How to Measure Toilet Seat

One of the main reasons people put off installing a new toilet seat is that they do not come in a universal size. We use toilet seats daily, which damages them at some point in time, so it’s not surprising that so many of them need to be replaced.

The good news is that you can replace a toilet seat quickly and cheaply. However, knowing the measurement to replace a toilet seat is necessary to fit perfectly in your washroom. That’s why we’ve included a how to measure toilet seat guide below to help you determine the best fit for your new toilet seat. You can begin right away with just a tape measure, pencils, and paper.

How to Measure Toilet Seat

Standard Dimensions for a Toilet Seat

A toilet seat’s standard dimensions are 17 inches long, 15 inches wide, and 12.75 inches to 14.25 inches high. A rimless toilet bowl typically measures 18 inches by 16 inches by 13.75 inches, while a standard slipper or deep-set toilet bowl measures 18 inches by 17.25 inches by 12.75 inches.

The standard width of a modern Western-style seat is 16 inches, though this may vary depending on the manufacturer and buyer preference. If your measurement falls within this range, you can assume it will fit most toilets. The depth and breadth of a slipper toilet can be up to 17-19 inches and 15-16 inches, respectively.

Why Should You Measure the Toilet Seat?

It’s possible to find toilets of various dimensions and styles as do the seats in front of them. Many people buy the wrong size toilet because they don’t know the conventional dimensions, leading to costly returns. The opening size of the toilet should be measured first. Rather than making the long journey home, you can replace the uncomfortable seat at your convenience.

When shopping for a toilet for your home, keep in mind that not all stores provide returns. A dysfunctional toilet seat is not something you would want to preserve. You don’t want to worry about making an exchange even if the store allows it. Gather your supplies and get to work!

How to Measure Toilet Seat

Here are some suggestions for measuring an existing seat for a replacement.

Avoid Falling For The Tricks

No matter what kind of bathroom sink or toilet you have, you’ll need to take these four essential measurements. They are:

  • Measurement of the length of a toilet seat
  • Size of a WC Seat
  • Size of the wall

The folks at the hardware shop might try to sell you a more expensive chair. There will be a plethora of inquiries regarding toilet seats, whether or not they should be padded, whether or not they should be raised, and whether or not they should be designed for children or animals. Having such accessories in your home won’t change the dimensions of your seat, nevertheless.

Remove your old toilet seat

Perhaps it’s self-evident, given that you’ve already opted to switch things out. Nevertheless, removing the toilet seat makes it much easier to obtain precise measurements, regardless of whether the loo is in a corner or the center of the room. Wearing gloves, remove the cover of the toilet and flush. Don’t simply remove the top. Take out all of its fasteners.

You must ensure that the toilet seat is free of any objects. The door is now wide open for you. Turn the cover over and measure the length and width to get an accurate size. Check the distance between its bolts or clips and the adjacent surface.

Please take note of these dimensions so you may check them against the unadorned toilet seat. The seat can be photographed from multiple perspectives, and please take pictures of it in three different positions: with the seat upright, with the seat inverted, and with the seat upside down. Take careful notes on the form, color, and embellishments.

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Measure the length

With the old seat out of the way and the space cleared, you can locate the two screw holes and get an accurate measurement. Your tape measure needs to be centered between the two holes and then stretched across the widest area of the rim. Lean out over the bowl.

Measure the width

It’s not just about the length, though; that’s important. The toilet seat’s width is equally as crucial as its length in ensuring a snug fit. You must take the reading from left to right to get an accurate measurement. Not necessarily. Inverses are also possible, and both interpretations should be equivalent.

Be sure to measure from the exact middle of the toilet’s width. You can either run the tape measure from the left edge to the right edge or vice versa. The center of any toilet, regardless of its shape, is the ideal starting point.

Standard Dimensions for a Toilet Seat

Calculate the bolt spread

To find the distance between the two holes, center your tape measure in one and pull it through to the other. A bolt spread of 5.5 inches requires a toilet seat made in the United States, whereas a bolt spread of 6.5 inches necessitates a European import. You can have a variant with an unusual appearance.

Measure twice

We advise you to follow the proverbial advice of the wise carpenter, “Measure twice, cut once.” Or “Measure twice, order once” in this instance. It serves no purpose to be overly frustrated when a few more seconds will allow you to be certain.


If you need a new toilet seat, you can find a lot of information online. If you want to save money, choose one that will not need to be replaced frequently. Measuring the area a toilet needs before shopping is the most efficient method. 

Hopefully, after reading this, you’ll be able to choose a toilet seat that works for you without hesitation. We hope after reading this article, you learn more about how to measure toilet seats or the proper dimensions for installing a toilet seat.

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