthwhile to Invest in a Bidet Sprayer?

A bidet may be able to clean and provide hygiene to your buttocks. It works wonderfully at clearing out any lingering solid waste. People with mobility issues are a vulnerable group that can benefit greatly from using bidets.

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Because of their numerous benefits, bidet sprays are widely used in American homes. Using a bathroom with a bidet spray is more pleasant, sanitary, and practical. A bidet spray can also be installed in even the smallest of washrooms. Before installing a bidet spray, read the instructions above to fully understand how to install bidet spray.

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