How to Install TOTO Toilet

Toto makes various toilet models that can be used in almost any bathroom design. They offer many environmentally friendly low flush types and one- and two-piece variants. When installing a Toto toilet, remember that some models include a special PVC outlet pipe that must be installed before the toilet can be installed. Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about how to install Toto toilet from this guide!

How to Install TOTO Toilet

What Is a TOTO Toilet?

TOTO, Japan’s leading sanitary equipment manufacturer, has become synonymous with the evolution of bathroom culture since its founding in 1917. Because of its technological advancements and high-quality standards, it has become a well-known and well-loved brand in Japan. 

As European customers expect a richer, more rewarding bathroom experience, the Toto is ideal for the most cutting-edge bathroom items to hit the market, elevating the bathroom from the merely practical to the therapeutic and meditative. 

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How to Install TOTO Toilet

The following information will help you install a Toto toilet easily.

Prepare the items you will need

Without the assistance of a plumber, you can install this toilet seat in only one hour or less with the correct equipment, supplies, and instructions, depending on your degree of expertise and the type of toilet. You won’t need to buy anything more besides the toilet seat to complete the project if your toilet maker has provided additional screws or other mounting hardware.

Shut off the main water valve and flush the toilet 

This will lessen installation-related leaks. Additionally, look under the toilet tank or under the sink for any other shut-off valves that may be located closer to the toilet. Make sure to shut off any valves, if there are any.

Measure floor drain pipe height

This is the connection point for your new toilet. You might wish to do this before choosing a specific model so that you can choose another one if it demands more or less height than what you have available.

Arrange tools and parts

Set up your equipment and the new toilet’s components on a flat, dry surface where you can work quietly for at least an hour. Verify that everything is in the package, including all required components and extras like wax rings, new seat rings, and other accessories. Label each piece with its matching number from the instruction sheet using masking tape (s).

Benefits of TOTO Toilets

Underneath the toilet seat, place anti-slip pads

Install the anti-slip pads underneath the toilet seat after setting the toilet seat in place. This site will contact the bolt-designated holes on the toilet bowl. The anti-slip pads prevent the toilet seat from rocking back and forth while fastening the bolts. The pads’ similar shapes allow them to fit perfectly in their allotted location. Verify that the tabs on the toilet seat’s two sides are open. The opening tabs make it easy to see where the anti-slip pads are located.

Toilet seat-bowl alignment

Line up the holes on the toilet seat with the holes in the toilet bowl before installing it. Be aware that the anti-slip pads attached to its bottom tend to move, and ensure they don’t stumble into the bathroom. Adjust the toilet seat after keeping it as level as possible when you put it on.

Bolts and nuts help to keep things in place

Make sure the anti-slip pads are positioned appropriately over the mounting holes one more time. After that, please take one of your bolts and insert it through a toilet seat hole. To keep the bolt in place, take one of your nuts and tighten it underneath the bowl where the bolt’s end lies. 

Repeat the process on the other side. Keep some wiggle room for any last-minute modifications by being careful not to tighten it. Expanding rubber bolts should be used instead of standard plastic ones in Toto toilets with blind holes rather than see-through ones. This guarantees that the toilet seat will be securely fastened.

Connect water sources with supply lines

Using a wrench, stabilize the connection between the tank and the water supply connector or the wall mount faucet adaptor, and turn it clockwise until the line is tight. Finally, test out your new toilet by spraying soapy water around all its connections with a flashlight and leaving the water running from both faucets for five minutes. If there are any such leaks, you can temporarily remedy them by re-tightening each leaking connection until the problem is resolved permanently.

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Benefits of TOTO Toilets

Environmentally Friendly

Groundwater levels in the area drop due to residences using a lot of water for toilet flushing and other domestic tasks, which hurts the ecosystem. One of the best environmentally friendly toilet bowls is the Toto model. The fall in the groundwater level will be less after installing a water-saving toilet since significantly less water will be used to flush the toilet.

It’s very low maintenance

Every time you flush a TOTO toilet, 99.9 percent of the bacteria in the bowl are washed away by the water blasted on the bowl and nozzle by the toilet’s included EWATER+ technology. It’s also a breeze to clean because the washlet can be removed without a little hassle, and there are no secret compartments.

Provide better function

Toto is dedicated to making modern toilets that are better for the environment and the user in terms of health and convenience. Every little detail, from the simplest one-piece toilets to the most intricate two-piece models and matching accessories, is designed to last.

Preventing wasted water

The Powerful flush consumes less water, only 3.8L, without compromising performance. Auto flush automatically decides whether to use a full or little flush to avoid wasting water.


Many people are unaware of how to install Toto toilets. However, we are certain that after following the steps we mentioned, it would be a breeze. Still, it does require caution, attention to detail, and patience. Even though installing a Toto toilet has an initial cost, it is important to remember that your bathroom will be better than ever once this job is completed.

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