Best Bidet for Women

With the development of different new bidets, there are numerous bidets in the market. And for women, it can be not very clear to choose from the lists.

Out of all the bidets available, I have made a very good selection of the best bidet for women that perfectly meets their needs.

Best Bidets For Women.

Which Bidet is Best for Women?

The bidets listed below are wholly selected based on what I looked out for when I got my bidet. And I believe it is what every woman should aim for when shopping for a bidet.

I selected the best from each category to meet every need. This includes the bidet seat (for both electric and non-electric), bidet attachment, bidet sprayer, and portable bidet.

A quick note: When shopping for a bidet seat, ensure you get one dedicatedly fits your round or elongated toilet.

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TOTO S550e – Best Luxury Smart Bidet for Women

The TOTO S550e bidet seat is the highest model of all TOTO bidet seats, but this is not why I listed it as a premium bidet choice for women. Instead, it has so many features that make it great for female hygiene. One of them is the self-cleaning wand or nozzle.

The nozzle of this bidet seat self-cleans inside and outside for each use. This is a perfect way to maintain the hygiene of the nozzle. When it sprays out water to wash you, you are sure no germs are lingering on it.

It also comes with a feminine wash, which makes washing a lot easier. As a female, getting a bidet with a feminine wash is a game-changer in using a bidet. It is because the water hits the right spot without having you hustle or wiggle on your toilet, trying to get the water to target right. It simply makes using a bidet a lot more different.

The TOTO S550e also comes with the famous TOTO eWater+ technology, also known as electrolyzed water. This is antibacterial water that sterilizes the toilet bowl and the bidet’s wand or nozzle. It does this before and after each bidet use.

With this technology, the user will rest in mind that there is no microscopic bacterial hiding in their toilet bowl or bidet wand. This, I believe, is one of the excellent care for the lady area.  

There is also the PREMIST function. What this does is mist the toilet before every use. By doing this, there will be no feces staining or adhering to the toilet bowl.

If you are too tired of the idea of constantly washing or changing a bidet towel, then this bidet is also a good choice. It comes with an air-dryer that dries you up there, after each bidet use.

It also comes with a seat and lid that automatically closes and opens when activated. This is a good way to avoid reminding your significant other to constantly take the toilet seat down!… Lol. Quite perfect.

You control all activations of this bidet on the wireless remote. And aside from the key features I mentioned being specific to females, this bidet also comes with other top features found in luxury bidets. TOTO also has other advanced models like S500e and K300.

What you may not like about it

The downside of this bidet seat is that it is quite pricey and does not come in a round model. For users who have a round toilet, this might be an issue.

Alternative to it

An alternative to the TOTO S550e bidet is the Bio Bidet Bliss BB2000, which comes in both elongated and round models.

SmartBidet SB-3000 – Best Value Bidet Seat for Women

The SmartBidet SB-3000 is a bidet seat that matches perfectly its name as being smart. Majorly, it has key features that any woman would like to have in her bidet to make cleaning easier and maintain hygiene. 

Just like the TOTO S550e, I reviewed above, the nozzle for this bidet is self-cleaning. It removes all the impurities that might trap within and outside the nozzle. So that when the water flows out, you are certain that it does not contain any debris. 

One good thing that makes this bidet seat stand out, which many users might like, is that the nozzle cap is removable! That is, a user can easily remove and place back the nozzle cap from the rest of the nozzle. In addition, it gives the user the privilege to either change or sterilizes and out the cap by themselves. 

At least, you will be certain of the state of the nozzle that sprays water in your lady area. We rarely or don’t get to see this feature in the most advanced or luxury bidet seats. 

And as a bonus, its nozzle is made of stainless steel instead of the plastic ones we see in some bidet seats. Depending on preference, many people see a stainless steel bidet nozzle to resist germs, unlike plastic ones. 

The SmartBidet SB-3000 also has a dedicated feminine wash that makes it easy to target the lady area when washing. Furthermore, while it washes, it also oscillates. Thus, the pausing effect prevents it from hurting your private area.

This bidet has a hybrid heating system. This is the company’s innovative way of providing on-demand unlimited warm water for its users. So as a woman, you don’t need to wait for your bidet seat to provide warm water before use. Nor will you have a sudden splash of cold water on your lady part. The warm water is always continuous. 

If you are a woman with kids, the child mode feature in this bidet is a perfect option. Using it or teaching your kids to press the button on the remote when in need brings out gentle water flow to wash your kids. 

It also comes with a soft open and close toilet lid. There is also a skin sensor that heats the seat when it makes contact with the skin. A good bonus.

What you may not like about this bidet

For some users, the air dryer may not seem too strong to their preference, but you can always add in a bidet towel to extra dry.


An alternative to the SmartBidet SB-3000 bidet seat is the Alpha iX Hybrid bidet seat.

Brondell Swash – Best Non-Electric Bidet Seat for Women

If you are a woman and looking for suitable non-electric bidet seats for women, then the Brondell Swash Non-Electric bidet is a good choice.

As a non-electric bidet seat, it has some electric functionalities that are missing in it. However, this does not stop it from doing the basic job as a bidet perfectly.

The rear wash also comes with a front feminine wash that targets the female private part. The nozzle does not self-clean or oscillate while washing because we mostly found these features in electric bidets. However, on the brighter side, it comes with two separate or dual nozzles.

One nozzle specifically targets the rear, while the other targets the female area. We can also consider this feature as one of its sanitary purposes. It’s not as if having the rear (posterior) wash and the feminine (front) wash in one bidet is a bad thing. Just that, having this feature in the absence of the self-cleaning nozzle feature makes it considerably sterile.

With the Brondell Swash Non-Electric bidet, you can also have a treat for hot water. This feature makes it stand out from its competitors as most bidet producers rarely put hot water options in a non-electric bidet seat. So, if you love the feeling of warm water up in your lady area, you won’t be missing out. So how do you achieve this?

The bidet comes with a dedicated 81” hot water flex tubing that you can connect with a nearby faucet hot water supply in your bathroom. Another good thing is that this tubing is highly-designed for high water temperature and pressure. Remember to alter the hot water supply faucet to get a temperature suitable for your skin.

For women with kids, this bidet is also suitable for kids. Just because it does not have a dedicated ‘child wash’ feature does not mean kids can’t use it. Since it is very simple to operate, children can easily understand it. Every feature in it is simply controlled on a control knob.

What you may not like about it

As it’s non-electric, it does not have features in advanced bidet seats. Also, it will require you to use a bidet towel to dry your lady area because it does not have a dryer.

LUXE Bidet Neo 320 – Best on Budget Bidet for Women

If you are tight on budget and looking for a good female bidet, your best option is the LUXE Bidet Neo 320 bidet attachment. It is also the best choice for female users who want a bidet attachment for their toilet seat.  

So what makes it a good choice? Instead of a boring nozzle that washes only the rear area like some bidet attachments on the market, this bidet also comes with a feminine wash wand.

Thus, unlike the others, you don’t need to wag to position yourself on your toilet as it will do a good job in leveling the lady part. You shouldn’t fear the pressure either, as the feminine spray is quite gentle on the v*gina. And for a bigger catch, this nozzle also self-cleans!

This feature makes it a popular choice for women because the self-cleaning nozzle mostly comes in a bidet seat. So before every bidet is used, the nozzle cleans itself. Aside from self-cleaning, the nozzle also retracts after each use.

After every toilet and bidet use, you push the lever control to make the nozzle go back into its guard gate (a nozzle shield) to protect it till the next use. It makes it perfect protection when your partner or male kids stand up to pee in the toilet. There won’t be any splashing of pee on the nozzle! Good hygiene promotion!

If you have a hot water faucet next to your toilet, the bidet has an option to connect it for hot water provision. You can either switch to a cold or hot water option on the control switch by its side when in use.

As a non-electric simple bidet like the Brondell Swash I mentioned above, this bidet is great for kids too. The simple control lever and knots make it a great choice for them.

What you may not like about it

As a non-electric bidet, you don’t also get a privilege of an automated air-dryer, so you have to stick with a bidet towel.

AVAbay Faucet Bidet – Best Handheld Bidet Sprayer for Women

A suitable handheld bidet sprayer choice for women is the AVAbay Faucet Bidet. With it, you can easily connect your bidet to the toilet faucet for an easy wash.

This bidet sprayer is a decent option for women who love the constant flow of warm water down there for hand sprayers. You can connect it to the toilet faucet in your bathroom that provides hot water to get a fresh flow of it for your every wash.

As a handheld sprayer, it is very versatile as you can use it not only for washing your private area but also for diaper wash, cleaning, etc. So, it’s more like a family bidet.

For this bidet, you will have to specifically do the targeting for your bum and lady area by yourself, as you would do in every handheld bidet. Remember to pat dry yourself with a bidet towel after use.

What you may not like about it

Newbies who have never used a handheld bidet before may find it hard to target their private area. Also, although it gives you the treat to get access to a warm water wash, getting a suitable temperature from the water can be very tasking, especially when you have not mastered it.


A good alternative to the AVAbay Faucet Bidet is the Brondell Hot/Cold Bidet Mixing Valve Upgrade Kit. It is more pricey than the AVAbay, but it does an excellent job of adjusting the water temperature.

The Happypo Happiness XL – Best Travel/Portable Bidet for Women 

A woman using a public restaurant or hotel bidet can risk the v*gina. This is where the portable bidet comes in handy. Of all the portable bidets on the market, the Happypo Happiness XL is the best option.

It is a great use for washing up instead of looking around for a cup of water when you are away from home.

The company does have different varieties of the Happypo Happiness portable bidet, but the XL model is an ideal version because of its size.

With its capacity, the water in it can serve you for a full wash.

The showerhead flows very well with good pressure, more like a little shower. However, it’s not hurting but gentle on the skin. The bottle is easy to touch and squeeze so that it won’t be hurting in the hand. And this pressure comes out well without battery usage.

The bidet can be used during menstruation, postpartum, and even during pregnancy. It is even good for kids who are just learning how to use a bidet.

What you may not like about it

 Another range of the Happypo Happiness comes with a little bag for holding it, but this XL version has no bag for carriage. I don’t know why the company is reluctant to include this. It would have helped to handle it and even to put your bidet towel.

What Should Women Look for When Buying a Bidet?

There are a couple of peculiar features that a woman should look out for when buying a bidet. However, in my opinion, these features shouldn’t be compromised to avoid getting a bidet you won’t enjoy using in the long run, as that’s the main goal.

So, what are these features?

A feminine wash

A feminine wash in a bidet is a true game-changer in using a bidet as a woman. It is because it always hits the right target when washing the v*gina. But, unfortunately, this is not something the rear wash feature can help out it.

There will be less or even no twisting on the toilet seat with a feminine wash to get comfortable. At least, this is what I experienced.

Aside from the rear wash, some bidets come with a front wash and not a specific feminine wash. This front wash can do a feminine wash, but sometimes it may not do a better job in targeting up there. So if you get a bidet with a feminine wash, it’s a bigger advantage.

A hygienic nozzle option

Getting a bidet that has a means of cleaning the nozzle is a very good option. It is because the cleanliness and the state of your nozzle are highly important. You don’t want any contaminated water coming in contact with your lady area.

So, check out for nozzles that have a self-cleaning feature or even one that is easy to manually wash.

Hot or warm water option 

A warm water option in a bidet is so refreshing. Based on my above reviews, you will notice that all the bidets I listed have an option for warm water provision in one way or another. Well, expect the travel portable bidet, which requires you to pour warm water into it.

Since it is highly mobile, it’s always easy to find warm water in your hotel, restaurant, etc.

If you are okay with using cold water up there, that’s also totally fine. All that matters is that you do what makes you feel comfortable. But from my experience, It’s never a pleasant feeling having a splash of cold water splashing on your v*gina on a cold morning. There is always this shock that comes with it.

A child wash option bidet

For all the mums out there, a good family bidet should have a child wash option. But, even if it does not have a child wash option, it should be easy enough for the kids to operate.  

If your favorite bidet is more cumbersome for your kids, you can get them a separate bidet that is very kid-friendly. These bidets don’t have complicated buttons, but simple knots or a pull lever for easy operation.

Are Bidets Good or Safe for Females?

If you are wondering if bidets are safe or good for the female gender then the answer is yes. Bidets are safe for females. There are no medical links proven by science that state use of it brings medical complications as of now. 

So far, the water that comes out from your bidet, which is the same as the water in your home, is clean, as we thoroughly explained in this article. So then the water splashing on your lady part is clean, too. Also, if your bidet nozzle or wand is clean, then be certain that it is safe.

How Should a Woman Use a Bidet?

To use a bidet as a woman is quite simple. First, though, this depends on the control settings you set on your bidet features and the type of bidet you are using.

Here is an article where I go thoroughly on how a woman can use the different bidets on the market. But on a general note, here is a quick outline of the whole process.

  • After using the toilet, while still sitting, turn on your bidet to let the water from the nozzle target your private region. For those using a bidet hose, the case may be slightly different, as I mentioned above or in this article.
  • Control your bidet settings to meet your choice.
  • Then dry up there by either using the inbuilt bidet air-dryer or using a bidet towel.

How Do Women Dry Off After Using a Bidet?

As mentioned, a woman can dry off after using a bidet by either using the inbuilt bidet air-dryer or a bidet towel. For women, there can be slight trouble trying to specifically dry your frontal region with the inbuilt bidet air-dryer as it mostly targets the rear side. Luckily, the addition of a bidet towel can help solve this problem.

There are different types of bidet towels in the market, and I have selected the best in this article. Feel free to check it out. Or better still, you can make your bidet towel from an old clean t-shirt. Cotton material is best preferable because it absolves water well.

Whether you choose to use a bidet towel or a piece of a cotton t-shirt, have more pieces of it. This helps to maintain perfect hygiene by changing it periodically.

In this article on the bidet towel etiquette, I explained in detail how to take care of your bidet towel and its proper usage. Also read: Specific ways to dry yourself after using a bidet.

Will Poop Water Splash on You When Using a Bidet?

Most of the questions I get from the ladies when I talk about bidet is, “won’t poop water from the toilet splash on the lady’s part while using the bidet?” No, it doesn’t.

The nozzle of the bidet seat is designed so that it sprays upward straight to the female area and the rear area. As most people think, this makes it have NO contact with any part of the toilet bowl or even the poop.

Even when the used bidet water washes the user, its landing does not bounce on the toilet to create a splash on you. Instead, it lands and goes around the toilet bowl.

New users who own a handheld bidet may not fully master the technique of targeting their private region. It takes an act of little practice to get it right. The key technique is to not put the water pressure too high so that it won’t cause quick or high splash all over the toilet. High water pressure can cause a splash on your poop, resulting in a tiny squish in your private region.

Is Using Bidet During Pregnancy Right?

There is no danger when a pregnant woman uses a bidet. However, this has been the fear of many pregnant women who are interested in trying out the bidet over the years.

Some have feared that the bidet exposes female sex organs to germs that lead to pregnancy complications, but that’s not true. According to research conducted at the University of North Carolina by an obstetrician-gynecologist, Dr. John Thorp. He found a reassuring result that bidet does not lead to premature birth.

However, pregnant women (even women in general) interested in using a bidet should not share or use a public bidet. Be it in the hospital, hotel, or restaurant.

Since you don’t know the sanitary state of those bidets, you don’t want to risk it. Whenever you are out of your home, it is always best to have a portable bidet and a bidet towel in hand.

Douching With a Bidet?

Do not attempt to douche with a bidet!

This is not what the bidet was created for, and attempting it will do nothing but spread numerous germs in your private area. The pure water from the bidet nozzle sprays goes straight to the outer part of the lady area, but even this water doesn’t go deeper inside, unlike the douching that requires the user to directly insert the douche spray or jet inside the lady area.

Some portable or travel bidets come in designs as a douche bottle, but you still can’t use them for it. Here is an article where I explained and compared using a bidet and a douche.

Is It Okay to Use Soap With a Bidet?

You don’t necessarily need a bar of soap to wash with a bidet. The warm water from the bidet can keep you fresh. But if you feel the need for extra cleanliness, you can use plain white soap with no fragrance. 

There is also no need to use a feminine wash with it either. This is because most scented soap and some feminine wash can throw off your private part PH balance.

While using plain, unscented soap, you are to wash between your v*gina lips and not directly in them.

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