Cost of Installing a Bidet in the UK

Bidets aren’t popular in the UK, and because of that, there is little too limited information on the web concerning them. For many people who want to use a bidet in the UK, this series of unanswered questions influence their purchase.

Are you wondering what’s the cost of installing a bidet in the UK? For that, below, I have researched and compiled all the questions and answers on purchasing or using a bidet in the UK.

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Cost of Installing a Bidet in the UK

Are Bidets Common in the UK?

Like in the US, the bidet is not that common in the UK. However, it has recently made a massive comeback in many homes. This comeback may have nothing to do with the past pandemic, where there was a shortage of tissue paper supplies in many stores.

A major contribution to this is also from many UK users who have travelled to countries where bidet is common; thus, they speak more about it to their friends and families and likewise introduce them to it.

Another reason why the bidet seat is not populated in the UK olden days is less space availability. Then, most old English houses are constructed in smaller sizes. For most homes, then, it’s difficult to even have both the toilet and bathroom in one setting; this led many to construct outdoor toilets. Since the bidet then was like or slighter bigger than a normal toilet, it isn’t easy having it.

Also, the bidet popular then, now known as the ‘standalone bidet, mostly brings out cold water. The UK is known for its temperate climate; washing your private area with cold, chilling water is an experience many don’t want to have.

Thankfully, the different models and highly advanced bidets in the market make it easy for anyone to have in any toilet or bathroom and any weather.

Another misconception that I have read online about what makes bidet less popular in the UK is the French and British dispute, as the bidet originated from the French.

Bidet hoses or sprayers are not illegal in the UK, but you MUST inform your water company before installing them.

It should comply with your local water authority regulations. If you’re uncertain about this, you can always speak to a professional and qualified plumber in your locality to put you through.  

This compliance is to prevent water contamination since many depend on it as their source of drinking water.

The UK Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WARS) laid out information on how to prevent the risk of backflow on compact domestic toilets. This might also work in hand with your toilet design. As I mentioned above, contacting your local water authority or qualified plumber is a good option if it doesn’t.

How Do You Install a Bidet in the UK

The process of installing a bidet can slightly differ, depending on the type of bidet.

To install a bidet seat in the UK;

  • Start by turning the water supply shut-off valve OFF. Flush your toilet to remove any residual water.
  • Remove your existing toilet seat. Your bidet seat will replace it.
  • Slide the bidet mounting plate over the bolt holes in your toilet and insert the black brackets, so they fall in line with the bolt holes. Thread the mounting bolts through the brackets and fasten them down. 
  • Glide the bidet seat onto the mounting plate. Be sure to hear it click.
  • Replace your toilet tank’s fill valve with the bidet t-valve. Screw the bidet hose to the necessary sides of the t-valve. Ensure all connections are tight to prevent leakage.
  • Use your bidet!

To install the bidet hose in the UK;

Follow the compliance as stated by your local water authority to install one.

To install a bidet attachment in the UK;

For detailed steps on installing a bidet attachment, it’s similar to the installation process of a bidet seat.

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Cost of Installing a Bidet in the UK

If you want to use the service of an experienced plumber to install your bidet, there are several companies in the UK rendering this service.

The cost of installing a bidet in the UK by an experienced or professional plumber range from £100 to £200. This also depends on the company you choose to work with and where you reside in the UK.

This price may seem pricey for many who won’t want to spend extra money after purchasing their bidet. If installing your bidet has proven difficult, or you own a bidet toilet combo, then it’s best to seek the help of an experienced plumber.

How Much Does a Bidet Cost in the UK

The cost of a bidet in the UK varies according to the type of bidet you’re interested in purchasing. For portable traveler’s bidet bottles, their price ranges from £8 to £60. For bidet hoses, prices range from £15 to £75. For bidet attachments, the price range from £25 to £80. For bidet seats, the price range from £50 to £1100. For bidet toilet combos, the price ranges from £1000 to £4000.

How to Use a Bidet in the UK

There is no difference between using a bidet in the UK to any other country. Depending on the type of bidet, you might have to do the entire work yourself, or the bidet does it. 

Bidets like the standalone, handheld bidet, or the sprayer will require you to do a major part of the work.

  • Start by sitting on the toilet after your toilet business.
  • If you are using a bidet seat or bidet attachment, locate the on/off knob or buttons by the side. Afterward, you can either air-dry using the dryer feature on your bidet or use a bidet towel. This will be different if you’re using a bidet hose. Know that you will need a bidet towel to dry off after using a bidet hose. Be sure to follow all the etiquette of a bidet towel for proper hygiene.
  • For a standalone bidet, you’re expected to straddle your bidet and wash towards the direction of the water.

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