Clean Sense Dib-1500R Review

Every porcelain throne experience is improved and made more convenient with the addition of a bidet, a frequently ignored bathroom expenditure. A bidet offers a convenient and hygienic cleaning experience that eliminates the need for pricey toilet paper and other items and equipment for the bowl.

The ease of installation is another benefit; even the most feature-rich bidets only take a half-hour to install from beginning to end. The market is filled with numerous bidets, so it might be difficult to choose the right bidet for your bathroom.

In this article, we’ll present a Clean Sense dib-1500R review for you. This bidet is one of the best bidets available in the market today. With no further ado, let’s get started!

Brand Overview

Clean Sense provides superb middle-of-the-road seats with bidets. Their bidet seats have a ton of features but are not as expensive as they should be. The popularity of the Clean Sense bidet seat is due to the affordable price they can charge while yet providing excellent functionality. By reading this Clean Sense dib-1500R review, you’ll get to know more about one of Clean Sense’s best products. 

Clean Sense Dib-1500R top

There are two versions of Clean Sense same-type bidets and they both offer the same functionality. The way these features are controlled makes a difference. A side panel control is available on the Clean Sense dib-1500, while a wireless remote control is available on the Clean Sense dib-1500R. The Clean Sense bidets have a seat safety sensor that restricts the use of the bidet to when the seat is occupied.

A child setting that disables this feature is available so that little children can still use the bidet.

One wand with three nozzle tips is the last of Clean Sense’s primary characteristics. The single wand ensures correct nozzle positioning, and the three separate nozzle tips built into the wand enable the ideal wash for each of the three washes — front, rear, and enema wash — since each nozzle is specifically made to be used for one of these washes.  

Clean Sense dib-1500R Review

Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet Toilet Seat for Elongated...
  • On-Demand Instant Endless Warm Water for Efficient and Comfortable Cleaning
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature and Pressure settings for the Water, Air Dryer and Seat
  • 4 User Preset Buttons! A Unique Feature so Everyone in your House Can Have Their Owner Personal Settings Saved

The flagship model for Clean Sense is the DIB 1500R bidet toilet seat. It is a fully functional machine with several various wash functions. It also has several other excellent add-ons, which we’ll cover in more detail below.

The wireless remote control is used to control the Clean Sense DIB 1500R. You can install the remote control to the wall next to your toilet using the mounting bracket that comes with it. You can use the device from your lap as well because the remote controls are simple to insert and remove from the mounting bracket.

The remote control offers four programmed user presets, which is one of its wonderful features. The Clean Sense DIB 1500R bidet seat’s posterior and frontal wash capabilities perform admirably. By pushing the appropriate wash button on the remote control, cleaning is initiated. The device also features a turbo wash (enema) capability that is optional.

Another feature is a heated seat with adjustable heat. The toilet seat and lid both close slowly, so you won’t have to worry about them slamming shut and making a lot of noise (particularly in the middle of the night). The excess moisture from your wash will be helped by an integrated heated air dry. Additionally, a built-in air deodorizer helps your bathroom get rid of unpleasant odors.


Control panel

A gray strip with a lit “Clean Sense” emblem in the center spans the back of the device from top to bottom. When the heated seat temperature rises above 93°F, the lit logo genuinely turns from blue to red. In this manner, you are aware of what to anticipate before sitting down. You can read about all the functions of the control panel in the user manual provided by Clean Sense.


To perform basic bidet functions without the remote control, utilize the mini-control panel on the right side of the device.

Clean Sense Dib-1500R

The device is 16 inches broad, as stated by the manufacturer. The round seat model is 18.5 inches long, compared to 20.8 inches for the elongated seat variant. The device weighs 11 pounds and measures 5.7 inches at its tallest point in the back.


The power cord and a slot for the deodorizer, which slides out easily and may be changed, are located on the left side of the bidet. This side also has a small electrical grounding point that can be used if a different way of grounding is required, as well as a small release button that releases the bidet from its mounting bracket. 

Heating system

The clean sense dib-1500R provides a device for instantly heating water. You will always have access to warm water because the water gets heated constantly. With the Clean Sense dib-1500R, the user may precisely control the heat temperature for the ideal wash.

Remote control wireless

The color palette of the remote control is silver and gray. The diagrams on the buttons look great in red, green, and blue. It contains a digital display that indicates the various functions’ current setting levels. The display, for instance, will indicate that the water temperature is set to the middle (of the three temperature options).

A clock that displays the time of day is featured on display. You can operate the remote control intuitively, and the buttons are quite straightforward. Although the remote control is larger than other models, this shouldn’t be a problem since it will likely be hung on the wall.

Preset function

The Clean Sense dib-1500R has four configurable user presets, which is a wonderful feature. It is comparable to some cars where the driver’s seat and side mirror positions can be pre-programmed. In the case of the bidet, you may personalize the seat temperature, preferred water pressure, and nozzle location.

Press the User Preset button to activate this function. Then, the buttons for Wash, Bidet, Enema, and Dry correspond to the first, second, third, or fourth preset. To activate, press the preset you’ve chosen. Simply press the User Preset button one more to turn off the User Preset function.

Bidet functions

There is a wall mounting attachment included with the wireless remote control. The remote can be removed from the mounting device and used that way, or you can just leave it on the wall to operate the bidet. Two supplied AA batteries are needed for the remote.

Wall mounted remote

A single nozzle system with multiple functions is used by the Clean Sense dib-1500R. The tip of the nozzle has two distinct spray outputs. The spray outlet on top is for posterior wash, and the spray below is for feminine wash. You can change the nozzle location to suit your preferences. Both an increase and a drop in water pressure are possible.

Clean Sense Dib-1500R control panel

The Clean Sense dib-1500R has a tankless water heating system that can deliver a continuous warm water wash in addition to changeable water temperature. In contrast, other bidets with reservoir tank systems can only provide warm water for roughly 45 seconds at a time.


The bidet has pulsing and massage functions. The wash nozzle is moved back and forth to expand the cleaning area as the massaging feature operates. The water stream is also pulsed by the pulsating characteristic. It’s not simply one or the other; massage and water pulses can be utilized simultaneously. Both posterior and feminine washes offer these features.

Extraordinary qualities

A temperature-controlled heated seat and an air drying feature that assists with leftover water after washing are additional features to take note of in this Clean Sense dib-1500R review. The lid and seat of the bidet both have soft closing mechanisms. A child mode and a self-cleaning feature that rinses the nozzles before and after each usage are also included. Additionally, there is an energy-saving feature that uses less electricity when not in use.

  • The bidet fits on one- or two-piece toilets
  • There’s a control panel on the right side of the seat
  • Child mode available
  • Separate nozzles for cleaning the front and back sides
  • 5 nozzle placement levels for more control
  • The nozzle moves in a back-and-forth motion during the massage function
  • Pulse wash that alternates between weak and powerful
  • The pressure and temperature of the water can be adjusted
  • Customer service needs more improvement

Clean Sense Dib-1500R Review

Benefits of Clean Sense dib-1500R Bidet

Sanitary components

The nozzles on the wand that the Clean Sense bidets employ are self-cleaning. This makes it possible for the nozzles to be automatically cleaned after each usage, providing a sanitary experience each time.

Comfort options

Great comfort features are available with the Clean Sense bidet seats. The Clean Sense bidets offer adjustable warm water washes with endless warm water, requiring only a cold water connection, thanks to an immediate water heating mechanism.

This product has an additional upscale feature thanks to the warm air dry and changeable temperature settings provided by both Clean Sense bidet types. The odor neutralizer in Clean Sense bidets absorbs odors using a built-in fan that draws air through a carbon filter, providing the user with an odor-free experience.

The heated seat of the Clean Sense bidets has temperature adjustments and encourages bowel motions. This feature contributes to the restroom’s increased comfort.

The Clean Sense bidets include modest nozzle position changes, massage, and pulse wash capabilities, and the standard washes provided by most high-end bidets, enabling the user to direct the wash exactly where it is needed. One of these adjustment settings was created with kids in mind specifically.

Simple installation

As long as they don’t have a french curve, both Clean Sense bidet models fit both 1 and 2-piece toilets. This, along with the fact that they come in both round and elongated sizes, makes them a perfect solution for just about any home. You now have a rapid-release function that makes it possible to quickly remove and reinstall the seat, making your bidet seat convenient and simple to install.

Green components

The Clean Sense bidets start out being incredibly environmentally friendly. The water heating system is the component of most bidet seats that consumes the most energy. On this front, the Clean Sense water heating system performs admirably.

Clean Sense Dib-1500R installation

This is furthered by the Clean Sense bidets’ energy-saving feature, which enables the resting temperature settings to be altered so that they consume less energy when not in use. The warm air drier is yet another fantastic innovation that has benefits for both comfort and the environment.

The need for toilet paper is eliminated by this feature, considerably enhancing the bidet’s environmental friendliness.


A 12-month guarantee is included with the Clean Sense bidet. The quality of the Clean Sense bidets is excellent enough that even though this isn’t the best guarantee available, we don’t think customers need to be concerned about it. However, through their website, buyers can purchase extended warranties for two or three years. If your device was acquired within the previous 14 days, you could add an extended warranty.

Installation and Maintenance

Clean Sense advises that only certified plumbers should install this bidet. A certified electrician should be utilized to install an outlet on electric models that lack one. Use a dedicated 15 or 20-amp GFCI circuit, and abide by local regulations. The unit needs to be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. 

Every six months, optional bidet water filters need to be changed. Hoses and every connection should be regularly inspected. These appliances need to be saved from freezing, and they should be disconnected when not in use for an extended period of time.


This is it! This was the Clean Sense dib-1500R review for you. It has excellent features found in other high-end seats costing much more money. 

For those trying to find a nice seat without spending a lot of money, this bidet seat is a fantastic choice. It is a favorite among many customers because it can be purchased at a reasonable price without missing any excellent options. We hope that your curiosity to know more about this bidet has been satisfied with this review.

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