Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 Review

If your old toilet is at the end of its life, and you also don’t own a bidet but always wanted one, how about purchasing them both with one go?

You might wonder how you will purchase both when you don’t even have space in your bathroom to install them. Well, that is what this article is all about because in it, we write all about the Prodigy P770 toilet bidet, its features, and its excellent benefits.

The Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 review before you explains all you need to know about one fantastic product. That’s right, one combo product consisting of two units which you would otherwise have to buy separately. And that’s not all, because the features it packs will undoubtedly astonish you, so keep on reading to discover them for yourself!

Brand Overview

Features of the Prodigy P770

Bio Bidet by Bemis is a high-end toilet appliance manufacturer located in Crystal Lake, Illinois, in the United States.

The team behind the brand is determined to make each customer’s toilet experience as clean and comfortable as possible. Their main focus is to produce high-quality toilet seats, bidets, and bidet toilet combos to fit any user’s needs.

Bemis, one of the world’s most renowned toilet seat manufacturers, purchased the Bio Bidet brand in December 2020. Both brands are good indicators of innovation, quality, and devotion to fulfilling all of their clients’ needs. 

Bio Bidet, being a pioneer in bidet design and technology, combined with the 90 years of experience of Bemis, has produced outstanding high-end toilet products unlike anyone has ever seen.

One of their most popular and advanced products on the market is the Prodigy P770 bidet toilet combo, which has taken the market by surprise and captivated the impressions of many customers. Below we will look at it and analyze its features and benefits.

Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 Review

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The Prodigy P770 by Bio Bidet is one of the most advanced toilet seat bidet combos on the market today. It would undoubtedly be a high-end and modern addition to any bathroom. 

The ingenuity behind this product is that it includes both the toilet seat and the bidet feature, packed in one small and very convenient body. The toilet uses advanced technologies and sensors, and the P770 model even includes an open and close lid function activated by motion. 

Let’s look at some of this toilet’s most important and notable features, which make it unique. 


Color: White
Material: Biobidet
Brand: Bio Bidet by Bemis
Item Weight: 120 pounds
Product Dimensions: 27 x 16 x 21 inches
Batteries: ‎3 AA batteries required. (included)
Size: ‎Elongated
Style: ‎Bidet Toilet
Pattern: ‎Bidet
Shape: ‎Elongated

Features of the Prodigy P770

A tankless design

The Prodigy P770 has a unique design because it features no extra water tank above the toilet seat. A tankless design gives the bidet toilet a small and convenient size and shape, making it ideal for any bathroom, especially ones with small spaces. 

The tankless design also gives the toilet bidet a more modern and conservative look, changing your bathroom’s entire look and feel right after installation.

A touchless and smart dual flush system

The toilet bidet by Bio Bidet features an incredible touchless flush system with two modes of operation and knows when and how to flush the water. The toilet bidet adjusts to the user’s toilet habits and automatically knows when to perform a large or a small flush. This function will help conserve water considerably, especially in the long run.

An automatic open and close lid and night light(exclusive to the P770)

The automatic open and close lid is a feature only Prodigy P770 has. The Prodigy P700 lacks this feature and the night light, which is why that model is $400 cheaper.

The toilet’s lid on the P770 has an automatic function that uses high-end movement sensors. It can detect when the user comes near it and automatically opens. Then, once the user walks away, it closes by itself without any interaction from the user.

The lid feature, combined with the night light installed on this model, makes going to the toilet at night a very easy and convenient experience. The bowl’s integrated light is also automatic and illuminates the toilet once the user enters the bathroom for increased safety.

Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 Review

An expanded toilet seat for more comfort

The Prodigy P770 toilet bidet features a large toilet seat for increased comfort. The manufacturer decided to improve the toilet seat and added a larger seat with a 30% increase in the seating area.

With a larger seating area, you will feel much more comfortable performing your daily toilet activities while enjoying maximum comfort.

A wireless remote control

The Prodigy P770 toilet bidet has a wall-mountable remote control, allowing several convenient options.

You can personalize your toilet experience with the Prodigy P770 by adjusting the temperature of the water, the seat, and even the dryer. As you guessed, the toilet also comes with heated water and a heated seat, making them incredible additions to its many features.

The remote control also allows you to adjust how high the bidet’s water pressure is and the nozzle’s position while washing. The nozzle also has several spraying styles, including posterior, vortex, or feminine, to fit the needs of each situation.

It can be connected directly to the bathroom’s water supply system

If you compare the Prodigy P770 to a standard toilet, you will see a major difference in every aspect, but also in the fact that it features a tankless design, as we mentioned above. 

This unique design makes it possible for the toilet bidet to be connected directly to your bathroom’s water supply which has several benefits. For one, it wastes a lot less water with each flush. When it comes to maintenance, it practically requires minimum to no maintenance since there are no parts that can break like in standard toilet tanks. 

The overall direct connection to the water supply design is much more efficient in saving water, especially in the long run.

Benefits of Using Bio Bidet Prodigy P770

It has a deodorizer directly built-in

This incredible toilet bidet also has a built-in deodorizer, which can eliminate any unpleasant smells and odors in the bathroom. It draws all the air and filters it through the built-in ionized carbon filter. You certainly weren’t expecting this toilet to have such an amazing feature, did you?

A very simple and easy installation process

The installation of the Prodigy P770 is very simple and easy, and the manufacturer has also included an installation manual detailing all the steps of the process. Considering this, if you are good with hand tools, you can easily install this toilet bidet by yourself without the need to call a plumber.

Convenient dimensions and weight

The Prodigy P770 toilet bidet is so small and convenient that it measures 15.5 inches in width, 27.5 inches in length, and 20.5 inches in height. It is practically a space saver and will fit any bathroom, from smallest to largest, without a problem.

The weight of the toilet bidet is around 60 pounds, with 125 pounds of shipping weight, so it would be fairly easy to manage and lift around until you are ready to install it. Regarding the water flow rate, the toilet bidet can discharge around 9.5 gallons of water per a single flush.


When the price is concerned, opinions are divided among users. Some think the price is too high for a toilet bidet, while others consider it very reasonably priced for all its features. 

In our opinion, the Prodigy P770 is a bit pricey, and not all customers may be able to afford it. Still, considering the number of amazing features and how well made it is, it most certainly justifies the price at which the manufacturer offers it. 

Priced at $2.399 as a regular price, the manufacturer of Prodigy P770 often provides discounts which you can also see for yourself at their official website At the time that we are writing this review, the Prodigy P770 is at an excellent discounted price of $1.999, which saves you an amazing $400. 

Bio Bidet also provides free shipping, which is what we surely expected considering the price. Still, their website is highly secured, so you can safely purchase the Prodigy P770 online without worrying about a mispayment. The manufacturer also provides international shipping, meaning you can purchase this toilet bidet from anywhere in the world.

Reviews from customers

As far as opinions and experiences from customers are concerned, the Prodigy P770 has received many positive comments and praise. We could find many comments directly on the manufacturer’s website and other review sites like Amazon or Home Depot.

We cannot say otherwise except that people love their Prodigy P770 and that it has been a fantastic and life-altering experience. They also claim the installation process is straightforward because of the installation manual provided by the manufacturer.

From all of the reviews we’ve read, there is not one feature that customers dislike on the Prodigy P770 toilet bidet. They say each feature is unique and provides a satisfying toilet experience every time they use it.

Customers think buying the Prodigy P770 has been a fantastic purchase, and they highly recommend it to anyone who wishes to buy and install it in their own home. 

Pros and Cons

To give you an overall summary of all the positive and negative traits of the Prodigy P770, we went on and sorted them in this pros and cons section. From it, you can conveniently assess whether or not this amazing product will fulfill or not your expectations.

  • An incredible, small, and compact tankless design
  • Very lightweight and easy to handle before installation
  • No need to call a plumber since you can install it yourself
  • A very convenient automatic open and close lid that functions using sensors
  • Built-in night light for increased visibility and security during those nighttime toilet runs
  • Several different washing modes, for specific purposes 
  • An included water and air heater for maximum comfort during washing
  • Adjustable nozzle position
  • It saves a lot of water and electricity because of its unique tankless design
  • Blends excellently into any bathroom, small or large
  • The seat comes with a built-in heater for convenience
  • Made entirely from antibacterial materials
  • It packs an amazing deodorizer that cleans and removes unpleasant odors
  • Wall-mounted remote control for easy and convenient navigation through all the features
  • Free shipping and safe and secure way of online payment
  • An established brand with over 100 years of manufacturing top-quality toilet seats and bidets
  • Regularly discounts are available on the brand’s official website
  • It might be quite costly for some people
  • It does not provide the option to personalize some of the settings
  • Some customers have reported that the flush is too powerful that it spilled out of the bowl
  • The air dryer has been reported to work slow and lack power when it comes to fast drying

How Does the Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 Work

How Does the Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 Work

The Prodigy P770 toilet bidet is an excellent product that, even though it may be costly to purchase for some people, definitely pays off in the long run. The unit is hooked up directly to the water supply without an external tank. 

Traditional toilets use external tanks that, after each flush, get filled up with water. This consumes more water in the long run, and the tank has parts that need more maintenance and can easily break down. But with the design of Prodigy P770, the water is flushed directly from the water supply without the need for primary storage.

Using the product’s remote control is easy, giving you access to all its features from the palm of your hand. Using this product is a joy since it works by itself practically all the time, without worrying about forgetting to flush or turn on the nozzle washer. It is a smart and clever product that will know all your toilet habits. Now, let’s discover its benefits!

Benefits of Using Bio Bidet Prodigy P770

All of the features we’ve discussed earlier in our review are the benefits you get with this fantastic product. For one, the unit is very small, lightweight, and simple to install, so from the start, you will save money and install it yourself.

Once the unit is powered on, then the joyful experience begins. There is practically nothing in terms of comfort that the manufacturer has succeeded in missing. They’ve covered every aspect.

The first benefit is that everything is hands-free. The toilet does every single operation, from the automatic lid to the heated seat cover to the adjustable water and air heater. You can perform all the manual adjustments via the wireless remote control without touching anything on the Prodigy P770.

The night light of the toilet is another great benefit, which will make your after-dark toilet visits as easy and safe as possible. Even better, the light turns on when you enter the bathroom, conserving energy.

The greatest benefit will probably be decreased water consumption and lower water bills in the long run. Even though it might cost more to purchase this product instead of a traditional toilet, it is definitely unmatched when it comes to durability and quality. The entire toilet is made of antibacterial materials, making it easy and fun to clean.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Prodigy P770 have any controls directly on the unit?

Besides controlling the unit with the remote control, the toilet bidet also has a control panel on the side. This control panel has four buttons with several functions: power, feminine, posterior, and flush, and allows you to control the unit if you cannot find the remote control.

The unit also has a display panel on the front which indicates whether the unit is powered on, how hot the temperature of the water is, what is the temperature of the seat, etc. 

Does the Prodigy P770 come with a warranty?

Yes, the Prodigy P770 toilet bidet comes directly from the manufacturer with a three-year limited warranty.

How do I install the Prodigy P770 myself?

Installing the Prodigy P770 is very simple. The first thing to do is remove your old toilet and clean the surface where it has been sitting. Next is to carefully remove the new toilet from the box and place a rubber ring or wax on the exposed trap before placing it in the drain pipe.

Before placing the toilet in its designated place, connect the water hose to the water outlet and tighten everything firmly. Check to see if there aren’t any leaks, and if everything is clear, then proceed to place the toilet bidet in its place.

The last thing to do is open the water outlet valve and connect the toilet to the power source. That’s it; you are good to go and use your new toilet.

What is the difference between the Prodigy P700 and the P770 model?

As far as we can tell, the only difference between the two models is that the P770 includes an automatic open and close lid and built-in night light. That is why the P770 model costs about $400 more than the P700 model.

Why should I buy the Prodigy P770 smart toilet?

Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 Revieww

If you want an effortless and pleasant experience every time you visit the toilet, we highly recommend purchasing the Prodigy P770 toilet. It is made by one of the best toilet and bidets manufacturers in the world, and it packs many features that make it look smart and unique. 

Prodigy P770 is a better option than those old traditional toilets, and purchasing it might just be the best decision you ever made. 

Does the device have a built-in battery if there is a power outage?

The Prodigy P770 does not operate on any batteries. It draws power directly from the electrical outlet only.

How fast will the product be shipped after purchase?

After you purchase the product, it would take at least one or two days for the manufacturer to ship it to the address you’ve provided.

How much electricity will the Prodigy P770 toilet consume?

Depending on the usage, the Prodigy P770 toilet bidet is very economical and should consume a maximum of around 15 kWh per month. Comparing it to other cheaper electrical toilets, we concluded that they could consume up to 160kWh per month, which is a notable difference.

How do I clean my Prodigy P770 properly?

Before cleaning your Prodigy P770 toilet bidet, ensure you’ve disconnected the unit from the power outlet. After that, only use mild detergents like dish soap combined with mild water. Never use harsh or corrosive chemicals as you may damage the antibacterial layer from which the unit is made, decreasing its lifespan.

Never use a rough cloth to rub the surface of the bidet. The best option would be to use a soft microfiber cloth.

How effective is the Prodigy P770 toilet bidet at cleaning my bum hole?

Even though many believe that toilet paper is the most effective way to clean their bum hole, the Prodigy P770 has proven to be one of the most effective bidets at this job, washing away all the poo and leaving the bum crystal clean afterwards.


Well, this is the very end of this review. Therefore, suppose you’re already considering purchasing this amazing product. In that case, we can surely say that we did our job just right, and we hope you liked our Bio Bidet Prodigy P770 review, which convinced you of its quality and one-of-a-kind benefits.

The Prodigy P770 toilet bidet is probably one of the best toilet bidet combos that you can find in one product while at the same time packing a lot of incredibly useful features suited for all generations.

We again highly recommend purchasing this product and changing your toilet-going experience forever. It would certainly be a great addition to your bathroom and your overall household, and every visitor who uses it will also want one of their own, guaranteed.

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