Best Silicone Toilet Brushes

A toilet brush is a must to maintain a clean, sanitary bathroom. However, the majority of people make the error of believing that any toilet brush will do and that it is irrelevant what model you choose to purchase.

Because not all toilet brushes offer the same value, we’ve put together this list of the best silicone toilet brushes to educate you on only that kind of brush. 

If you want to learn more about the fantastic world of silicone toilet brushes, you can read our in-depth analysis of each product. We will also include a buying guide if you disagree with our recommendation and wish to conduct your research. Therefore, let’s get started!

How We Made the List

Storage container

Every brush on the list mentioned below has some storage container, making it simple to tuck the brush away when not in use. 

We selected storage containers with weighted bottoms to prevent tipping and several apertures to improve ventilation and moisture removal. We also preferred containers with padded bases to reduce the possibility of floor scratches.

High quality built

We tend to favor goods created with premium materials like stainless steel or robust plastic. When not in use, it was also nice if the entire item could fit into a bathroom cabinet, a quality that many of the shorter items on our list excel.

Cleaning quality

To narrow down the list, we tested a variety of toilet brushes for cleaning performance, choosing brush heads with plenty of bristles that excel at fast stain removal. 

We especially like the carefully designed brush heads, which effectively cleaned the toilet rims and other difficult-to-reach locations. These qualities make them suitable for cleaning both a standard bathroom toilet and your best composting toilet.

Bristles of a brush

We focused on the brush’s bristles used to clean the toilet. The bristles shouldn’t be fragile or stiff at the same time. The bristles shouldn’t harm your toilet bowl. Avoid using items with wired bristles since they could scratch the bowl.

Handle the brush

For thoroughly cleaning the toilet bowl rim, use a silicone toilet brush. The handles we chose weren’t too heavy or painful for your hands. The handle should have some flexibility, but it shouldn’t break when put under a lot of strain. 

We chose the toilet brusher with a good grip because we know you all desire one to make your work easier.

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Silicone Toilet Brushes

Best Silicone Toilet Brushes

Best Silicone Toilet Brushes: Reviews

Makuang Toilet Set

Bathroom Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder, Wall...
105 Reviews
Bathroom Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder, Wall...
  • ✔️【Upgraded Silicone Toilet Brush Set】:Our silicone toilet brush head can clean your toilet without blind angle.The soft brush...
  • ✔️【Quick-Drying Holder】:The toilet brush holder incorporates a rust free hollow design with cradle ensuring there is sufficient...
  • ✔️【Non-scratch Toilet Brush】:Unlike the traditional toilet brush, our brush bristles are made of soft TPR material and thus will not...

The Makuang Bathroom Silicone Toilet Brush includes a whole bristle head for a comprehensive cleaning. The bristles of the brush are made of durable synthetic material. The item is a toilet brush and holder combo that combines design and usability in one package. 

You will receive two brushes as part of the order. For hygiene reasons, you should carefully store and conceal the brush while not in use. The bristles on this toilet brush are made of durable silicone, making it simple to clean and practical to use. 

The toilet bowl won’t get damaged because the bristles are soft enough. The toilet bowl brush features a unique base that is well-ventilated and enables speedy water drying. This shields the bristles for long-lasting use and stops the growth of mold and mildew. The brush was made with an unusual, high-quality 360-degree rotating feature.

As a result, the brush may easily enter difficult-to-reach regions. You may either keep the brush freestanding on the floor or hang it on a wall. You can dry brushes made of silicone quite easily. 

The brush’s robust plastic composition and adaptable form make it possible to use it on any type of toilet surface. This brush for your toilet is elegant and reasonably priced.


  • It doesn’t harm the toilet and also doesn’t catch dirt that easily. It never loses its shape or wears out and dries rapidly. The brush carries far less water because it lacks typical bristles. 
  • Since nobody wants to see the toilet brush in the bathroom, the traditional white and gray style ensures that it blends in. Its design fits well with your bathroom.
  • A brush head that is the right size, a silver handle, a strong holder with a well-designed curvature, and classic white and gray colors transform the toilet brush from dirty cleaning equipment to a decorative item. Very appropriate for your comfortable bathroom.
  • In contrast to conventional toilet brushes, it has soft TPR bristles that won’t snag on hair. Additionally, the toilet brush and holder combination is incredibly simple to clean. Choosing the floor-standing toilet brush is unquestionably a wise move for you.
  • The hygienic toilet brush is simple to use and assemble. The holder allows the brush to stand securely on the ground and hang from a wall. They manufacture these toilet brushes with PP material handles, greatly extending their lifespan and minimizing the need to replace toilet brushes frequently because of rusting handles.
  • Good flexibility
  • Compact and sturdy
  • Great cleaning
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Poor holder design

LM Bodycare Silicone Flex

Silicone Flex Toilet Brush,Toilet Cleaning System, Wall...
3,444 Reviews
Silicone Flex Toilet Brush,Toilet Cleaning System, Wall...
  • 🚽 EASILY CLEAN DEAD CORNER - Silicone toilet brush and holder, The flat and pointed brush head is designed to better clean all corners of...
  • 🚽 QUICK DRYING HOLDER - Pack with a stable & breathable holder base, it is good for ventilation and keep the base cleaning.The durable...
  • 🚽 【NO SPRINKLING AND QUICK DRYING】The unclosed design base facilitates ventilation and can quickly evaporate excess water on the...

The LM Bodycare wall-mounted toilet brush and holder combination is ideal for saving valuable bathroom counter space and providing this brush with additional dirt protection. Additionally, the base is drip-proof, allowing for easy ventilation and speedy evaporation of any extra moisture on the toilet brush. 

The vented design keeps you feeling clean and guards against leaks and stains on the bathroom’s interior. Your toilet brush can rapidly get filthy and smelly when you don’t use your toilet brush. This holder will keep the bathroom tidy, thanks to its concealed brush storage. The watertight drawer keeps everything inside perfect by preventing leaks or stains.

The brush is additionally made to reach all the challenging areas, ensuring that every last particle of dirt and filth is eliminated. When you’re finished, just put the brush back in its holder and lift the lid; the pressure from the brush will cause the lid to close on its own, keeping everything neat and orderly.

The silicone and plastic material also shapes the soft bristles into cylindrical shapes for easy cleaning of difficult-to-reach regions. The majority of individuals don’t think much about their toilet brush. It’s one of those cleaning items that gets tucked away in a cupboard and only comes out when required


  • The toilet brush holder incorporates a vented drawer to avoid water leakage and stains. The hollow interior design keeps the toilet brush head dry and hygienic by ensuring that water droplets flowing from the brush head may be rapidly evacuated to the built-in water storage drawer. The detachable drawer makes it simple to drain extra water and stop odors.
  • The toilet brush and holder sets can be mounted to the wall with a sticker instead of a nail or screw, saving space and making toilet brushes more hygienic. They can also stand steadily on the floor. They include two sticky stickers so you can hang the toilet brush set in various locations. Space-saving and the compact design work well in small bathroom spaces. Perfect for dorms, cottages, apartments, and condos.
  • With no blind angles, including the dead corner within the toilet, this bristle toilet brush head can thoroughly clean your toilet. Suitable for all ceramic, plastic, and glass surfaces.
  • Using its sturdy, firm bristles, you can remove the most difficult stains on surfaces and corner seams. Dense and durable bristles make it easier to remove buried dirt for more effective cleaning.
  • Additionally, they guarantee to give you a complete refund if you are unhappy with their product. Please feel free to contact them for any purpose.
  • Water is not retained in the brush head
  • It easily reaches beneath the rim
  • No water should drip onto your floors
  • You can lose your grasp on it because the handle is not very good

Qujianwei Toilet Plunger and Brush Set

Qujianwei Toilet Plunger and Brush Set, Silicone Toilet...
22 Reviews
Qujianwei Toilet Plunger and Brush Set, Silicone Toilet...
  • Toilet plunger and silicone brush set, including toilet plunger, two toilet brushes, toilet brush base, and hook. Can be used to unblock...
  • How to plunger a toilet,Toilet plunger,Strong suction power, enlarged and thickened suction cup, soft and not aging, it will not harden...
  • This sink plunger,Anti-eversion pressure- assist cover, fifth floor exhaust is more thorough, with greater suction, and will not roll over,...

The item includes a powerful toilet plunger, a high-efficiency toilet brush, and a stable brush holder. Its space-saving, fashionable design, and practical storage keep your bathroom tidy, spotless, and well-organized, making it an essential cleaning tool.

The rods’ long lifespan won’t be a concern either because they are composed of premium stainless steel. The big gap in the lid also makes it easy to disconnect the plunger and conceal it when not in use.

Thanks to the combination’s drip-free construction, you won’t have to worry about leaks. The plunger’s commercial-grade rubber suction cup enables you to unclog sinks, toilet bowls, and drains. Furthermore, the brush’s sturdy bristles make it simple and efficient to remove stubborn stains. 

Additionally, the combo’s light colors make it appropriate for various styles of restrooms. It is also relatively simple to clean the brush. Place it under the faucet to wash the bristles. You should buy it if you want a toilet cleaner set that will endure for a long time at a reasonable price.

The non-slip base of the included plunger and brush holder helps to keep your tool steady. The Qujianwei Toilet Plunger and Brush set is what you need if you’re seeking a reasonably priced cleaning set for your toilet.


  • With this high-quality combo holder for a toilet brush and plunger, you may be prepared for unexpected plunger needs and a thorough clean-up afterward. It is a hybrid of a tiny brush and a silicone toilet brush. Better cleaning performance is provided by the TPR Silicone toilet brush, which does not harm the toilet’s glaze.
  • Built with a commercial-grade rubber suction cup that offers maximum plunging force to unclog stubborn jams in sinks, shower drains, and toilet bowls. The ergonomic handle has a safe and comfortable grip, which improves the effectiveness of your plunging. It is appropriate for both residential and commercial applications.
  • The dense silicone bristles comprehensively and deeply clean the under-rim and difficult-to-reach areas. Strong bristles are not easily distorted, they are inexpensive, and they are practical. You will have a revitalizing cleaning experience as water effortlessly flows from the bristles into the stable holder.
  • The compact, space-saving design conceals your toilet brush and offers a handy place to store it. The holder hides the brush head if closet or cupboard space is at a premium. Additionally, it includes a wall hanging sticker that can support up to 20 kg of weight. The round disc protects hands from splashing, and the tapered handle fits comfortably in hand.
  • The toilet holder automatically covers the brush head after cleaning
  • You will receive an instruction booklet, and the setup is quite simple
  • It features a small design that makes it simple to fit in a small bathroom
  • No holder for the plunger

Makuang 2Pcs

2Pcs Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder Sets Cleaner...
11 Reviews
2Pcs Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder Sets Cleaner...
  • ✔️【Upgraded Silicone Toilet Brush Set】:Silicone toilet brush, a brush head made of high quality ABS + soft high quality TPR...
  • ✔️【Clean Dead Corners Effectiywly】:Upgraded toilet brush head with a flexible flat soft head design which can reaches all areas, Our...
  • ✔️【Hanging or Standing】: You can hang our toilet brush head on the wall without punching, which saves space and makes the toilet...

The last name on our list once more belongs to Makuang. The simple and useful design of the Makuang 2Pc Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder Sets makes it simple for you to clean your toilet bowl. The brush can work better for you because of how simple it is; the smaller handle makes it possible to clean complex corners and areas beneath rims.

Furthermore, the brush’s smaller size may make it easier for you to apply more pressure to the handle with less effort. You will love using the brush, and its bristles are also excellent. However, it is recommended that you use long gloves to protect yourself from toilet water, which is a regular problem with smaller toilet cleaning brushes.

Additionally, this toilet brush is made of durable, rust-resistant materials, so stains won’t ever appear on it. Also, thanks to the odorless plastic components used in the Makuang 2pcs Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder Set, you won’t ever smell polymer. The fantastic news about this brush is that it comes in two sets and is reasonably priced.

Additionally, this particular style of toilet brush has a simple, attractive design that makes it appropriate for use in all bathrooms. Therefore, the Makuang 2pcs Silicone Toilet Brush and Holder Set can be very useful for you whether you operate as a professional or household cleaner.


  • The dense silicone bristles enable thorough and deep cleaning in the hard-to-reach corners and under the rim, are inexpensive, and are not easily deformed. A pleasant cleaning experience is provided by the water that readily flows from the bristles and into the holder’s bottom.
  • Internal vents in the design of the brush holders enable the brushes to dry off quickly. The toilet brush is fast drying thanks to the holes next to it and the vents on both sides, which are made to prevent liquid from building up. Additionally, the sealed base will prevent leaks from pouring into the bathroom floor, keeping it clean and relieving you of the discomfort of a dripping toilet.
  • You may clean bathtubs and sinks with the toilet brush. Because of the silicone bristles, the toilet brush’s friction force is lower than that of a traditional toilet brush, taking up less time and having a lower strength.
  • The toilet brush head may be hung on the wall without being punched, saving space and improving cleanliness and hygiene standards. It may also be placed on the ground. The straightforward and small layout suits various bathrooms and enhances your bathroom’s beauty.
  • Cleaning becomes simpler and takes less time, thanks to the ergonomic grip: a solid ventilated mounting platform and a comfortable, non-slip handle design. The elegant and straightforward style will fit your bathroom.
  • Brush holder
  • Soft bristles
  • Scratch-free brush
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Unsuitable for clearing difficult clogs

Best Silicone Toilet Brushes

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Silicone Toilet Brushes


Even while a toilet brush serves a practical purpose, it can complement the bathroom’s overall design. Look for features that complement your space, such as a bamboo handle for a more natural appearance or a stainless steel holder for a modern look in your bathroom. 

Some toilet brushes can also be bought as a set with a trash can, toothbrush holder, and soap dispenser in the same color as other bathroom items. When in doubt, stick with a simple white alternative to maintain your appearance simple and uncluttered.


Handle styles can differ. While scrubbing, you want a toilet brush handle to be comfortable. However, whether a brush has a strong grip is also worth considering. When cleaning, a gripper can stop the brush from slipping out of your hands and drenching you in toilet water.

The height of the handle is also significant because a shorter handle could promote the unneeded transmission of germs, while a longer one typically increases comfort and usability. Look for brushes with a handle height of at least 10 inches.

Odor control

Some individuals consider controlling toilet odors to be crucial when cleaning. However, some people like a fresher scent to make the toilet and bathroom feel especially clean. In general, a clean toilet helps to lessen bathroom smells.

It’s important to remember that many cleaning agents used in odor-control toilet brushes with built-in cleaners include dangerous synthetic fragrances that can endanger children and animals. You can get the aroma you want by using your toilet brush with DIY cleaning products.

A few drops of essential oil can be added to the bowl after cleaning. Eucalyptus and tea tree oil are great options for odor control and antimicrobial properties, while orange or lemon essential oils have a more joyful and fresh scent.

Brush heads

Think about the sections of your toilet that are problematic for a moment. If cleaning the rims is typically your most challenging task, look for a brush head made specifically for cleaning rims.

Robust and long-lasting bristles are ideal but not so harsh that they risk causing toilet damage. For cleaning and replacement, you might also want a brush head with a twist design that is simple to remove.

Container details

Each of the goods mentioned above has storage containers with various practical functions. Some of these containers have air holes that can help lessen the chance of stored moisture.

Additionally, some have removable baskets for simple cleaning and padding along the bottom to lessen the possibility of unintentionally damaging the restroom floor. Find a storage container that meets your specific requirements.

Holding bowl

You can hide your toilet brush away in a corner, thanks to a holding bowl. Additionally, they serve as a receptacle to catch all water droplets left over after using the brush. Most items on our list are toilet brush sets with holders; however, if you decide on a product without a holder, you can purchase one separately.


Cleaning a toilet is not difficult, but it takes time out of your busy day. Keep the toilet brush in a secure location after cleaning, scouring, and washing the toilet bowl to ensure its long-term durability.

Maintaining a spotless, bright, and hygienic bathroom becomes crucial to keep germs, odor-producing mold, and mildew away. This gives your house a lovely, organized appearance.


You should hang the toilet brush over the bowl to dry it after you’ve cleaned the toilet. After that, cover the center of the handle with the lid to ensure quick drying.

You should also spray some antiseptic cleaner on the brush’s handle, bristles, and holder. The same chemical should be left on for at least five minutes before being washed off. Put the brush and holder in hot water to rinse. After letting it dry, thoroughly clean the tub.

Benefits of Silicone Toilet Brushes

Easily cleanable

Because of the simplicity of cleaning, it is correct to call it a self-cleaning silicone toilet brush. As a result, it encourages cleanliness in your bathroom. You’ll see that it just leaks a small amount of water. It is employed even in the kitchen.

More durable

In addition to fighting off infection, silicone can tolerate the physical strain brought on by UV light and potent chemical toilet cleaners. So, you don’t have to worry about cleaning your bowl with harsh chemicals. You may rely on the silicone toilet brush’s longevity as well.

More hygienic

Because silicone is non-porous, it draws fewer germs than other materials. This ensures that bacteria won’t build up in the bristles. They also dry faster than plastics, so they don’t mold as quickly as plastics that remain moist in toilet brush holders. Aside from that, water won’t drip into the holder due to its quick drying time.

Makes every corner cean

For a thorough clean, silicone toilet brushes may be bent to reach nooks and crannies in your toilet bowl if you choose the proper shape. Curved toilet brush heads are also available to assist you in cleaning the underside of the toilet bowl rim and other hard-to-reach areas.

Benefits of Silicone Toilet Brushes

Frequently Asked Questions

How is a toilet brush used?

Most toilet brushes are made to be used with or without cleaning agents to manually scrub the inside of the toilet. If you must use a cleaning solution, allow it to sit in your toilet bowl for the period specified. Then, scrape the bowl’s interior while holding it by the handle using the bristles side of the toilet brush.

After using a toilet brush, it’s a good idea to wash your hands well and put on rubber gloves. Electric toilet brushes can help you with some of the manual labor, but you’ll still need to direct the bristles within the bowl where they should go.

How often should a toilet brush be changed?

To prevent the growth of bacteria, you should aim to replace your toilet brush every six months. If you don’t replace your toilet brush, you risk not cleaning it every time you use it but rather spreading germs. Some toilet brushes are designed to be single or disposable-use only.

To lessen your overall waste, look for ones produced with eco-friendly materials. Sometimes toilet brushes made of silicone or replaceable brush heads will last longer. Ensure you thoroughly clean the handle each time you change the brush head.

Are toilet brushes unhygienic?

If you do not clean your toilet brush, it is unhygienic. It’s a useful tool for deep cleaning your toilet, if you keep up with cleaning it. Your toilet brush and holder should spend an hour in a pail of hot water and bleach each week. 

Before placing it back in the holder, rinse it and allow it to air dry. If you don’t do this, bacteria will grow on the brush. Then, you’re dispersing bacteria when you use it to clean your toilet.

How do I clean a toilet brush/toilet brush holder?

Nobody likes cleaning the toilet and bathroom, but it has become a must. You need to keep your environment clean and sanitary to avoid getting sick. 

After each usage, the first step is to fill the toilet brush holder with hot, soapy water. After that, move the brush into the water with the handle and flush the contents down the toilet. Avoid getting water on you while doing this.

The brush should then be rinsed in this solution after being filled with a little cold water. After that, reapply clean water to the brush. When you’re finished, spritz a disinfectant on the brush. 

Before rinsing it with cold water, let the brush soak in the disinfectant for at least 30 minutes. Remember to clean the brush holder just as thoroughly as the brush. The brush could become contaminated if the brush holder is dirty. As a result, whenever you clean a brush, you should also clean the brush holder.

Can a toilet brush be cleaned in the dishwasher?

The searing hot water used in the dishwasher eliminates all microorganisms. Additionally, most toilet cleaners contain bleach, which reduces the likelihood that germs will persist on the brush. You could put it through the dishwasher separately if you’re still worried.

Where is the plunger kept?

Finding ways to hide a plunger if you’re feeling inventive or have an eye for interior design is simple. Decorative garbage cans, flower pots, vases, and buckets are all excellent choices. Finding a tiny container with only the handle removed may be the best and cheapest alternative.

What causes toilet brushes to turn brown?

A toilet brush will experience problems and change color after being used for many years. Due to normal wear and tear, the toilet brush may turn brown. Additionally, some cleaning agents may turn these brushes brown. Consequently, selecting a cleaning agent that works with your brush is wise.

What’s wrong with using a nylon or plastic toilet bowl brush?

The issue with toilet bowl brushes made of plastic or nylon is unhygienic. It collects feces particles from your toilet bowl, and when you return it to its holder, dirty water collects at the bottom, which most users fail to clean or empty.

The plastic toilet bowl brush’s hard nylon bristles risk scratching your bowl’s surface. They are quite impossible to clean and can quickly become moldy, especially if you store them in damp settings.


You can see that getting a silicone toilet brush is simple. You may easily purchase one today using our list of the best silicon toilet brushes. If none of the products on this list appeal to you, you can use the buying guide we’ve provided in the article to help you choose a product on your own.

To choose the best silicone toilet brushes that fit your needs, consider all the relevant factors. So, make good use of your time. That concludes the review, and we sincerely hope you can shop with confidence now.

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