Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Review

Bidets have become increasingly popular in recent years. These charming bathroom fixtures allow you to clean with water rather than toilet paper. They save trees and money and even make the bathroom more enjoyable.

Bidets are popular in South America, Europe, and Asia but are gaining popularity in the United States. BioBidet is a well-known and popular bidet brand in the United States, selling a variety of bidet products such as bidet toilet seats, bidet toilets, bidet toilet attachments, air purifiers, flow faucets, and even more.

They have a wide range of products that cover all budgets and styles, so there is bound to be a BioBidet that fits your needs and budget.

The Bio Bidet USPA 6800 is one of the most well-known bidets on the market. It appears to be an excellent choice for anyone looking for a bidet – but is it? Keep reading our Bio Bidet USPA 6800 review to find out!

Bio Bidet Uspa 6800 Review

Brand Overview

Bio Bidet is an American bidet brand that sells its products online and in stores. They set the trend because bidets are not as common in North America as in Asia and Europe.

Bio Bidet was founded in 2008 to bring the innovative smart ways of Eastern culture to the West through smart toilet bidets. With this in mind, Jason Han, the company’s president, and CEO set out to “raise the standard of kitchen & bath technology.”

Bidets are not a ‘normal’ thing in North America, despite the country’s significant contributions to science and technology over the last few centuries.

Bio Bidet has a long list of highly rated bidets and bidet attachments, so its brand reputation is solid. Furthermore, they have a wide range of bidet options to suit all budgets, which is a great way to make bidets more accessible and popular in the United States.

Bio Bidet has excellent customer feedback on their products, from their entry-level bidets to their high-end bidet toilets. Most of their products have received more than 4.5 stars out of five stars, indicating that they are well-liked.

Best Adjustable Bidet: Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Review

The Bio Bidet 6800 is manufactured by Bio Bidet, a bathroom technology industry leader based in the United States. While the Bio Bidet 6800 is not the company’s top-of-the-line bidet, it is a feature-packed electric bidet that falls between the bargain basement and the creme-de-la-creme. If you’re looking for a luxury bidet with quality construction, lots of bells and whistles, and a modern, unobtrusive aesthetic at a reasonable price, the Bio Bidet 6800 is a good option.

The positioning of the electric cord is a distinguishing design feature of the USPA 6800. It is located at the back of the unit and allows the owner to move the cord to the left or right, depending on the position of the power outlet, increasing convenience.

The unit has a slow-close lid and seat that reduces noise while closing and prevents stress on the parts, ensuring the product’s durability. To protect against the risk of electrical shock, major electronic components are coated with a special water-resistant material.


Manufacturer: ‎Bio Bidet
Item Weight: ‎15.67 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎22.5 x 17.6 x 8.7 inches
Shape: Round
Batteries‎: 3 AAA batteries are required. (included)
Color‎: White
Style‎: USPA-6800U
Batteries Included: ‎Yes
Batteries Required: No

Ratings by feature

Temperature Control: 5.0/5
Remote Control: 4.6/5
Easy to use: 4.6/5
Easy to install: 4.5/5


Wireless remote

For ease and convenience, the USPA 6800 Bidet comes with an easy-to-use wireless remote control. The remote is powered by three triple A batteries, which are included, and a wall-mountable remote control holder. The remote fits snugly into its holder and is held in place by magnets in the casing.

It is a small remote control that fits in the palm of your hand, with clearly labeled buttons and an LCD screen that displays the time, the functions currently in use, and the setting. You can use the remote control while handheld or from the attached wall holder.


The bidet toilet seat is an environmentally friendly product with a power-saving mode and heating methods known for low energy consumption and solid performance that reduces energy consumption.

When leaving for an extended period, the unit can be turned off completely by pressing the power button just above the air deodorizer. If you are going to be gone for an extended period, it is best to drain the bidet.


This unit has a self-cleaning function that rinses the nozzle before and after each use, ensuring cleanliness at all times. Users also benefit from a hands-free experience, as the warm air drying keeps germs at bay.

The air drier’s strength and warmth can be adjusted using two options. There is no need to use toilet paper to dry. The toilet seat is an antibacterial compound with advanced digital body-activated capacitor sensors for the user’s convenience and safety.

Warm water

The Bio Bidet 6800 Bidet includes a water heating system that allows it to provide nearly a minute of warm water. The water is stored and heated in a reservoir tank, and the user receives only the desired temperature and pressure when they select it.

For the most satisfying experience, the Tank Reservoir combines water flow and temperature consistency. The unit includes a temperature-controlled heated seat that provides just the right amount of warmth you select using the adjustable seat temperature control.

Automatic deodorizer

An automatic deodorizer vent on the right side of the bidet seat cleanses odor from the air rather than masking it with a different floral scent.

The high-tech carbon deodorizer operates with a fan that draws in bathroom air and absorbs unwanted odors as it passes through, so there are no more air freshener cans in the bathroom. Carbon refills are simple to replace and re-insert into the unit.

How to Install Bio Bidet Uspa 6800

Stylish construction

The sleek and stylish design is the first thing that draws you to this bidet seat. It has a piano-like stripe with traditional beveled edges. It also has a compact remote with soft-touch buttons for easy holding. The remote’s finish is scratch-resistant, so the labeled signs will not fade soon. Furthermore, the seat has an integrated deodorizer and two cleaning nozzles.

Dual nozzle

This toilet’s dual nozzle feature distinguishes it because everyone in your home can use it. There are two nozzles: one for posterior or rear wash and one for feminine wash. Both of these nozzles are replaceable and aid in cleaning your nether region.

The feminine nozzle has seven nozzle holes for a more evenly distributed water flow, resulting in a gentle washer. On the other hand, the posterior nozzle also serves as the intensive impulse pulsation source (IIP). The IIP wash aids in the relief of conditions such as constipation by using bursts of water to induce bowel movement naturally.

Slowly-closing seat

The fact that most bidet seats close slowly is one of their advantages over traditional seats. This is true for the USPA BioBidet 6800 round toilet seat. As a result, you won’t hear it slam when you leave the toilet. 

Also, where children use the toilet, the slow-closing function is essential so that their fingers are not injured when they exit the toilet.


To operate the heated seat and water tank, the seat requires a 120-volt power supply. Another smart move by Bio was to route the power cord through the center of the back of the seat, whereas most other bidets still route the power cord to the side. This enables you to swing the cord to the left or right, depending on where your power outlet is located.

The bidet also has an energy-saving mode, which can help you save hundreds of dollars in electricity and toilet paper costs over a year.

  • Adjusted setting
  • Lights up at night
  • Temperature control
  • Easy installation
  • Adjustable to every toilet
  • Automatic deodorizer
  • It has a wireless remote
  • Eco-friendly
  • Lack of endurance
  • Expensive

How Does Bio Bidet 6800 Work

How Does Bio Bidet 6800 Work

The bidet has a dual nozzle and a single-pocket system. Inside the housing pocket, the nozzles are stacked on top. The nozzle on top handles the posterior wash, while the nozzle on the bottom handles the feminine wash.

The USPA 6800’s nozzle position is adjustable. Both the temperature and the pressure of the water can be adjusted. These adjustments are simple to make using the remote control.

Massage and pulsation functions are also available on the bidet toilet seat. The massage function moves the nozzle back and forth, thereby expanding the cleaning area. The pulsation feature also pulses the water stream.

Both posterior and feminine washes have these features. You can use the USPA bidet’s massage and pulsation features simultaneously, so it’s not just one or the other.

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Benefits of Using Bio Bidet 6800

We’ve discussed the features of the Bio Bidet 6800, but what about the benefits? Understanding all of the benefits of a piece of technology is critical before investing in it. The following are some of the advantages of the Bio Bidet 6800:

  • Very easy installation that doesn’t require a plumber; you can set it up by yourself
  • A heated and comfortable seat
  • With a product like this, the cleaning is much easier and doesn’t require much
  • At night you won’t even have to turn on the light since the bidet lights up
  • You can set your water temperature how you like, and it doesn’t matter if you want colder or warmer; with this adjustment, you can do it to your needs
  • Of course, it has an automatic deodorizer, which means you won’t have to buy one anymore since there is one upgraded in the bidet itself
  • Another great benefit is that it’s adjustable to every toilet, doesn’t matter the shape or size.

All of the benefits are on your side, and we’re sure that you are now convinced to try it.

Benefits of Using Bio Bidet 6800

Design of the Bio Bidet 6800

The Bio Bidet 6800 seat has a low profile from the front, blending in nicely with the rest of the toilet. The lid has a nice finish with a gentle slope from back to front. There are also beveled edges around the lid, and a small notch in front of the lid will help you get the seat up.

The placement of the electric cord is a distinctive design feature of the USPA 6800 bidet toilet seat. Unlike most bidet toilet seats, the electric cord on this bidet toilet seat is centered at the back of the unit. This allows you to swing the cord to either the left or right side.

The wash feature is activated and deactivated by a wash button on the right side of the bidet seat. This allows you to use the bidet without using the remote control. The air deodorizer vents are located towards the back of the toilet bidet seat on the left side. Carbon refills are easily replaced and re-inserted into the unit. Above the air deodorizer is a power button. 

Bio Bidet USPA Warranty

Bio Bidet USPA Warranty

Home safety begins with ourselves, and as with any household item, preventive measures are essential during the installation, use, and disassembly of the Bio Bidet USPA 6800 Bidet Toilet Seat. 

The comprehensive user manual outlines the product’s dos and don’ts and all specifications such as electricity voltage and water pressure for optimum user functionality, safety, and comfortability. There are two warranties on this product; they are:

First one

The first is a three-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. It provides 100% coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for the first year from the date of purchase, 75% coverage for the second year, and 50% for the third year.

Second one

The optional second type provides a six years manufacturer’s unlimited warranty at an additional cost, covering 100% coverage of all parts and labor for the entire bidet for six years from the original date of purchase.

The warranty is limited to repairing or replacing defective products or parts, provided they were properly installed and used per the instructions. Bio Bidet is not responsible for product removal, return, and reinstallation costs.

The following items are not covered by the warranty: Natural calamity damage or loss, unreasonable use, misuse, abuse, negligence, or improper product maintenance. Damage or loss caused by the product’s removal, improper repair, or modification. Damage or loss caused by sediments or foreign matter in a water system.

How to Install Bio Bidet USPA 6800

You will not need much to install Bio Bidet USPA 6800. Take a towel or a small container to catch the falling water. If you use a towel, place it on the floor near where the water hose connects to the toilet tank.

Check to see what type of screwdriver is required to remove your current toilet seat, or simply grab what you have and see which is required when the time comes.

Shut off the water and flush the toilet

On the left side, next to the toilet, there is a small valve that protrudes from the lower wall. Locate the valve and turn it clockwise.

Then, flush the toilet to empty the tank by holding down the lever until it stops draining. This way, little water will come out when you remove the hose.

Remove the water supply

Place a towel on the floor below the point where the hose connects to the toilet, or use a small plastic container to grab the water as it comes out. Grip the hose with a rag or jar lid gripper and turn it CCW.

Attach the T-valve to the toilet tank

Check that the O-ring is properly oriented. Locate the T-valve and ensure that the small o-ring is properly positioned. The ring could have arrived separately in the package or fallen out of the T-valve.

Turn the T-valve clockwise with a rag or gripper onto the threaded shank to which the previously attached water supply hose. If you look at it from the underside, it’s CW. Before tightening completely, check that the bidet hose port (the one horizontal to the ground) is pointing towards you.

See what kind of alternate water supply hose you need

The Bio Bidet 6800 includes an extra water supply hose. The water supply hose in the United States ranges from 3/8′′ (shutoff valve) to 7/8′′. (toilet tank fill valve). If you live outside of the United States, Bio Bidet has you covered with this bidet. It includes an extra water supply hose.

Attach the water hose to the T-valve

You should now insert the water supply hose into the T-bottom valve’s port. Tighten with a rag or a gripper. After tightening, you may need to hold the horizontal port or re-adjust it slightly.

Remove the existing toilet seat

Most toilet seats are held together with long plastic screws and plastic fasteners on the underside. Top-mounting bolts are occasionally used, especially with skirted toilets. Since the bidet does not come with compatible screws, you will need top mounting hardware from the bidet king if your toilet uses these.

If your toilet seat uses standard mounting hardware, it will likely have a flap-like cover over the bolts. You’ll need to remove the cover. To open that tab, you may need to use a flathead screwdriver. Use a flat or Phillips screwdriver to remove the toilet seat mounting bolts. Using a rag, grasp the underside plastic nut and begin turning the screw CCW.

Attach the bracket at the end of the toilet

Track down the plastic mounting bracket. It should be positioned near the back of the rim. The black side should be facing down, with the two horizontal gripper strips closest to you.

Mount the bidet seat

Install the bidet, but don’t connect anything yet.

Attach the bidet hose

Connect the L-end to the bidet and the other to the T-horizontal valve’s port (in any order).

Open the water valve

Now, loosen the same valve that you tightened earlier. Check for leaks along the hoses’ path while doing so. Check for drips on anything that you tightened by hand.

Plug it and test it

You’ll need an extension cord, especially if you live in the United States, where bidets are uncommon.

Wait two minutes after plugging it in. The water tank takes about two minutes to fill. Since this bidet lacks an instant heater, it will take a few minutes for the water to warm up.

Give it a try after a few minutes. You can use your hands to cover the spray jet. If you’re feeling brave, you can use the bidet.

Design of the Bio Bidet 6800

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bio Bidet a good brand?

Bio Bidet is a household item that has raised the bar in bathroom and kitchen technology. They are well-known for their high-quality products and excellent customer service. The Bio Bidet team is passionate, talented, and the North American industry leader in bidet technology.

With an extensive range of seats to suit your budget and needs, backed up by one of the best warranties, you can be confident that you are getting the best quality at the best price. Every seat is subjected to quality control and grading to ensure you receive only the best.

Can I use a bidet with a raised seat?

Yes, you can use a bidet with a raised toilet seat, but not all of them can. This page details which bidet seats are compatible and which are not with a seat riser adaptor.

Does it need heated water?

Non-electric bidet attachments and bidet seats can provide warm water. Since non-electric options do not heat water, you must have access to a warm water supply. This usually means that your toilet will need to be close to your bathroom sink to tap into the sink’s hot water supply line.

Do I need to wipe after using the bidet?

If you use the bidet correctly and have a high-quality bidet, you should not need to use toilet paper to clean yourself. A good bidet will clean your backside better than any amount of wiping. However, you may want to dry yourself with a small piece of toilet paper.


The Bio Bidet USPA 6800 is an aesthetically pleasing bidet with a good balance of features and affordability. This is a good choice if you’re looking for a mid-range bidet and don’t mind preceding some of the luxurious features in higher-end, more expensive bidets.

There are numerous high-end bidets on the market today, but the Bio Bidet 6800 is one of the best. It has a lot of great features. It also has a great design that will look great in any bathroom. Bidets are a must-have for any home that wants to improve its toilet hygiene.

They are both practical and fashionable. Bio Bidet is a well-known bidet manufacturer, and the Bio Bidet 6800 is one of their best. We strongly advise you to purchase this one-of-a-kind bidet. It has lovely features and is less expensive than other similar bidets.

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