Best Bidet Seats for Kohler One-Piece Toilets

Finding a bidet seat for a Kohler one-piece toilet can be accentuating. Because in general, it’s not easy to find a bidet that fits one-piece or a French curved toilet because of their deep tight curves on their sides. To help you make the right choice, we made a list of the best bidet seats for Kohler one-piece toilets.

Kohler is one of the huge manufacturers of elegantly designed toilets. And when we talk about one-piece toilets and/with artistic French curve designs, Kohler has a good number of them in their toilet collection.

I made detailed articles on the best bidet seat for one-piece and French curved toilets. But for this article, I will be specifically attributing Kohler’s one-piece toilets.

Please read: One huge difficulty you may encounter with Kohler’s one-piece toilet is their designs tend to change slightly as the years go by. So it’s possible that a bidet seat that fits a particular design a previous year may not fit again if the same product is upgraded.

Use the tables below for quick navigation to the bidet or toilet you are interested in!

Bidet Seats for bidet seats for Kohler One-piece Toilets

Quick Summary Table

Kohler One-Piece Toilets Suitable Bidets for them
Kohler San Raphael Model K-3722-0 = Alpha JX, Galaxy GB-5000, Blooming R1063, Cascade 3000, and KOHLER C3 230

Model K-3466 = all above-mentioned bidets and KOHLER C3 155
Kohler Rialto Model K-3386-0 = Alpha JX, Cascade 3000, Galaxy GB-5000, and Blooming R1063 (They will all fit but will have an overhanging front edge)
Kohler San Souci Model K-4007-0 = TOTO 500e, Alpha JX, TOTO 550e (They may fit but with overhang extra and lots of difficulties installing them)

Model K-5172-0 or K-4108-0 = KOHLER C3 230, Alpha JX, Galaxy GB-5000, Blooming R1063, and Cascade 3000.
Kohler Santa Rosa Model K-3810 and K-3811 = KOHLER C3 155, KOHLER C3 050, and KOHLER C3 455.

Model K-10491 = Galaxy GB-5000, Blooming R1063, LUXE Bidet Neo 120, Cascade 3000, and Alpha JX (may need little twerk. Check article below.)
Kohler Rosario Alpha JX, Cascade 3000, Blooming R1063, Galaxy GB-5000 (may fit, but the fitting will be very tight.)
Kohler Cimarron Model K-3619-0 and K-3828-0 = Kohler C3 455, Kohler Puretide, Kohler C3 050, Kohler C3 155, Kohler C3 230, Alpha JX and Blooming R1063.
Kohler Gabrielle Model K-3322, K-3615, K-3608, and K3825 = Kohler C3-230 and Alpha JX.

Best Bidet for Kohler One-Piece Toilets

There is no general bidet seat that can fit all types of Kohler one-piece toilets, so it all depends on the type of toilet model you have.

I did my best to list the available Kohler one-piece toilets on the market and the bidet seats suitable for them. I will keep updating this article when I find ones that haven’t been listed and their compatibility. I also explained the features available in these bidets after that.

Bidet Seat for Kohler San Raphael Toilet 

The Kohler San Raphael One-piece toilet (model K-3722-0) comes with an elongated bowl. It has an integrated design with the bowl and the tank in a seamless look for easy cleaning. This design is usually called a skirted design.

Bidets seats that can fit the Kohler San Raphael toilet are the Alpha JX, Galaxy GB-5000, the Blooming R1063, Cascade 3000, and KOHLER C3 230 bidet seat.

For the K-3466 San Raphael elongated toilet, the KOHLER C3 155 does well in it too.

Bidet Seat for Kohler Rialto Toilet

The Kohler Rialto (model K-3386-0) one-piece toilet is around the front curvy and compact older toilet model that Kohler has discontinued. However, even though it is discontinued, many toilet users still have it in their homes.

Finding a bidet seat that fits this toilet can be very problematic because the tank is curved, and the bowl is short. While some say that nothing will fit this toilet, some say that the bidet seats we mentioned below fit but have the front of the seat hanging over the front edge of the toilet bowl by about 1.5″. 

The appearance of this may look tacky and not appealing in the eyes.

That being said, if you don’t mind the fitment, the bidet seats that can fit a Kohler Rialto toilet are the Alpha JX, the Cascade 3000, the Galaxy GB-5000, and the Blooming R1063.

Bidet Seat for Kohler San Souci Toilet

Kohler San Souci’s one-piece toilet is a low-profile silhouette of different models. If you have the once-popular 2015 model (model K-4007-0), which comes in a round bowl, then be sure that you are very limited, and finding a bidet seat that fits will be difficult. And it is because of the tight curve at its back.

And even if you find it, there are higher chances that the bidet seat will be sticking out of the toilet bowl.

However, there are other options to choose from for the Kohler San Souci model (K-5172-0 or K-5172-4108-0), which has an elongated bowl.

For Kohler San Souci toilets of model K-4007-0 bidet seats that can fit in but will overhang and will have lots of difficulties installing them into it are the TOTO 500e, Alpha JX, and the TOTO 550e.

The Kohler San Souci toilets of model K-5172-0 or K-5172-4108-0 can accommodate varieties of bidets seats like the KOHLER C3 230, Alpha JX, Galaxy GB-5000, the Blooming R1063, and Cascade 3000.

Bidet for Kohler Santa Rosa Toilet

The Kohler Santa Rosa is an elongated bowl, one-piece toilet with a compact elongated bowl design that gives it a unified look. The toilet comes in different models, and each model has bidets that are compatible with it.

Kohler Santa Rosa K-3810 and the K-3811 model are well-matched with KOHLER C3 155, KOHLER C3 050, and KOHLER C3 455.

For the Santa Rosa K-10491 model, the Galaxy GB-5000, Blooming R1063, LUXE Bidet Neo 120, and the Cascade 3000 can do well in it. Even the Alpha JX elongated bidet seat can also fit in it with a bit of twerk. So instead of bolting the mounting bracket to the toilet bowl first as the usual process, slide the mounting bracket and bolts into the bidet seat first, then mount it to your toilet.

Some users claimed this helped.

Bidet for Kohler Rosario Toilet

The Kohler Rosario one-piece toilet is another of Kohler’s discontinued toilets for the reason that is best known to them. However, many homes still own and use this toilet. If you own a Kohler Rosario, you are most likely to experience lots of difficulties finding a bidet that fits. One of the major reasons is constant changes in the model’s designs.

Bidets seats like the Alpha JX, the Cascade 3000, the Blooming R1063, and the Galaxy GB-5000 may fit, but the fitting will be very tight.

Bidet for Kohler Cimarron Toilet

This is a well-designed one-piece toilet with an elongated bowl. It comes in two models, which are the model K-3619-0 and K-3828-0.

Bidet seats that fit both the Kohler Cimarron K-3619-0 and K-3828-0 models are the Kohler C3 455, Kohler Puretide, Kohler C3 050 the, Kohler C3 155 the, Kohler C3 230, Alpha JX and Blooming R1063.

Bidet for Kohler Gabrielle Toilet

This is an elongated bowl, one-piece toilet with a French curve design. However, this toilet design has been discounted by Kohler, but many still use this toilet.

Kohler Gabrielle’s one-piece toilet comes in different models: the K-3322, K-3615, K-3608, and K3825. These models are highly compatible with the Kohler C3-230 Elongated bidet toilet seat. Also, the Alpha JX bidet has a high probability of fitting them.

Features of the Bidets I Mentioned Above

To assist you in making the right choice, I decided to explain the key features available in the bidets I mentioned above, as bidet features play a huge role during selection.

Alpha JX

The Alpha JX is a bidet many loves because of its amazing features. For users who own a one-piece toilet or a curved one, this bidet seems to be the few that fit.


  • Rear wash 
  • and front feminine wash
  • An aluminum self-cleaning nozzle that oscillates with an adjustable position
  • Warm air dryer with adjustable temperature
  • Heated seat with adjustable temp
  • Tankless water heating system for continuous warm water
  • Adjustable Water Temperature
  • Modifiable Spray Pressure
  • LED Nightlight
  • Aluminum Self Cleaning Wash Nozzle
  • One-Touch Wash & Dry button
  • One-Touch Easy Wash with oscillating full Pressure Rear Wash

Galaxy GB-5000

The Galaxy GB-5000 is an easy-to-handle bidet that is not so much popular in the market. However, these bidet seats have been useful for one-piece toilets and French curved ones. It also has features that make using a bidet seat interesting.


  • Heat seat with adjustable temperature
  • one button automatic wash and stop button
  • Automatic safety LED nightlight
  • front and backwash
  • Modifiable water pressure
  • Stainless steel nozzle
  • Dryer with adjustable temperate
  • A “move” feature that makes the wands oscillate when washing
  • External remote control
  • A hybrid water heating system that provides enough seconds of heated water

Blooming R1063

Blooming R1063 is another unfamiliar bidet in the market, like the Galaxy GB-5000. But then, for French curved toilet users who love and want to use a bidet, this bidet seat is a complete lifesaver. From our review above, you can see it seems to fit almost all Kohler curved toilets.


  • On-Demand Instant Heating and Endless Warm Water feature
  • Warm seats with a seat safety sensor that can be adjusted
  • LED nightlight
  • An aluminum-coated nozzle that massages and pulses when washing
  • Warm air dryer
  • Front and rear wash
  • One button auto wash
  • External remote control
  • Energy-saving features
  • Adjustable nozzle positions  
  • Adjustable water temperatures

Cascade 3000

The Cascade 3000 bidet seat might be pricey, but its features and the company’s customer service might convince you to go for them. After all, no one likes companies that don’t reply with an answer to their questions.


  • One Button Auto Wash and Dry
  • Front and Rear Wash
  • Unlimited Warm Water (Instant water heating system)
  • Adjustable Water temperature
  • A built-in deodorizer for odor purification
  • External remote control
  • Stainless steel Nozzles that self-sanitize after each use
  • Silver Nanotechnology sterilizes wash water for hygiene
  • Modifiable Water pressure
  • The nozzle can be positioned, adjusted, and also oscillates when in use
  • Air-dryer with temperature modification


The Kohler C3 230 bidet seat is the highest model in Kohler bidet seats, and it’s packed with many features. Aside from its functionalities, this particular product from Kohler seems to be one commonly compatible with almost Kohler complicated one-piece toilets.


  • Quiet Soft Close Lid And Seat
  • A single stainless steel oscillating and pulsating wand   
  • Regulatory water temperature 
  • UV Sanitation of Wand
  • LED Nightlight
  • Automatic deodorization for odor control
  • Continuously heated water for consistent comfort.
  • Personalized presets for an easy and quick wash
  • Adjustable Heated Seat
  • External remote control
  • Adjustable Warm-air Dryer     
  • Energy-saving function
  • Front and rear wash modes provide warm water for cleansing.


AS INDICATED ABOVE, the KOHLER C3 155 bidet seat is another Kohler product that serves well with some of their one-piece toilets. It’s the lower version of the Kohler C3 230 bidet seat.

It has some C3 230 bidet features except the personalized preset features and external remote. So instead of external remote control, it comes with a side panel.


  • Quiet-Close Lid And Seat
  • Oscillating and Pulsating Spray  
  • Adjustable Water Temperature 
  • UV Sanitation Of Wand 
  • Reflex LED Nightlight   
  • Automatic Deodorization       
  • Regulative Heated Seat
  • Adjustable Warm-air Dryer
  • Stainless steel wand with Front and rear wash modes.
  • A hybrid heater that provides continuously heated water

TOTO 550e

The TOTO 550e is a very popular product from TOTO Company because of its luxury features. However, when it comes to fitting a Kohler one-piece toilet, especially the French curved ones, unfortunately, the limitation is high. As mentioned above, the Kohler San Souci toilet of model K-4007-0 seems to be the only toilet that accepts it.


  • EWATER+ Advanced technology that cleans the Toilet Bowl before and after each use
  • soft illuminating LED nightlight
  • Auto Open and Close of Seat and Lid
  • Continuous water heating that never runs out
  • Air Deodorizer
  • External remote control
  • Heat seat
  • Adjustable Rear and Front Cleansing
  • dedicated feminine wash
  • Dryer
  • Premise function

TOTO 500e

Coming after the TOTO 550e is the TOTO 500e model. For Kohler’s one-piece, this bidet seat also serves very limited bidet seats. It has almost all the features of the TOTO 550e but doesn’t come with the automatic open and close lid and the LED nightlight for night navigation.


  • Automatic air deodorizer that neutralizes bathroom odors
  • Instantaneous water heating provides immediate comfort
  • Adjustable water temperature
  • Warm Air Dryer with Adjustable Temperature Settings
  • EWATER+ Cleaning for wand and bowl hygiene
  • External remote control
  • PREMIST Spray function for a slick surface
  • Heated seat with temperature setting
  • Front and Rear Cleanse Option (dedicated feminine wash)


The KOHLER C3 455 is another Kohler bidet seat with a decent sleek design and notable features that make using a bidet pleasurable. Luckily, it has proven to fit into a good number of Kohler toilets.


  • A hybrid heater provides uninterrupted heated water.
  • Exterior handheld remote control
  • Front and rear wash modes.
  • Adjustable water temperature and water pressure.
  • Stainless steel wand with that oscillate or pulsate spray when initiated.
  • Heated seats with adjustable temperature settings.
  • LED lighting that illuminates the bowl to serve as a nightlight.
  • Warm-air drying system with adjustable temperature settings.
  • Automatic deodorization.
  • Exterior remote control.
  • Quiet-Close lid to prevent slamming.


The KOHLER C3 050 is a slim, low-profile design bidet seat with many features. These few features are not much compared to other high-level Kohler bidet seat types. On the other hand, instead of having an external remote control for easy functionality, it has a side panel that houses all its few functions.


  • A hybrid heater offers continuously heated water for steady comfort.
  • Stainless steel wand.
  • Front and rear wash modes provide warm water for cleansing.
  • Adjustable water temperature and water pressure.
  • The quiet-close elongated seat allows the seat to close quietly.
  • Heated toilet seat
  • LED Nightlight for night navigation

Kohler Puretide

Kohler Puretide is the least range in Kohler bidet seats, and as expected, it comes with a very low level of features. As a non-electric bidet seat, the available features are manual and don’t need an electrical outlet to batteries to function. There is no external wireless remote but a simple pull side lever that releases water when pulled.


  • A single wand that offers ambient-water cleansing.
  • Adjust water spray position and pressure using the convenient side handle.
  • A self-cleaning wand that automatically rinses after each use.
  • A manually-operated handle requires no batteries or electrical power.
  • The quiet-Close elongated seat allows the seat to close quietly.

LUXE Bidet Neo 120

The LUXE Bidet Neo 120 bidet attachment is one of the bidet attachments out there that seems to go well with some Kohler one-piece toilets. It comes with very few core-level entry features as a bidet attachment.

For this bidet attachment, you don’t need an electric outlet to use this bidet, so don’t expect a warm water provision as well. To control the function of the bidet, turn the knob by the side.


  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • A nozzle socket or guard gate. That is, it retractable and tucks in the guard gate after every wash (This promotes hygiene)
  • Rear wash mode
  • The water pressure from the nozzle is adjustable.

Is Toto Washlet Compatible with Kohler Toilets?

Not many Toto washlets are compatible with Kohler French curved one-piece toilets because of the side curves. Only the Toto 550e and the Toto 500e are the few that fit the Kohler San Souci of model K-4007-0 (after you have modified it).

For Kohler standard toilets without complicated designs, elongated Toto washlets can fit in properly with no need for modifications.

What if No Bidets Fit My Kohler Toilets?

If you have discovered the list of the bidets I mentioned above doesn’t still fit into your Kohler one-piece toilet, then it’s time to change your toilet. Purchasing a conventional toilet gives you unrestricted freedom to select from the many bidets in the market.

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