Bidet vs. Toilet Paper Comparison

Aside from their popularity in Asia countries, where it is a standard norm to use a bidet in every household, the bidet is gradually making waves in western countries. Yet, many people are still concerned if they should forgo their toilet paper for a bidet.

The question of whether toilet paper is better than a bidet has been constantly discussed by many people who want to switch to a bidet. 

Therefore, we compared bidet vs. toilet paper to help you make the right choice. This comparison includes all the necessary information that you need to consider. So, let’s get started and discover everything!

Bidet vs. toilet paper

Bidet vs. Toilet Paper

About the bidet

A bidet is specially designed equipment for cleaning the genitals area, both frontal and rear. To maintain more hygiene, users who use the toilet are expected to clean their private area well immediately after using the toilet to maintain personal hygiene in the restroom.

Bidets have existed for a long time, with the oldest bidet being the standalone bidet. This looks like a washing hand basin that is regarded as a normal toilet and is sometimes even confused for a toilet. However, as the years went by, different modernized bidets have been invented to allow easy use and meet the current improved standard of the world.

Some of these bidets come in different varieties: bidet attachment, bidet toilets, portable bidets, handheld bidet sprayers, bidet toilet seats, and even the Filipino tabo.

However, some people might not consider the Filipino tabo a bidet because it is a mere plastic bowl. We should also consider that this item serves the same purpose as a bidet, aside from being unfancy. It is the cheapest of all bidets.

Modern bidets, which are now more popular than traditional or standalone bidets, are packed with many features that make using them convenient for the users.

Self-cleaning nozzles

Most bidet seats and attachments come with a self-cleaning nozzle even when the bidet is non-electrical. Self-cleaning nozzles use water to rinse the nozzle after each use and before it retracts, ensuring that no bacteria or debris are left behind to affect your private area. 

Some bidet nozzles are made with stainless steel that helps prevent debris traps, which transform into germs. 

Adjustable nozzle position

Aside from being self-cleaning, some bidet nozzles are created to be able to change the nozzle’s position for target washing. This helps to meet your unique cleaning requirements after using the restroom. 

It is important because when the nozzle doesn’t position to hit the right spot, it may not adequately clean some parts. It can cause pain when you move around on the seat to get the nozzle where you wish it to be.

Heated seat and air dryer

A heated seat is a perfect comfort for your private area when the toilet seat is freezing in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning. This could be a discomforting experience. Just make sure you opt for energy-efficient models with heated bidet seats. The long-term benefits they offer can be astounding.

Moreover, a common feature in electric bidet toilet seats is a heated air dryer, which eliminates the need for toilet paper or a small towel for drying the private area after using the bidet. 

In terms of how it works, the warm air dryer is comparable to a blow dryer that you may use on your hair. You can adjust the pressure of your bidet air-dryer and the temperatures you prefer.

Differences Between a Bidet and Toilet

Water temperature control

You can choose from various bidet models, prices, and manufacturers when looking for a bidet toilet seat with adjustable water temperature. When the water temperature may be either too hot or cold, you can select the setting that best suits your individual needs and preferences for a clean, comfortable toilet experience.

Adjustable water pressure

Adjustable pressure electric bidet toilet seats are a popular option these days. When using the restroom, the last thing you want is for water to be sprayed at high-pressure, right where you are most vulnerable. 

You can modify the pressure to your preferred level to prevent it from being too high or too low. Adjusting a bidet water pressure is simple and can be done while sitting down.


Electric bidet toilet seats have a built-in deodorizer feature that can eliminate the stench after using the toilet. The bidet deodorizer does not bring out fragrances but purifies and masks the after-toilet use smell. 

Most electric bidet toilet seats with deodorizers employ a carbon filter to clean the air and eliminate any smell-causing particles. The air from the bathroom is drawn in by an intake fan, bringing the odor. This air is run through a carbon filter to remove any odors before exiting.

Power saving mode

When informing people about the benefits of bidets, the discussion of increased electricity bills always comes up. Several electric bidet toilet seats have an energy-saving mode that reduces power consumption and lowers your energy costs. 

The seat enters sleep mode while not in use, thus requiring very little energy. When someone sits down on the electric bidet toilet seat with energy savings, it powers back up and can save a sum of money while maintaining all the advantages that these toilet seats can provide.

Remote control

One of the peak advantages of owning a bidet is the ability to control all its functions from the external remote control. Though not all bidet seats come with remote control, advanced ones and bidet toilet combos do. 

You can modify several settings with the remote, such as the warmth or pressure of the water used to clean your more delicate areas or to warm up a heated seat. This feature is great for convenience, especially for older adults and people with reduced mobility due to illness or age.

Similarities Between Bidet and Toilet Paper

About the toilet paper

Toilet paper is a tissue paper product mainly used to clean private areas. It is a soft, absorbent paper used to clean and dry the genitalia.

It is made up of paper pulp and easily dissolves in water. Toilet papers are mostly flushed down the toilet after use because of their ability to absorb liquid and dissolve in no time. 

Toilet papers are white and very light; because of their nature, it is easy for users to tear off some parts to use. They are always hung in a way that allows the users to grab and use them without difficulty.

Toilet paper is created using recycled paper products, such as cardboard, newspapers, specific types of juice cartons, or paper pulp (wood fiber). Then, the wet pulp is rolled until the desired thickness is obtained on a paper machine.

Soft and portable

It is always easy to carry toilet paper anywhere without feeling cumbersome. One or two rolls can easily fit into a purse or bag. 

Moreover, toilet paper is known to be soft. So, if you use it in your private area, it won’t be stretchy on the skin. Since it is soft, it doesn’t clog the toilet when you throw it in; instead, it dissolves into the toilet. 

Which Is Better: Bidet vs. Toilet Paper?

Comparing all the features of a bidet to that of toilet paper, it is evident that the bidet is way better than toilet paper. Aside from giving you extra cleanliness, bidet usability is easy and makes using a toilet more fun. 

For better understanding, below is more information valuable to decide which one might be better.

Similarities Between Bidet and Toilet Paper

There are several similarities between these two products. So, the first one is that they are used for the same purpose. A bidet and toilet paper are used to clean the frontal and rear area after using the toilet. This includes after urinating and defecating.

Next, some bidets have air drying features for drying after using the toilet. You can also use toilet paper to dry the private area after using a bidet. This is perfect if your bidet doesn’t have an air dryer or the drying feature stopped working.

Lastly, bidets and toilet paper are both easy to use, though some bidets require you to read through their manual to know how to operate them and how they work.

Differences Between a Bidet and Toilet Papers

When discussing and comparing bidet versus toilet paper, it is also recommended to discuss the differences aside from the similarities. The bidet and toilet paper have more differences between them than similarities. From their features alone, many things can’t be compared. 

The difference between a bidet and toilet paper includes toilet paper not having an automated washing nozzle, deodorizer, remote control, air dryer, and all other features of the bidet.

Price Comparison

The price of a bidet is undoubtedly higher than toilet paper. You can find toilet paper that costs barely $10 or as high as $100. If you are getting it for a higher amount, you might be stocking up on tissue paper or buying it from a specific brand. 

However, the bidet price ranges from $25 to as high as $4,000. However, these prices depend on the type of bidet you want.

A portable or traveler bidet, bidet attachment, and bidet sprayer cost about $25 to $100. In contrast, a bidet seat price ranges from $200 to $800, and a bidet toilet combo costs about $2,000-$4,000.

Pros & Cons – Bidet vs. Toilet Paper

Below are the pros and cons of any type of bidet compared to toilet paper.


  • Packed with many features for stress-free use
  • It gives the toilet a new look
  • Since it is only water, it might prevent irritation of the skin
  • ADA compliant
  • Made with quality material that makes it last longer
  • It gives the users extra cleanness to their genital area
  • It can be expensive

Toilet paper

  • Needs no installation
  • Easy to carry about
  • It can be irritative or drying to some users’ skin
  • Does not thoroughly clean feces 
  • The production of some tissue paper is not environmentally friendly

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Why Should You Use a Bidet?

Bidets have many benefits besides promoting cleanliness. Without knowing these benefits, you might shy away from purchasing one. Thus, it is essential to understand their usefulness.

Moreover, anyone can use a bidet, which includes males, females, and kids. Some bidet seats come with the child modes feature. The child mode feature makes using a bidet easy for kids. 

For adults, the rear wash in a bidet targets the rear genital area, while the frontal or feminine wash targets the female frontal area. So, here are some of the benefits that you should know:

Menstrual cleanup

For some females, cleaning up during menstruation can be stressful and irritating, especially when there is always a rapid blood flow. Nevertheless, a female is expected to clean her private region properly when having her period to avoid contracting germs through unwashed menses. 

Hence, using a bidet during periods helps the females to clean up easier and faster. It might reduce the stress of manually cleaning up. Thankfully, there are automated bidets that specifically target the female region. 

Great for pregnant and nursing mothers

We all know how female bladders get fuller easily during pregnancy. Pregnant women can benefit from a bidet to clean up down there quickly after using the toilet. Also, using a bidet helps minimize the need to bend to clean their private region. 

This also goes to nursing mothers or women who just gave birth. Since they can have a postpartum hemorrhage, the bidet allows them to wash off easily and comfortably for healthy genitalia.

Easy to operate

As stated above, the bidet is very easy and comfortable to use. Bidets come in different sizes and shapes and have different features. Some bidets are highly technologically inclined and can operate independently with less or no work from their users. 

Some bidets come with specially designed buttons that allow you to operate them easily. They have features like a heating system, adjustable water pressure and temperature, a remote-controlled system, heated seats, an automatic flushing system, air drying systems, and other sophisticated features. 

All these features give the users a better toilet experience. This also makes it convenient for people with disabilities.

It might prevent odor and germs

Bidets might reduce the spread of germs in the genital area. Using a bidet allows you to wash your genitalia without your hands coming in contact with it. Therefore, it might reduce germs and bacteria from unclean hands in the private area. 

Also, since unpleasant odors can occur, cleaning from front to back for females allows germs not to spread to their sensitive frontal region.

Maintains water

Since bidets allow for the adjustment of their pressure, it will enable you to spray the water that is enough for your cleaning and not in excess. 

A bidet uses the same quantity of water you would use to wash your hands normally and reduces the rate at which you would flush the toilet when you use toilet paper. 

Also, bidets use as little as 0.06 to 0.1 gallons of water per cleaning session and consume about one-eighth gallon of water during use. Unlike flushing your toilet, you use up to three to four gallons of water during flushing to enable effective flushing.

It prevents trees from going into extinction

Bidets reduce the rate at which trees are harvested yearly for the production of tissue papers and wipes. Almost nine million trees are cut down to make some brand of toilet paper in the United States annually. 

Using a bidet can decrease the amount of paper we use overall by using less toilet paper. Thus, it saves trees and helps many trees to remain.

Promotes durability 

Unlike toilet paper, you constantly purchase it when it is finished; you only have to buy a bidet once. These bidets are mostly made with durable plastic-like polystyrene that lasts for a long time. 

In comparison, bidet toilet combos are often made from porcelain or vitreous china. Some bidet sprayers are made of stainless steel. This, in total, speaks of its durability.

Best Bidets in the Market

Best Bidets in the Market

For this article, we carefully selected the best bidets from the category of bidet seat, bidet attachment, and bidet toilet combo.

TOTO SW3084#01 WASHLET C5 electronic bidet toilet seat

The TOTO SW3084#01 WASHLET C5 electronic bidet toilet seat is a recent TOTO washlet that has received a lot of positive feedback from users because it passes the check-in durability, effectiveness, and affordability, and comes with many added features. 

It comes with a forceful yet gentle spray nozzle that cleans effectively. This self-cleaning nozzle creates a refreshing cleaning produced by the dual action spray’s oscillating option and adjustable warm water and pressure levels.

While it is suitable for a toilet with elongated toilet bowls, features in this washlet include a soft closing seat, a deodorizer for odor purification, a heated seat, an auto energy saver, and a dryer. 

The popular per-mist features aid by misting the toilet bowl with the incoming water supply before each is used to prevent waste from sticking, and the remote control runs all the features in this bidet seat.

LUXE Bidet Neo 320

The LUXE Bidet Neo 320 is the best buy if you intend to go for a bidet attachment. It has adjustable water temperature, so you may use it to stay cool in the summer or warm during the chilly winter months. 

It comes with a gentler second nozzle, a feminine nozzle perfectly suitable for women for a perfect wash and to keep you clean during monthly cycles, and is excellent for new moms. 

However, it does not automatically heat the warm water; you must connect it to the sink to get the warm water.


For a perfect smart toilet combo, the VOVO STYLEMENT TCB-090SA might be the toilet you need. This is not just a minimalist-looking toilet but one that contains a toilet and bidet in combination, which is popularly called bidet toilet combos. 

It contains a semi-permanent strainer filter intended to catch and remove dirt particles in the water, giving you clean water and preventing lime buildup while keeping water pressure consistent. 

Aside from the bidet features like a wash nozzle, warm water, warm seat, dryer, and others, it also comes with an automatic dual flush. This uses a smart seat sensor to discriminate between tiny and large flushes while allowing for hands-free use; about (1.12 GPF / for 35 PSI).

Best Toilet Paper in the Market

Best Toilet Paper in the Market

For the best skin-friendly toilet paper on the market, you can check out:

Seventh Generation 100% recycled tissue paper

Seventh Generation 100% Recycled toilet paper is the best sustainable toilet paper that is a soft, robust, low-lint product. It is also cost-effective and ecologically beneficial. Also, it is made with 100% recycled paper, with no added dyes, inks, or fragrances. 

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo toilet paper

The Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo toilet paper is another tissue paper suitable for the skin. It is a toilet paper that is a sustainable, eco-friendly substitute for conventional tree-based bath tissue since it is manufactured from bamboo, a sustainably fast-growing grass grown.

While it is safe for the toilet as it easily dissolves, it is also non-GMO Project Certified, hypoallergenic, BPA-free, fragrance-free, paraben-free, and lint-free. It uses a bleaching technique without elemental chlorine, which makes it suitable for the skin.


While toilet paper is a standard clean-up tool after using the toilet, it may not be the healthiest way. Bidets are gentler and more hygienic than toilet paper, which just smears around your feces. 

Having gone through the article, we believe it provides you with the information you need considering the differences and the similarities between the bidets and toilet paper. So, now you can choose between bidet vs. toilet paper for daily use.

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