How to Clean Toilet Seat

Knowing how to clean toilet seat could mean the difference between impressing and repelling visitors. We are all familiar with the fundamentals of toilet cleaning, such as vigorously using the toilet brush or knowing how to clear a clogged toilet. Even with regular brushing, limescale will inevitably appear on even the cleanest toilets, making them appear filthy.

You no longer have to live with these stains, which is fantastic news. Deep cleaning a toilet is relatively simple once you know what you’re doing and only requires a few common household items and some labor. So put on your yellow gloves and get ready to clean a toilet seat.

How to Clean Toilet Seat

How to Clean Toilet Seat

The following techniques can be used to clean your toilet seat:


Cleaning your toilet seat with bleach is a tried-and-true technique; a discolored toilet bowl can also be cleaned with it. Even though bleach is a harsher chemical, it is occasionally required to make your toilet seat gleaming clean since stubborn stains may not respond to regular toilet cleansers.

Make a spray bottle full of bleach and a warm water mixture. Use a scratch-free scouring sponge to remove tough stains after spraying the cleaning solution directly on the toilet seat. 

Bleach has the additional virtue of being a germ-killing cleanser, and bleach can be used to scrub the affected area until it disappears. Then, flush the toilet with the remaining bleach. Rubber gloves should always be worn because bleach can be unpleasant.

Baking soda paste

The cleaning solution created by baking soda paste can be used to clean the toilet bowl and lid in addition to the toilet seat. However, baking soda doesn’t get all the bacteria, so you might still want to use a disinfectant wipe or other chemical cleaners to clean the seat.

After thoroughly washing the toilet seat, use baking soda to remove stains. Warm water and around 1/4 cup of baking soda should be combined, and it is combined to form a paste. Apply the paste to the discolored toilet seat after that.

Give the cleaner 15 to 20 minutes to sit. After that, scrub the toilet thoroughly to eliminate all the stains. Baking soda can help kill germs when added to warm, soapy water. After removing the paste, let it air dry.


Use a bottle of distilled vinegar to clean the toilet seat. The vinegar can be applied directly to the toilet seat using paper towels. For eliminating stains, white vinegar—either distilled or undiluted—should work well. Enjoy your spotless bathroom after using a paper towel to wipe the seat completely clean.

If toilet stains persist, you might need to use more force when wiping or increasing the amount of vinegar in your cleaning solution. You can also combine warm water and vinegar to activate the components effectively.

How to Clean Some Extra Parts of the Toilet

How to Clean Some Extra Parts of the Toilet

Clean the Exterior

Start cleaning the exterior of the toilet while your bowl cleaner does its job. Clean off any dirt and dust with a moist cloth, and then, if you’d like, give the outside a quick disinfectant spray.

Once you’ve cleaned the surface debris off your toilet, fill a spray bottle with warm water and a few drops of dish soap. Spray the cleaning solution all over the toilet’s exterior, paying close attention to the area under and around the lid. With a clean cloth, remove everything.

Back to the bowl

Now it’s time to return to the toilet bowl. After a thorough soak, flush the toilet bowl cleaner away. To completely remove the cleaning agent, you might need to flush the toilet many times or use a scrub brush on any dried-on cleanser.

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Clean the toilet tank

The toilet tank must be cleaned occasionally since it can collect mineral deposits, filth, and grime. To do this, remove the tank’s cover and inspect inside the container for any accumulation on the tank’s inside walls (it will probably look rust-colored).

If it appears dirty, add 4-6 cups of white vinegar to the tank, depending on how much cleaning you anticipate is necessary. Let it sit for any time between an hour and the next day. After this period, flush the toilet to eliminate the vinegar-water mixture.

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Examine the toilet seat region

Put away tools and trash, clean up any cleanser or water that may have dripped, and replace any items you removed from the toilet and its vicinity. In addition to clearing out the clutter, ensure a disinfectant has been applied. 

Disinfectants aid in removing the hardest stains and help stop the spread of bacteria and germs. The flush handles should then be cleaned by spraying a disinfectant and letting them sit for five minutes. Finally, clean it even more with a microfiber cloth.

Why Is Toilet Cleaning Important?

One of your house’s most necessary yet unappealing chores is cleaning the toilet. Although it may not be the most interesting activity, it should be high on your list of priorities. 

A clean toilet is healthy for you and your family in addition to looking more appealing. Here are some justifications for why maintaining a spotless toilet is so crucial:

  • In a filthy bathroom, germs and bacteria can multiply and cause illness.
  • Bad odors might enter your home from a dirty toilet.
  • A dirty toilet can harm the porcelain and make cleaning more difficult.
  • A clean bathroom will look better and feel more sanitary in your home.
  • A clean bathroom is necessary for healthy hygiene.
  • Keeping the bathroom spotless can stop the spread of sickness.
  • Pests like cockroaches and flies can breed in a filthy toilet.

As you can see, various factors make maintaining a clean toilet necessary. Although it may not be the most fun task, it must be done frequently.


Maintaining a clean bathroom should be part of your weekly cleaning routine. That’s why we made this blog to guide people on how to clean toilet seats using different products and ways. 

You can use culinary tools such as baking soda, vinegar, salt, and lime to remove tough stains from toilet bowls and seats. However, using a commercial toilet cleaner to disinfect toilets and eliminate bacteria is also critical. This will protect your family’s health, keep them free of illnesses and germs, and keep your toilet clean.

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