TOTO G400 vs. S550e

So you’re contemplating on getting either the TOTO G400 or the S550e bidets but can’t seem to make the right choice? Well, this article is a complete guide for you.

In this article, I compared the TOTO G400 and the S550e, so it will be easy for you to decide. I talked about their prices, features in both bidets, differences, and similarities.

Quick Comparison Table


toto g400 vs  toto s550e

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DesignIntegrated Bidet ToiletBidet Seat
Air DryerYesYes
Adjustable Water Pressure and Temperature SettingYesYes
Feminine WashYesYes
WarrantyManufacturer One Year LimitedManufacturer One Year Limited
Water Consumption1.28 Gallons per FlushNo
Auto Open and Close LidYesYes
Warm Water ProvisionYesYes
Instant Warm WaterNo (Waiting time of 1-2 min)Yes
EWATER+ & PREMIST TechnologyYesYes
Automatic FlushYesNo
Heated SeatYesYes
Self-cleaning WandYesYes
Dual-Max 3D Tornado FlushYesNo
External Wireless RemoteYesYes


TOTO G400 vs. S550e 1TOTO G400 vs. S550e 2

The G400 integrated toilet is not just any type of bidet but a bidet toilet combo. That’s a type of bidet that has both the bidet and the toilet All-in-One. With this type of toilet, you don’t need much skill or task to use your toilet and bidet because it’s highly automated.

It also comes with features that make it a memorable experience. Inspecting it or differentiating it from your regular toilet, it has an automatic Dual-Max flush that determines the necessary flush volume you need, and it likewise begins as soon as you stand up from it.

Also, the prevailing flushing of the 3D Tornado Flush, supported by the CeFiONtect glaze, whisks away all any residual on your toilet bowl.


Sleek Skirted Design

The design of TOTO G400 can take a bathroom design from 20 percent to 99 percent! That’s because the overall skirted design makes it easier to clean the toilet and likewise gives your bathroom a modernized, classic luxurious look.

ADA Compliant and General Height

This bidet toilet combo is highly ADA compliant, making it easy to use without needing any assistance. It comes with a universal height, allowing for a more relaxed seating position across a wide variety of users of both kids and adults.

Automatic Flushing System

As stated before, it comes with an automatic Dual-Max flush that defines the required flush volume and begins as soon as you rise. The powerful flushing of the 3D Tornado Flush is quick and helps with less usage when flushing in the toilet.


The CEFIONTECT helps prevent and glaze any feces particulates from sticking to the porous ceramic surfaces of the toilet. This encourages every inch of your toilet bowl to stay cleaner in the long run.

Dual Customization 

Two different users can easily customize their washing preference settings on this bidet, and it will be remembered on every wash day.

TOTO S550e

TOTO G400 vs. S550e 3

The TOTO S550e Washlet is the highest model from the TOTO ranges of washlets on the market, and it’s also one of the best bidets on the market. It’s a bidet seat in both the Classic (SW3054) and the Contemporary (SW3056) style.

Both the classic and the contemporary have the same features, but their styles differ.

Aside from being one of the best from TOTO ranges, it’s also considered one of the best luxurious bidet seats that meet all the features you need in a bidet seat.

It packs more advanced technology in a slender flat size than most bidets would do in a bulky unit that’s twice the size.



With all the features available in it, this bidet seat is not immense but in a sleek design. This design can easily give your toilet a more expensive look than most bidet seats.

Customize Settings

It allows two different users to customize their washing flawlessly. They can also save this setting for feature use.  

Provision of Instant Warm Water

Even with the absence of a water heating tank on this bidet that creates a minimalist, streamlined design, it has an instantaneous water system. This on-the-spot water heating system provides immediate comfort and lasts as long as you need it.

EWATER+ Cleaning technology

This new technology from TOTO helps keep your toilet renewed by cleaning the bowl and reducing any waste after every use.

It also generates users’ peace of mind with more sanitary means as it cleanses the inside and outside of the wand before and after every use.


There’s also the presence of the popular TOTO PREMIST feature. It usually sprays water into the toilet bowl before every use of the toilet. This action creates a slippery surface for any defecates to slide down quickly without staining the bowl.

Similarities Between the G400 and the TOTO 550e

Functional Cleaning Nozzles

The nozzle of both the G400 and the TOTO 550e is highly functional because it harbors many great features.

It has three adjustable cleansing functions that feature the rear wash, rear soft wash, and front wash. The rear spray feature is a satisfying yet strong water pressure that can easily clean you up. The rear soft wash or spray has a bigger radius to cover more space when washing, but it uses lower water pressure. The blend of this makes for a soft yet comfortable spray. And lastly, the front wash or feminine wash consists of large yet soft drops for comfortable, intimate cleansing. It’s specifically designed for women in mind.

They also have about five adjustable spray settings pressure to suit your desire, and you can adjust the nozzle to hit any angle. This feature aids in preventing any splashback.

Their nozzle also oscillates or pulses back and forth when washing the user; this provides a much wider cleaning area without the user struggling or moving around.

Warm Water Supply

 For both of them, be sure to enjoy the fresh flow of warm water. As a leading advanced bidet and bidet toilet combo, you don’t have to wash with cold water whenever you use the bidet.

A perfect option for freezing weather!

Model Designs

Both of them are elongated in design if you’re keen on having an elongated bidet or toilet.

External Remote Control

They both come with an external remote control that controls all their features. For easy accessibility, you can easily mount the remote on the wall with its magnetic mounting plate.

Auto Open and Close Lid/Seat

There is an auto-open and auto-close lid and seat in both of them. This feature can be operated automatically through the external remote control.

So, expect no annoying seat slamming…

Heated Seat

On using them, they come with heated seats. These seats have five seat-warming temperature settings that are useful, especially during winter or chilly weather.

No one loves a cold chilly feeling on their butt!


There is a presence of deodorizer in both items. This is not a perfume or scented fragrance but a natural air purifier that normalizes the toilet smell. This works by drawing in the air through an ionized carbon filter to eradicate nasty odors.


Both the G400 and TOTO S550e come with a warm-air dryer. After using the bidet, you can easily initiate the dryer feature from the remote control and adjust the temperature as you prefer.

Two Users Feature

For both items, you and your partner can customize different settings for the water pressure, water temperature, or washing preference, and the bidets will always remember these different settings.

You don’t need to reset or re-customize your wash preference on every toilet use.

Hygienic Feature 

To make the nozzle or wand more hygienic and safer to use, both wands of both bidets self-clean the entire wand before every use and after it.

They also come with a guard where the wands easily tuck back into their guard when not used. This helps easily prevent splash of dirt or pee from men standing up to pee.

Difference Between G400 and S550e

On-Demand Warm Water

I know I mentioned that both the G400 and TOTO S550e have warm water options. However, the G400 does not feature an instant or on-demand water heating feature like the S550e or other TOTO products like the S500e or K300. 

Instead, the G400 has a reservoir at its back that stores warm water, which eventually becomes worn out. 

So, in general, you will most likely need to wait for some minutes (a few minutes) for the water to heat up before you can use the warm water in it. Unlike the TOTO S550e, the warm water provision is immediately even without a tank or reservoir at its back.

The best practice when using the G400 is to start the warm water first while using the toilet, so you don’t have to wait too long. 


Another difference between these two is the design. Of course, it is obvious that the TOTO S550e is a bidet seat, while the TOTO G400 is an integrated bidet toilet combo. 

However, what differentiates it more is that when the top unit of the TOTO G400 is damaged or broken, it can’t be replaced with just one of the TOTO washlet or bidet; instead, it has to be the exact same G400 bidet portion. Thus, other bidets will not work with this toilet even if the model is likewise elongated. For this, you can always use the one-year limited warranty provided by the company. 

Unlike the TOTO G400, the S550e bidet seat can be easily changed and is usually placed in an existing elongated toilet.

LED Nightlight

The TOTO S550e has an LED automatic nightlight for better navigation, whereas this feature is not available in the TOTO G400.

TOTO G400 vs. S550e: Price

Aside from the design or models, the prices of these two items are different. The G400 is way more expensive than the S550e. The G400 cost about $2600 (according to Amazon), while the TOTO S550e cost about $950 (also according to Amazon).

Know that price might change depending on where you purchase it. Nevertheless, the G400 will always be more expensive than the S550e because it’s a bidet toilet combo.

Installation Process of G400 vs. S550e

Or else you’re a plumber or have installed a whole toilet before, it’s best to leave the installation process of the TOTO G400 to a professional plumber or a plumber who has installed a similar toilet before.

Even though the company included an installation manual, it’s not advisable to do a trial-and-error job on it, considering it’s quite an expensive item.  

Depending on where you’re living, the price of the plumber company might vary, and it might incur an additional cost, but it’s best to prevent future damage.

Unlike the G400, the installation process of the TOTO S550e is pretty easy. Aside from some disabled people or kids, any handy person or adult can install this bidet. And you don’t even need to have previous experience in plumbing or install a bidet seat before getting started.

The company usually includes an installation manual to assist you. You can also check out their website guide or Youtube installation video guide.

Final Thoughts 

Who Should Go For the TOTO G400?

If you have the money to purchase it, anyone can go for the TOTO G400. However, you should consider it more if you’re renovating your bathroom or toilet and looking for something different from the usual traditional toilet.

The minimalist structure can also add additional value if your bathroom space is really small.

Who Should Go For the TOTO S550e?

Suppose you have an existing toilet; there is no need to demolish it for a bidet toilet combo. Since the TOTO S550e is an advanced, luxurious bidet and the highest model in the TOTO washlet, you won’t be missing much from its range of toilet combos.

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