Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Review

A fancy bidet is a necessity in any luxury toilet. But not every luxury toilet has enough room to add another bulky appliance next to the toilet seat. To the content of minimalist home decorators, you can now get a luxury bidet service in the comfort of your toilet seat.

Bidet seats are bathroom appliances installed on top of your toilet bowl, delivering all the features offered by a stand-alone bidet, and sometimes, even more.

That’s the case with the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity seat. This bathroom gadget will transform your toilet seat into a bidet, delivering many convenient features that’ll spoil your behind and give you an incredible spa treatment every time you visit the bathroom.

With the help of the A8 Serenity, your regular toilet will become more than just a toilet/bidet. It has air drying, massage wash, heated seat, slow closing seat, and lid. With such conveniences, you’ll want to spend more time in the bathroom, even if you don’t have to.

To learn more about the bidet seat’s features, pros, and cons, read our Bio Bidet A8 Serenity review.

Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Review

Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Review

Bio Bidet A8 Luxury Class Bidet Toilet, Dual Sided...
  • WATER DOES IT BETTER - Choose from a variety of comfortable and effective bidet wash settings. Customize the water temperature, pressure,...
  • ULTIMATE BATHROOM UPGRADE - Sit down to a comfortable heated bidet toilet seat and warm water. The intelligent body sensor automatically...
  • DESIGNED FOR EVERY BODY - Reduce the need for toilet paper with the built-in warm air dryer and keep your bathroom fresh with the automatic...

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity seat emphasizes aesthetics and customization. Checking out the list of features and looking at the incredible design of the unit makes it evident that the manufacturer put a lot of thought and consideration when designing the product.

The bidet seat is here to take care of all your needs and spoil you while seated on the toilet. It can do anything you can imagine and a lot more than that. Washing cycles, massages, air drying, self-closing mechanisms, and a heated seat are only a couple of the neat features that the A8 Serenity has to offer.


Manufacturer: Bio Bidet
Part Number: A8
Item Weight: 14 pounds
Product Dimensions: 20.48 x 15.4 x 5.5 inches
Style: A8
Material: Plastic Bidets
Shape: Elongated

Brand review

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity is one of Bemis’s most popular bidet products. Bemis is a well-established company in the industry of toilet appliances and gadgets. Its mission is to deliver a clean and comfortable bathroom experience for everyone. That’s why the company emphasizes quality and comfort while managing to provide an elegant solution at a reasonable price.

The company keeps raising industry-leading standards by using advanced bidet technology for affordable and luxurious modern necessities. It strives to revolutionize the entire bathroom experience by introducing high-quality products, excellent customer service, and environmentally friendly practices.

Despite the A8 Serenity bidet seat – the leader in its class, which we’re going to review in this article, Bemis offers a wide range of other bidet seats. It also has a broad assortment of bidet attachments for even lighter and more flexible solutions. The company also sells bidet toilets, so if you have more room, you should check them out.



Let’s begin with the impeccable design of this bidet seat. The designer of the bidet seat had elegancy and physical appeal in mind when developing this bidet seat. It features a high-end uni-body construction, achieving a singular “one-piece” look for extra elegance.

The lid covers the entire unit instead of covering only the seat portion and leaving the rear housing visible. The silver USPA logo is graved on the lid for the added high-end feel. It perfectly concludes the seamless design that’ll add some extra luxury to your bathroom, which not many bidet seats can achieve.

Heated water

Most bidet extensions and seats will provide you with an “ambient temperature bidet wash.” Although having a non-electric bidet may sound intriguing, you definitely won’t share the same opinion when you’re stuck with “ambient temperature water” in the winter.

Luckily for you, the A8 Serenity features a hybrid heating system that delivers instant warm water without any limitations. That way, you can enjoy a warm and convenient bidet wash without spending too much electricity.

Thanks to the hybrid water heating system, you get continuous on-demand heat or immediate warm water without experiencing cold water splashes.

Feminine and the posterior wash cycles

Despite the adjustable water temperature, which has four adjustable settings, you can also adjust the water pressure and nozzle position, which both have five different settings. For a thorough wash, the single nozzle system has separate spray ports for feminine and posterior wash functions located near the tip of the stainless steel nozzle.

The feminine and posterior wash cycles include an oscillating wash that moves the nozzle back and forth, allowing it to wash a larger coverage area.

Adjustable heated seat

With the A8 Serenity bidet seat, you’ll get the royal treatment in the bathroom. Despite running heated water to the system, the bidet seat is heated itself. With adjustable temperature levels, it offers the ultimate comfort, transforming your toilet seat into a luxurious throne.

The heated seat has four temperature settings, so you can set the bathroom experience to match your preferences and the room’s temperature.

Massage wash

If you thought the adjustable pressure, water temperature, and heated seats were comfortable, wait until you hear about the massage wash. Yes, the A8 Serenity bidet seat also features a massage wash mode. The massage function uses a rhythmically patterned spray cycle, delivering a soothing massage effect. It can be very comfortable after experiencing some stomach aches or cramps.

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Child mode

Most bidet seats and extensions aren’t exactly child-friendly and often make a mess in the bathroom. The A8 Serenticy comes with a convenient child mode. The mode adjusts the water pressure and the nozzle position farther forward. The mode also comes with a lower temperature setting, giving your little ones the ultimate spa treatment in the comfort of the toilet seat.

Warm air dryer

With the help of A8 Serenity, you can say goodbye to scratchy toilet paper once and for all. The heated bidet seat also comes with a warm air dryer. The dryer has adjustable fan strength with two settings and five different temperature settings. It makes for a truly royal treatment without any action from your side. All you have to do is sit on the soft seat, do your business, choose the treatment you want, and let the A8 Serenity handle everything else.

Discreet installation

To provide you with all the extensive features, the A8 Serenity needs to be connected to a power supply. Its power cord is located at the center of the back of the unit, allowing you to run the cable to the nearest electrical outlet. 

It is separated from the water inlet located on the rear left side at a 90-degree angle, so the hose won’t go outward to the side, causing any electrical problems. Depending on your toilet fixture, the hose is rotatable, so you can face it down or straight back.

Wireless remote control

On top of all the high-end features of the A8 Serenity, Bemis has added a wireless remote control as the cherry on top. The luxurious bidet seat is operated via a wireless remote control with a high degree of user customization. 

The double-sided remote features the most frequently used features on the “front” side, while some less regularly used operations are located on the reverse side of the remote. The double-sided design allows for the remote’s cleaner and more manageable look and feel.

Front side

On the front side of the remote, you’ll find the most popular features only a single click away. The front side of the remote is the air dryer, posterior wash, feminine wash, and stop button. 

There are two preset buttons that you can set up to any preferred settings you like. There’s also an eco-mode button, which enables an energy-saving mode, lowering the seat and water temperature settings when the bidet seat is not in use.

Back side

The back side of the remote control features an LCD screen displaying the operating features and various settings for water pressure, nozzle position, temperature, etc. The massage mode, child mode, and auto features are also controlled from the back of the remote. Some extra features like deodorization, aerated spray, and the LED night light can also be controlled from the back of the remote.

Toilet fit

Compatibility is a common issue when purchasing a bidet seat, which is why the A8 Serenity comes in two different shapes: round and elongated. To determine whether the round or elongated seat fits your toilet bowl, you’ll need to measure the toilet height, toiled width, height to seat distance, and depth.

Elongated seat

Elongated toilets are larger and considered more comfortable. From a top view, it is very simple to determine whether your toilet is elongated or round. To be extra sure, you’ll need to measure the distance between the toilet seat bolts and the front of the bowl. If you measured 18.5 inches or 470 millimetres then the elongated seat should be a proper fit.

Round seat

You probably have a round toilet seat if you live in an older or smaller house. The round shape of toilets offers precious space savings for smaller bathrooms. Although the name says round, these toilet bowls aren’t perfectly round, but compared to elongated toilets, they’re much rounder. If the measure from the toilet bolts to the front of the bowl is 16.5 inches or 419 millimeters, you’ll need the rounded version of the bidet seat.

  • An unprecedented level of user control
  • Wall mountable wireless remote control
  • A chance to create two user presets with your favorite features and settings
  • Uni-body construction for a sleek look of the bidet seat
  • Adjustable settings for the nozzle position, seat temperature, airdry temperature, water temperature, and water pressure
  • An eco-mode and an auto smart power saving option
  • UL approved quality
  • Premium-quality materials for enhanced durability of the unit
  • A three-year manufacturer’s full warranty
  • The A8 Serenity bidet seat isn’t compatible with non-standard toilet dimensions

How Does the A8 Serenity Bidet Seat Work

How Does the A8 Serenity Bidet Seat Work

The A8 Serenity comes with an abundance of convenient features. The device requires access to the water supply line and a power outlet to perform all these operations. It uses electricity to heat the water sprayed through the nozzle.

How to Install the A8 Serenity Bidet Seat

For such a complex device delivering tons of features, the A8 Serenity can be installed pretty quickly. With the simplicity of the installation process, you can choose to install the panel on your own or contact a qualified serviceman.

Remove the existing toilet seat and lid

Before you start installing the A8 Serenity, you’ll need to remove the existing toilet seat. Remove any nuts, washers, and cone packings from the toilet seat. Check for mounting bolts on the back of the toilet and ensure that they’re removed. With all nuts and bolts uninstalled, you can remove the toilet stead, lid, and mounting bolts and set them aside.

Mount the plate

After removing the existing toilet seat, you’ll need to place the mounting plate over the mounting holes. Position the plate, so the mounting holes are in place, then insert the mounting bolts through the plate into the mounting holes. Slide the cone pacings and washers onto the bolts and tightly fasten them using nuts.

Attach the unit

Align the tab of the mounting plate with the track of the seat, ensuring a proper fit. Press the side button and lower the seat onto the mounting plate until it snaps in place.

If you need to detach the unit, press the side button, pull the seat up, and it will detach from the toilet bowl.

Connect the water hose

You first need to close the shutoff valve to connect the bidet seat to the water supply. Turn it clockwise, and it will stop running water into the water tank. Then, flush the tank and keep the button pressed for slightly longer to make sure it is empty. With the water tank emptied, remove the existing water supply hose. 

Install the T-valve on the water tank, and connect one end of the water supply hose (the 15mm one) from the T-valve to the shutoff valve. Connect the water supply hose’s smaller end from the T-valve to the main unit.

With the T-valve connected, you can open the shutoff valve by rotating it counterclockwise. Check for any water leaks or dripping before you start using the bidet seat.

If you live in an area with extremely hard water, you may need to use an external inline carbon water filter.

Trial operation

Before the first use or the trial operation, you’ll need to plug the power cord into a power outlet. With the power connected, the water tank should be filled with water in 2 minutes. Cover the toilet bowl using the sheet of plastic wrap that came with the unit to prevent water from spraying out of the toilet and making a mess. Then run all the functions of the unit and check whether they work properly.

Why Should You Use the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity Seat?

Although the initial purpose of getting a bidet seat is cleanliness, the Bio Bidet A8 is here to deliver extraordinary convenience for the user and spotless aesthetics. The reasons you should use the appliance are countless, similar to its number of features. Here are some of the main benefits of using the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity seat.

Remarkable aesthetics

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity is a high-end bidet seat with an extensive range of premium-class features. It features an industry-leading design and remarkable aesthetics that’ll take the visual appeal of your bathroom to an entirely different level. 

The uni-body construction seamlessly blends with the rest of the toilet, providing an integrated look. It comes in two shapes to ideally incorporate with the pre-installed toilet bowl.

A high degree of customization

This bidet seat comes with truly unmatched customization. It offers many luxury features, ranging from an adjustable seat and water temperature to an air dry technology and a massaging wash option.

The washing cycles can be set to a feminine or a posterior option, optimizing the work of the nozzle. Furthermore, almost every feature can be further customized, delivering an extensive user experience.

The device allows users to create unique presets with user-specific settings for their favorite washing cycles.

No water mess

The A8 Serenity eliminates the water mess created when you stand up too quickly. The wireless remote control features a stop button that allows you to stop the current operation anytime. 

Furthermore, the bidet seat comes with a seat sensor, telling it whether the user is seated or not. With the help of the sensor, the bidet seat can detect the user standing up and immediately terminate any current operation, preventing the water mess often created by other bidet seats.

How to Install the A8 Serenity Bidet Seat

Frequently Asked Questions

How to clean the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity?

With a high-end bidet seat like the A8 Serenity, you don’t have to worry about cleaning or maintenance. The bidet seat nozzle has an auto-cleaning feature you can turn on using the remote control. With a single press of a button, you can initiate auto cleaning. The cleaning cycle lasts 30 seconds, after which the nozzle will retract automatically.

You can use the remote control to extract the bidet nozzle if you’d like to give your royal bidet seat a manual cleaning treatment. Then use an old toothbrush or some soft cloth to clean the nozzle. You can also use some mild detergent, such as a dishwashing liquid. Ensure you don’t use abrasive solutions or tools to clean the nozzle, as they might damage it. 

After you’ve finished cleaning, you can retract the nozzle by pressing the stop button on the remote.

Does the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity come with a warranty?

Yes, the Serenity A8 bidet seat manufacturer backs the products with a full warranty. Bio Bidet by Bemis warrants all products to be free from manufacturing defects under regular use and service for three years. The company will cover 100% of all parts and labor for the product within the first year.

The warranty doesn’t apply to damages caused by fire, earthquake, flood, storm, unreasonable use, negligence, improper maintenance, improper installation, removal, repair, or modification.

What is the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity?

The Bio Bidet A8 Serenity is the most popular bidet toilet seat introduced by Bio Bidet by Bemis. The A8 Serenity is a standalone bidet seat that attaches to the existing toilet bowl, transforming it into an ultra-convenient bidet. 

It provides a warm water wash after using the toilet and a great number of other conveniences as well. The bidet seat features a posterior and feminine wash cycle for a thorough wash.

This bidet seat has a genuinely remarkable visual appearance and extensive customization options. You can utilize many features that can be further customized to fit your preferences.

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The Final Verdict

After reading up on the details of almost all the features offered by the Bio Bidet A8 Serenity, we recommend this bidet seat to anyone looking for royal treatment in the bathroom. Bio Bidet by Bemis has truly outdone itself when designing this bidet seat, as there is no single feature we’d like to add on top of the existing ones.

Priced at $599, the price tag of the high-end bidet seat is also quite premium. But considering all the conveniences that the A8 has to offer, your bottoms will appreciate the investment. With a 3-year full warranty and free shipping, Bio Bidet allows you to purchase its A8 Serenity with confidence.

Thanks to the advanced technology in the Bio Bidet A8, you will always leave the toilet shower clean. No need for an extra bulky bidet that’ll take up unnecessary space in your bathroom. The bidet seat packs so many features in such a small package that you’ll never feel the need to install a traditional bidet.

With the detailed information delivered by our Bio Bidet A8 Serenity review, you can now weigh the benefits of using the bidet seat and decide whether it would be a good fit for your bathroom.

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