Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel

In the event of an extended road trip, having a portable toilet on hand can make it more bearable. Children constantly want pit stops, or at least it seems that way. Some pregnant women get car sick, and portable toilets make great puke buckets. 

In addition to being practical, portable toilets may be required for those who live alone and are physically unable to go to the bathroom or use the toilet. Portable restrooms are frequently ideal for camping outings.

Numerous businesses are currently producing these portable toilets, but we want you to select the greatest one that manufactures them using top-notch materials. We will offer you all the possible details about the product on this list to assist you in making the best choice.

Benefits of a Portable Toilet

How Did We Make the List?

Simple to use

Being able to relax outside can be challenging. If you spend money on a portable toilet, you should get one that’s simple to maintain. We looked for toilets with easy or quick installation procedures. 

We examined characteristics such as sizable waste storage tanks, flushing systems, or a waste bag design for simple cleaning. Additionally, we examined more elaborate features, including a tank level monitor, a built-in toilet paper holder, and battery-operated flushing. It’s essential to prioritize having fun over tidying up after yourself.


Not all portable toilets are simple to transport. First, we considered how you would use the portable toilet. Are medical bedside commodes necessary for you? A movable type should be designed to transfer effortlessly over your fixed toilet for added stability or to the shower for sitting bathing. 

If you’re going on a trip, we also consider whether or not your car has room for a portable toilet.


Probably the most crucial feature we searched for in a portable toilet was a leak-proof construction. We want to keep your car as spotless as possible, for starters. Aside from having clean cooking facilities, having access to sanitary restrooms is essential. 

You’ll need either leak-proof trash bags or a plastic bucket with a broad rim, depending on your model. We searched for flushable toilets with a double-sealed drain valve to keep odor and trash within.

Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel

Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel Review

A Arciton Camping Toilet

Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel 1Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel 2

The A Arciton Portable Toilet has a very simple design that, when folded, resembles a briefcase. It is more resilient than any other model on our list so far and can support up to 550 pounds. Setting it up is simple, and cleaning just entails tying a bag. The seat doesn’t seem fragile and is comfortable.

This portable toilet is of a revolutionary design. It is constructed with premium PP plastics, which are vital to the design, more durable, and simple to clean and disinfect. When used in a car, the seatbelts’ shape can fit the buttocks and the commode together, reducing the risk of accidents brought on by slick roads.

This portable toilet is odorless, safe to use, and ergonomically constructed for a pleasurable bathroom experience. Make your travel easier and more comfortable by avoiding using public facilities, whether camping, hiking, boating, or going on long road trips.

There’s a lot to enjoy about the comfort of this toilet, such as how the toilet seat effortlessly clamps onto the bucket, resulting in no slippage. Additionally, the seat closes firmly, which helps with odor control and leak protection.


Color: Blue
Material: Polypropylene
Item Weight: ‎3.63 pounds
Package Dimensions: ‎15.07 x 13.46 x 5.43 inches

Ratings by feature

Easy to clean: 4.7/5
For traveling: 4.5/5
Easy to use: 4.2/5


A Arciton portable toilet seat enables you to feel at home while in the great outdoors, giving you the ultimate relaxation and pleasure. Great for lengthy vacations, fishing, and outdoor life in emergencies.

It can be used as a toilet in a car or while camping, but it can also be used as an indoor or outdoor portable toilet for pregnant women, people who have trouble walking, the disabled, the elderly, kids, and adults. 

This portable toilet is new in design. It is constructed entirely of PP Eco-friendly polymers, which are more durable and easier to clean and disinfect. It is lightweight but has a carrying capacity of 550 lbs.

A Arciton staff works to provide complete customer satisfaction with lifetime manufacturer warranties. If you have any issues with the goods, get in touch with them, and they’ll be pleased to help.

The toilet seat is simple to store and move because its dimensions are 15.07 x 13.46 x 5.43 inches. You can unwind comfortably when on an outdoor excursion or in the restroom, thanks to the seat’s lightweight and durability.

  • Affordable
  • Easily portable
  • Full-sized toilet seat
  • Made from PP, a sustainable material
  • Accessible for off-roading, long-distance driving, camping, and traffic congestion, among other uses
  • More maintenance than the majority of portable toilets

TRIPTIPS Foldable Toilet

Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel 3Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel 4

The TRIPTIPS portable toilet is a fantastic option if you’re looking for a foldable, portable toilet for car travel. It arrives as a portable toilet that can be put up quickly. This toilet can be folded up and comes with a carry bag. It is a comfy, odorless, easy to clean, and sturdy toilet. 

TRIPTIPS is a lightweight (3.3 pounds) portable toilet that fits with any TRIPTIPS toilet bag and makes performing your business on the road much more comfortable. The TRIPTIPS portable toilet is made of a stylish ABS plastic that is simple to clean and fits most car trunks, boats, and RVs. 

TRIPTIPS will be your go-to option for portable comfort, whether you’re relaxing on the beach or traveling along a long highway! It has various shapes and colors, including round and square, blue camo, and other hues. 

The design is basic and lightweight, making it suitable for hiking, sailing, and road trips. You just insert a garbage bag into the foldable exterior, secure the top, use the bag, and then throw it away. Additionally, a helpful travel bag is included for simple storage.


Color: A-black
Product Dimensions: 12.3″D x 12.3″W x 11.6″H
Frame Material: Alloy Steel
Item Weight: ‎2.2 Pounds
Seat Material: Type ‎Leather


This is the ideal folding portable toilet for camping and extended travel! It is easily transportable and may be packed into a 2-inch thick tiny space-saving package. Make extended road trips, camping, hiking, boating, and traffic jams in your car easier and more pleasant.

It has a hands-free design and a stabilizing pad that rests directly on its head. With this creative design, you have the potential to instantly set up something that is incredibly light and simple to use. No need for large, cumbersome tents.

The TRIPTIPS is undoubtedly the most valuable portable toilet in the world because it can be used for all outdoor activities, including hiking, camping, picnics, fishing, beach trips, and unexpected emergencies at home.

It may also be perfect for those with IBS or Crohn’s illness because of its straightforward portability and freedom to move around. We hope you take advantage of TRIPTIPS portable toilet’s comfort and privacy during your precious outdoor adventure.

  • Reinforced seating area with leather
  • Has a toilet design with a comfortable height
  • Has a lid that can be used to cover the seat at night
  • Can withstand 220 pounds
  • Fairly simple to use, empty, and clean
  • If not used properly, the foldable design may have an impact on its durability

Zautnkn Foldable Commode

Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel 5Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel 6

On the list of the best portable toilets for road trips, the Zautnkn comes in at third. This Zautnkn toilet, among the top portable toilet solutions for car travel on this list, also offers excellent value for money at less than $50. The toilet’s body is made of ABS plastic and may be divided into three pieces. 

Waterproof carry bags, biodegradable toilet bags (10 pcs), and disposable urine bags (5 pcs) comprise the three components. It is dependable and robust, has a maximum weight capacity of 350 pounds, and weighs slightly more than 2.5 pounds when empty. A 6–8 garbage bag works well.

The flush tank keeps the toilets clean between uses until it’s time to empty the holding tank. It has a convenient bellow flush and is comfy to sit on. The odor can be contained thanks to the sealed gate valve in this model, which is another reason it’s such a good option. One packet of garbage can last up to seven days, and the product is fully biodegradable.

This toilet has a briefcase-sized foldable design. You won’t need to assemble the toilet when you intend to use it, so don’t worry. One of the best bag portable toilets on the market; it’s simple to put up and use.


Color: Dark
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 13 x 11 x 11.8 inches
Material: ABS Plastic
Item Weight: 2.6 Pounds
Shape: Round front-U shape
Package Weight: ‎1.84 Kilograms
Style: ‎Portable


The newly created toilet has an elongated shape and is identical to the one in your house. The portable toilet is well-built and has a 350-lb weight capacity.

The portable folding toilet kit can be used as an outdoor toilet, a camping toilet, a travel toilet, a commode bucket, a porta potty, an indoor toilet for older people, or a vomiting bucket for pregnant women. You may also use it as a trash can, a small toolbox, or a storage box with a seat.

Easy to assemble and collapse, small and space-saving, and takes only a few seconds! It is an ideal portable toilet for use in a vehicle or the middle of the night as it includes trash bags for quick cleanup. Super convenient and no longer under pressure to conduct regular business.

Ideal for heavy water consumers, who may avoid restrictions on water usage while driving and avoid the hassle of finding a bathroom, especially when traveling by car.

  • Simple to set up
  • Supports 350 lbs. of weight
  • High capacity for garbage and simple cleanup
  • You can use the portable toilet for anything
  • Mostly out of stock due to high demand

Reliance FOLD-to-GO

Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel 7Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel 8

The Reliance Products Fold-to-Go portable toilet is the fourth product on our list. This is the best choice for you if you dislike carrying around heavy items while you travel. It is small and lightweight and won’t take up much room in your automobile.

A treat for hikers and campers as well. This product is your best choice if you need something portable and small. When folded, it has a five-inch diameter and weighs 4 kg. It is simple to transport to the mountains by boat, car, or other means. Its leg locking mechanism guarantees a secure hold on any surface. It has the strength to support 250 pounds of weight.

The Fold-to-Go has an inbuilt handle that makes carrying it simpler. One Double Doodie bag that may be fastened to the seat is also included for waste disposal. Additional Double Doodie bags are available for purchase separately and work with this product. 

A 5-year guarantee from the manufacturer covers any manufacturing flaws in the device. For campers, this product is a good choice. The toilet’s most significant advantage is how simple it is to use. Considering so many portable toilets are a nuisance to so many, it’s nice that this toilet is simple.


Color: Gray/Black
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 14.5 x 14.5 x 14.5 inches
Material: Plastic
Brand: Reliance
Item Weight: 4.5 Pounds
Size: ‎14.5″x14.5″x14.5″
Warranty Description: ‎5 year manufacturer

Ratings by feature

Easy to clean: 4.4/5
For traveling: 4.3/5
Easy to use: 3.7/5


Anywhere a quick, comfortable toilet is needed, the Fold-To-Go camping toilet is a reliable, small, portable three-legged toilet. Use it while camping, hunting, boating, or in an emergency when standard facilities are unavailable. Truckers can also benefit from using it.

It is simple to carry, thanks to the attached handle. It is also one of the most durable portable toilets available. With a stable 250 lb. weight, the Fold-To-Go toilet is portable, lightweight, dependable, easy to use, and simple to transport.

This toilet can be swiftly put up and made ready to use because it was designed for field use and emergencies. Simply unfold the legs, secure them in place, and add a Double Doodie bag to complete the setup.

This particular design includes both a lid and a seat. The lid locks down on top of the seat and has rounded sides that extend just far enough to avoid splash back. The item, which is less than three pounds, is compatible with Reliance Products’ garbage bags.

Since there isn’t a flushing mechanism associated with the setup, a device like this normally doesn’t require any water. Since Fold-To-Go uses a bag to hold its waste, no water is required to flush the waste away.

  • Simple to clean
  • Getting rid of is a clean process
  • It has a reasonable price
  • Lightweight, small, and easy to carry
  • Legs are somewhat short
  • Small seat dimensions

WOWKU Retractable Commode

Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel 9Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel 10

One of the most reasonably priced flushing portable toilets available is the Seaflo model. It has a leak-proof top on the waste container and is built from sturdy ABS plastic for optimal convenience.

This portable toilet can support up to 330 lbs of weight, which is respectable. The enormous size of this toilet’s seat and bowl, along with its ideal height above the floor, will completely transform your bathroom. Forget about the bathrooms where you always end up with your knees kissing your chin.

It is incredibly hygienic and built of sturdy materials. It has a seat cover attached to stop water from dripping while moving. It comes with a bag so you can transport and pack it easily. 

The WOWKU portable toilet is the ideal alternative for campers who require a highly portable option that allows them to go outside, takes up little room, and still provides the comforts of home.

The toilet can be moved to the trunk of a conventional automobile or the back of a van. The waste-holding container has a 5-gallon capacity for extended use. It is one of the minor portable toilet alternatives and weighs less than 3 pounds, making it easy to move around by hand.


Manufacturer: WOWKU
Item Weight: ‎3.5 pounds
Package Dimensions: ‎13.07 x 12.83 x 3.9 inches
Size: ‎Small
Color: ‎White
Material: ‎Plastic
Installation Method: ‎Floor

Ratings by feature

Easy to use: 5.0/5
Sturdiness: 5.0/5


This foldable portable toilet is constructed of eco-friendly ABS plastic, and each layer has 10 buckles for resistance, durability, and 330lbs of bearing capacity. It is sturdy and reliable.

WOWKU portable toilet is an outstanding camping toilet with a compact design for simple transport. As well as being appropriate for fishing, camping, long-distance travel, trekking, traffic jams, boating, and other activities, it also has a garbage can, storage box, and a tiny stool.

The retractable toilet weighs 2.64 pounds. It is easy to pack into luggage or a car and takes up little room. It is a wonderful travel companion.

A spotless toilet body, a free waterproof backpack, a reliable inner box, and an instruction manual are all included. In addition, they offer customer service that is available around the clock.

The reusable, biodegradable trash bags for the bathroom are simple to attach. Therefore, these seat snaps are suitable for use with this portable toilet as they securely attach the toilet bag to the edge of the bucket toilet seat. The composting toilet bags are transparent and very simple to clean.

  • Strong and sturdy built
  • 330 lbs of weight capacity
  • Sturdy and secure
  • Large flow outlet
  • The spare bags are not included; you must purchase them

Factors to Consider While Choosing Portable Toilet for Car Travel

Factors to Consider While Choosing Portable Toilet for Car Travel

The capacity of the adult portable toilet

The size of your portable camping toilet should be one of your first considerations. A typical portable flush tank has a capacity of 2 to 5 gallons. You can use a portable camp toilet for long periods if it can hold more water.

Therefore, when choosing which portable toilet to buy for cars, keep in mind the length of your trip. Make your choice by weighing the amount of time you want to spend away from a toilet against the toilet’s capacity.


The size of the portable toilet should be taken into consideration when choosing one. The rule of thumb for camping is that smaller is better. A portable toilet needs to be small enough to fit among other luggage. You must ensure that the dimensions of the folded toilet seat are compatible with the car you will be traveling in.

Price of the toilet

Variety according to price will always be available for anything you ever purchase. The same is true with portable toilets. No matter what brand of portable toilet you’re ordering, always check your wallet before purchasing the one you want.

Another thing to remember is always to choose the greatest portable toilet you can afford. Check if your portable toilet requires waste kits or is, in a sense, self-sufficient. Models that demand wag bags end up costing more over time because purchasing the kits is an additional cost.

Check the warranty on your toilet as well. Choose products with more extensive warranties in case they don’t hold up to their claims of durability. You can be confident you’re receiving your money’s worth in this way.

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Dedicated tank

Those geared for portability may not have as many tanks or as large as other versions because those features add to the overall weight. You can add water before leaving or after arriving at your campsite, and a separate water tank makes it easier to keep the bowl clean when flushing.

Folding models are frequently chosen by people who desire to save time and lessen their influence on the environment. These models don’t have tanks; instead, they use bags, which you must carry around and discard individually. Some come with bags for utilizing the models right away.

Ease of use

The weight of a portable toilet is one of the main factors determining how simple it is. If your toilet weighs too much, setting it up will be a nuisance whenever you have to remove it from your trailer.

However, you must also consider the specific method for disposing of and cleaning the toilet you are interested in. While all toilets of the same style employ the same fundamental dumping procedure, some are simpler to operate than others due to subtle differences.

For instance, it will be simpler (and cleaner) to empty the contents of a toilet with a capped spout than one without. Additionally, it makes it less likely that you will spill waste on the ground or get it on your hands when you cap the spout, fill the tank with freshwater, and flush any leftover waste contents.

Weight of the toilet

You should consider the product’s weight when choosing one that you can transport around your house, use to work, or use for leisurely travel. The larger items weigh over 10 pounds but weigh no more than 15 pounds. Models that are smaller and more simple weigh between four and five pounds.

The weight of the container when it is full of waste is another factor to think about. This reveals how simple the goods are to transport and whether you need assistance. When water is added, those with separate water tanks will weigh more as well.

Comfort of the toilet

Keep in mind that you’ll use your portable toilet frequently, so when you buy, make sure you’re comfortable using it. The standards for comfort are never set in stone, but an appropriate portable toilet will be simple to use because the size and height of the toilet seat will be comfortable for you.

You won’t cringe when you hear the toilet flush or fuss if the toilet isn’t attractive to you. Finally, pick a portable toilet that offers privacy if your group is big. Also, be sure to inquire about its eco-friendliness.

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Benefits of a Portable Toilet


When you travel by car, you can find yourself in places without access to toilets. Finding a toilet can be stressful, especially if you need to find one fast. Having a portable toilet on board eliminates that problem. This is crucial when taking young children on a trip.

Less use of water

Typically, portable toilets feature a sink inside. The toilet seat and a tiny washing space, which is essentially a basin, are included in the design. Water reuse and usage facilities are found in many toilets. 

These toilets’ layout provides for the proper separation of feces. It separates waste, stuff that won’t break down, methane, and water. To separate the various parts, these toilets also feature sheets with bacteria.

Less spread of waste

Have you ever used the restroom while traveling but couldn’t find a facility for miles on end? And how many times have you given up and urinated or pooped in public? In that moment of frustration, it is difficult to consider the environmental impact of this action

This problem is readily solved by using portable toilets, even the small ones you can bring with you while traveling. It stops the environment from being soiled and contaminated, preventing disease spread.

Camping in locations where it is prohibited to dump waste

Yes, some locations where digging catholes to poop in is illegal. This will prevent over-contamination of the land and water resources. Your portable car toilet comes in handy if you don’t have access to other toilets. You can successfully camp there while abiding by the law if you have it.

Best Portable Toilet for Car Travel

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a portable toilet?

A portable toilet is just what it sounds like for those who don’t know. It’s a portable toilet, so it does not need to be connected to a septic tank or sewer system. It is advantageous for people away from their houses and bathrooms because they don’t have that need.

People may think about using a portable toilet for various reasons, including lack of access to bathrooms and traveling. In either case, portable toilets are pretty useful and becoming more common. The trash is stored either in a bag or a removable tank that is emptied at disposal facilities.

Is a less expensive model best for you?

The two categories of less expensive devices are those with folding legs and those that resemble buckets. The ones that resemble buckets have features like seats that are a little comfier and a cover that snaps down over the top to keep odors in. Bags are used in bucket models to store the trash you produce.

Folding variants include metal legs that fold down to lower the product’s footprint. Some feature unique points on the ends that prevent corrosion of the metal and prevent the object as a whole from sinking into the earth. Bags are also necessary for these products.

How to use a portable toilet for car travel?

Using a portable toilet is as easy as sitting down, taking care of business, and tossing the waste bag when you’re finished. Generic models include seats with lids that can be attached to 5-gallon buckets. 

Can a camping toilet be emptied into a regular toilet?

No, a camping toilet cannot be flushed into a regular toilet. Emptying the tank into a sewage system is necessary. Cleaning up after using the restroom while camping can be unsanitary, and the chemicals used may kill the bacteria that keep the diseased system operating. 

Your only choice will be to empty the waste of your toilet into a regular toilet if you are unable to locate an actual emptying location.

What are the best truckers’ portable toilets?

Now, there are so many things on the market that you are not the only one who feels overwhelmed. Selecting one that meets your needs can be challenging due to the variety of brands and features. By outlining some of the essential elements to consider, we aim to assist you in making an informed decision when buying a product.

Which portable toilet is ideal for truckers? Many various goods available on the market can assist you in achieving your objectives. Which would you prefer: a pricey item or one that is strong and lasts a long time? You can focus your search for the ideal product by providing answers to these and other questions. 


A thorough understanding of every aspect of a product will help you select the best ones from the sea of fake information in today’s industries. Unquestionably, a portable toilet is necessary, whether for use in emergencies or leisure settings. 

We sincerely hope that the information above will assist you in choosing the best portable toilet for car travel. To learn more about how users have reacted to the toilets, read some consumer reviews on these portable toilets. Given the subject’s many products, you never know what can catch your attention.

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