Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Review

More people are alternating the toilet paper for a bidet. Yet choosing the perfect bidet seat can be confusing. With the numerous upcoming brands in the market, picking one can be a little confusing. If you have heard about the Bliss BB-2000 and conjecturing if it is the right bidet seat for you; we are here to help. Our Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 review will help you decide.

Since the price of the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 may seem too pricey for some users, it is best to read this review before making your purchase. This article entails the complete details and guide of everything you need to know about the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000. So if you desire to go for it, reading this write-up will articulate if your choice is right.

Every subheading is a guideline to its structure, the pros and cons, and the best price for it. There are also answers to the inquiries many have asked concerning this bidet seat.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Review

Here is quick information; the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 is one of the best bidet toilet seats out there that money can buy.

Also, it is another one of Bio Bidet’s products that are giving its users what they want. Included in their Bliss luxury series, it has bagged itself much satisfaction from users.

This product has an excellent touch of modern technology. It is entirely different from what many know of bidets. Thus, it is popularly known for its grander spray pressure and durability.

On getting this toilet seat, one is quick to notice its sleekness and luxurious appearance of a uniform color of white. The white color design is the only color for this product.

The design has a black and grey accent that gave it a more classic look. It comes in elongated size only so it will fit well in your elongated exiting toilet (if you have one) but not on a curvy French toilet. The edge is curvy in design which boosts the general look.

As the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 is an upgrade of Bio Bidet BB 1000 models, it comes with a designated blue LED night light. This led night light is beneficial at the night for user visibility; it also adds to the beautification of the toilet.

This LED light embeds in the side panel, which has touch screen features. Unlike some bidet toilet seats, the side control panel of the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 is hidden in sight but still very accessible. The placement of the control panel by the side contributed to the luxury outlook of this bidet.

The side control panel is a backup to the remote control. It comes in handy and is very useful when the remote control becomes faulty or suddenly dies. So, you don’t become stranded when you want to use your bidet. It has a stainless nozzle whose features and functions will be explained below.

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Size & Dimension

While bidets seats are constructed in a way, it won’t add additional weight or too much height to an existing toilet. The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 weighs 4.8kg which is a bit lesser than the bb1000 model, which is 4.9kg. Calculating it from the front to back, the inches is about 20.8, and it measures the same as the Toto S350e.

The size of the actual seat is 15.25” L x 14.5” W while the second seat or middle hole is 11.5” L x 7.75” W. when you compare the length and weight to the Toto S350e, it has only 2 inches difference.

Advanced Functions

The advanced features in the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 are one of the many reasons it stands out from other bidet toilet seats. The newly added technology includes;

Advanced Nozzle

Products from Bio Bidet typically consist of a 3-in-1 nozzle. Thus the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 wasn’t exceptional but came with an innovative touch. The 3-in-1 nozzle is made of stainless steel and functions for the feminine wash, rear and vortex enema.

The nozzle spray sway function moves forth when in use and back inside when not in use. Another useful advanced feature included in the nozzle is the self-cleaning feature.

This self-cleaning feature cleans the in and out of the nozzle. Thus, adding additional hygiene to the nozzle. Water spraying out from it comes in high pressure to pull out all dirties placed from the water stream.

Additionally, it has a CleanSurge prompt self-cleaning that does a 20-second deep cleaning round. So even if you are not cleaning the internal nozzle, this machine is cleaning itself.


The oscillation function in the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 nozzle is everything as it has five different positions. Depending on how the user wants it, the nozzle can continuously sway back and forward to imitate a wiping sensation. This is very suitable for the rear wash. Also, the nozzle spray has a pulsating or massaging mode. If you aren’t in a rush or want to relax while cleaning, the pulse mode is a perfect choice.

Advanced Hybrid Water heating Technology

This machine is mechanical by an advanced hybrid water heating system. What this means is that there is an unlimited constant on-demand warm water supply. This feature alone is what makes the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 special. Unlike some advanced bidet seat that first brings out cold before advancing the warm water, the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 is very different. It gives the user warm water instantly; from the beginning to the end. This is because it has a small tank for the reserved heated water.

Seat Heating

If you are the type that wants your toilet seat continuously heated or heated before using it. Then this advanced bidet seat is your best option. So, depending on how you want it, you can keep your Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 always warm. Or make it warm when you want to use it.

Energy Saving Adjustable Temperature

Whether you want to air-dry after use or use a heated seat, the temperature can be adjusted to a specific temperature. You can choose to maneuver it to Fahrenheit degree of 105 or average room temperature. This mode also assists in saving energy and power. Moreover, the seat is made with a sturdy polypropylene plastic that can withstand about 350lbs to 400lbs.

Soft Close

If you dislike the slamming sound of a toilet seat, then this bidet seat is ideal for you. The ‘soft close’ technology forces your toilet seat or lid to descend without slamming gradually.

Seat Sensory

The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 has an intellectual seat sensory. What does this mean? It means that it easily detects when a user is about to make use of it. Thus, when a user is approaching to make use of it, it prepares itself. It activates all its functions and also cleans the nozzle, ready to use.


Another best part of owning the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 is the excellent deodorizer. This deodorizer is similar to a toilet fan which assists in reducing odor in the toilet. The deodorizer can be initiated by remote control. It turns on automatically whenever a user is about to make use of the toilet. If you don’t want to hear the sound of the deodorizer whenever you use the toilet; turn it off from the remote. You should also know that the deodorizer does not come with any aromatic fragrance. It’s just a carbon deodorizer that nullifies odor.

Wireless Remote

This bidet seat also comes with a wireless remote. Two AAA batteries power the wireless remote. If you use this battery properly, it can last up to a year without changing another. Also, the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 remote comes in two colors of either white or black depending on your preference.

There are icons of its functions in the remote. Each symbol indicates what the button is all about. You can also mount the remote on the wall, as it provides an option for it.

  • Sundry advanced technologies (as explained above)
  • A perfect blue LED night-light mode in the touch screen panel that flutters at night
  • Air drying feature thus no toilet paper or need bidet towel
  • Tough and accommodating as it is made with durable polypropylene plastic
  • A 3-in-1 advanced nozzle that can be replaced when dysfunctional
  • A wireless remote for easy control
  • Auto Wash and oscillating nozzles
  • Enema Function
  • Suitable for heavy users of about 350lbs
  • Though the lid does soft close, it has no automatic open and close
  • No available mode for younger children
  • The buttons on the remote have only icons with no written words. Not everyone will understand what the icon means

Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Installation

To install the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 is not that hard as you can set it up in less than an hour. Some users have stated they were able to set it up in less than 40 minutes, some even lesser. It does not require any technical pumping knowledge. So technically any grownup person can do it. When you buy the product, there is always a manual guide that shows complete detail on how to do it.

Moreover, if you have installed a bidet seat before, then the process is the same as it. (I put a link to the manual at the end of this article)

For a better understanding of the installation process, here is a video guide on how to set it up.

How to Use the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000

Using this bidet is not different from using other bidets. The pleasant thing here is that using this advanced bidet; you do less work as almost all the functions are automated. Generally, making use of it necessitates;

  • Having or turning on the seat heating features before sitting on it (if the weather is cold or according to preference)
  • Doing your toilet business, of either pooping or peeing.
  • Wipe with tissue paper (this is optional because using this bidet seat only can make you clean)
  • Proceed to turn on and use the rear wash or the feminine wash.
  • While still seating, initiate the air dry function to dry you up.

No matter how good a product may be, there will always be some flaws that might not meet well with some users. That being said, below are the cons and pros of this advanced bidet seat.

Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Best Price

There is no way that will make a review of the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 without discussing the price.

Since you don’t need a plumber or a technician for the installation process, prices won’t be much. The only cost you will be spending on the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 is only for the purchase price. The best price for this device is fair when compared to its functions in it. You can choose to get it at Home Depot, or you can buy it on Amazon here.

As previously stated, the price might seems too high if you are on a budget. However considering all the functions of this bidet seat, it can still be regarded as the best choice. Also, have in mind it is a one-time purchase.

Below is a question that has been asked concerning this bidet seat.

How Much Electricity Does the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 Consume?

On mediocre, the yearly cost the bio bidet bliss BB-2000 will incur on electricity is about $35-$50 per year. This amount is typical of what an advanced bidet equivalent too will incur.

So far there are no heavy-duty appliances making use of the circuit where you intend to plug your bidet, it does not require any dedicated circuit. The Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 functions on a typical 15 amp 110/120-volt outlet.

When it is on a washing mode, it will draw about 1400 watts, sometimes even less. Note that it can only pull these high watts if you turn on the highest temperature level. On the other hand, when indolent it only consumes about 55 watts.

Conclusion: Should You Buy This Bidet Seat?

Having read this far on this Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 review, you can see that the bidet seat has every quality that makes it part of the best bidet seat on the market. Even with the little cons (which small users do not see as an issue), it can still be your best choice. If you have the available fund and think the pros and advanced technology features exceed the cons, then go for this bidet.

Here is the link for the Bio Bidet Bliss BB-2000 User Manuel (.pdf)

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