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When we modify our homes, we pay special attention to the bathrooms. Because toilet clogs are the last thing we want in our bathrooms, most of us keep them immaculate. 

If you spend hundreds of dollars on a toilet, you might as well get rid of it. To make matters worse, the process takes a long time. Instead of wasting time and energy on a clogged toilet, consider investing in one of the top no-clog toilets on the market.

The toilets we will review in this article are among the best on the market, and each has its flushing method. We discovered that most people agree that flushing toilets rarely become clogged, yet they still perform well and save you a lot of water. These clog-free toilets are pretty adequate and improve the overall look of your bathroom. 

Furthermore, other brands claim to have the most excellent no-clog toilet on the market. We’ve whittled the market down to the top five no-clog toilets today, so you don’t have to compare one toilet to the next in your search for the best no clog toilet company. 

Best No Clog Toilet

How Did We Create This List


To understand the cost of a no-clog toilet, it is necessary to include both the original purchase price and the ongoing operational costs. The quality of materials and features will influence the cost. Your bill will go up the more features you have and the more crucial they are. 

Maintenance is essential regarding repair costs and how much electricity the seat uses. These tips will help you save a few bucks in the long run and keep your bathroom clean.

Easy to install

Looking for a toilet seat that’s easy to install when shopping is critical. This is a vital consideration when looking at toilet seats. You don’t want to spend money on unnecessary installation charges. 

Everything on this list can be set up in less than ten minutes, so you can start utilizing it immediately. This holds even if you opt for more elongated forms.

Night lights

With this feature, there is no need to turn on the lights in the bathroom to find your toilet, making it even more luxurious. 

Colors soothing to the eyes are commonly used for built-in night lights. You can also locate them in various colors to further customize the look. We looked for models with a built-in night light so you can easily find the bathroom when it’s dark.

Flush option

The flush is an essential part of every toilet’s functionality. When looking for the best toilet, you’ll come across various options that each approach this basic necessity uniquely.

Water efficacy

There are two key reasons to care about water efficiency. First and foremost, a water-saving toilet can help you save money on your water bill. Large families can save a lot of money even with the mall closures because of the cumulative effect. According to the EPA, a third of your household’s water use can be attributed to toilet use. 

Second, water is a finite resource in the natural world. As a result, everyone, even those who do not now face water shortages, should contribute to water conservation measures.

Plumbers use gallons per flush to estimate toilet water efficiency. High-quality toilets (HETs) flushing rate is less than 1.28 liters each flush. You’ll save a lot of water each year if you can get it to run at that rate. We examine a no-clog toilet that uses less water than solid waste for liquid waste.


Plastic, cast iron, faience, china, and many more materials are used to create toilet bowls. The plastic ones are more affordable, but they are more prone to cracks and chips. A lack of water resistance is another issue. Despite their exorbitant price, China toilet bowls are extremely long-lasting because they contain quartz, a powerful mineral. 

We considered the material used when looking for the most excellent no-clog toilet bowl. This was a determining factor in its long-term viability.

Best No Clog Toilet Brands

Best No Clog Toilet Reviews

TOTO Eco UltraMax

TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated...
152 Reviews
TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated...
  • Eco UltraMax Cotton One Piece Elongated Toilet with E-Max Flush System and SanaGloss

TOTO is a well-known Japanese toilet manufacturer with a long history of producing high-quality products. Their owners widely praise TOTO toilets for their long-lasting quality and excellent functionality. 

The G-max flushing system of the TOTO Ultramax toilet makes it one of the most reliable no-clog toilets on the market. Many owners of TOTO toilets equipped with the G-max flushing mechanism are reported to have zero clogging concerns.

The Ultramax one-piece toilet’s stunning appearance makes it a perfect fit for most contemporary bathrooms. It’s also possible to select from various colors like cotton white, colonial white, Sedona beige, and bone. 

This toilet model’s comfort height is an often-overlooked characteristic that makes it accessible to many people. Because of the toilet’s G-max flushing system and 3-inch flush valve, as well as its wider 2, 1/8-inch computer-designed fully glazed Trapway, this model has an efficient flushing mechanism that keeps it from being clogged. It is also peaceful and straightforward to maintain.


This toilet’s sleek, contemporary form complements a wide range of interior design styles, and its high flushing power makes it an excellent choice. TOTO’s Tornado Flush design, with multiple nozzles and a centrifugal flushing mechanism, is included in this model, ensuring a quick and thorough bowl cleaning. 

It is ADA and WaterSense approved and boasts a GPF of 1.28. The bowl and tank of this model are coated with a unique coating to keep bacteria and debris from adhering to them. So, if you’re looking for a model that’s easy to maintain, this is it.

Customer experience

As a result of its design, TOTO toilets can elicit your faith. This toilet has an excellent flushing system and is made of high-quality materials, so you’ll like it. Enhance your bathroom’s appearance with the addition of this attractive toilet.

  • The finish is sleek and elegant
  • It’s simple to keep clean
  • It is both powerful and silent when in use
  • In terms of water consumption, the TOTO Ultramax utilizes 1.28 GPF
  • Its seat features a soft-close feature to prevent it from slamming shut when you get out of it
  • The standard 12-inch rough-in makes it simple to install
  • The toilet has been thoughtfully designed to provide maximum comfort and ease of use
  • The toilet seat and wax ring are included, as well as a supply line

American Standard 2034.314.020

American Standard 2034.314.020 Champion 4 Toilet with...
290 Reviews
American Standard 2034.314.020 Champion 4 Toilet with...
  • BEST-IN-CLASS: The American Standard Champion 4 toilet is the very best in clog-free performance, producing a faster, more powerful, yet...
  • CONVENIENCE AND SIZE: Our elongated Chair Height toilet feature a convenient 16-1/2 in. rim height and 12 in. (305 mm) rough in to enhance...
  • FLAWLESS DESIGN: American Standard toilet has a contemporary one-piece design has a 2-3/8 in. (60 mm) fully-glazed trapway and includes our...

This toilet, in contrast to our previous one, does not necessitate frequent plunger use. Its powerful flush can quickly and easily eliminate liquid and solid waste. Stool-like rocks don’t prevent flushing for anyone. This is a toilet for colossal flushing waste and a lifesaver for regular cloggers, according to one of them.

As a result, our opinion of one-piece toilets has shifted significantly. We had no idea they were making a toilet that didn’t become clogged. Because it is wide enough, the trap works flawlessly. It flushes not only the waste but also the bottom. In addition, the vitreous china and EverClean surface make it self-cleaning.

Urine can’t get stuck in its glazed bowl because it doesn’t have any cracks or fissures. As a result, this toilet is entirely hygienic. If you use a plunger frequently, you won’t have to deal with any leakage problems.


It doesn’t require much water to flush and keep itself clean. It uses 1.6 liters of water per flush to flush away your waste. 

With a slow-close toilet seat, you won’t hear any loud banging. It’s fast, but it’s also completely silent. Some toilets can’t keep blockages from forming. After flushing liquid and solid waste, this one may even maintain its cleanliness.

Customer experience

This toilet is easy to clean and has a powerful flushing system. This is the appropriate toilet for the right height and comfort for taller and older folks. So, immediately remove that old uncomfortable toilet that makes your back hurt and replace it with this new, more comfortable model!

  • It is equipped with a strong flush that quickly removes both liquid and solid waste
  • Saver for clog-inducing habitualists
  • As the stool is self-cleaning, the backside of the log can be removed
  • Not a single nook or cranny in which pee could get trapped
  • Consumption of water is low
  • As it runs quietly, it isn’t a nuisance
  • This product should not be used in confined or restricted locations


WOODBRIDGE T-0001, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece...
525 Reviews
WOODBRIDGE T-0001, Dual Flush Elongated One Piece...
  • ✅ [LUXURIOUS MODERN DESIGN]: Luxurious Modern Design one piece toilet , Clean, sleek look and compliment with different styles like modern...
  • ✅ [EASIEST TO CLEAN TOILET]: WOODBRIDGE toilets are the easiest to clean on the market, with a completely smooth, easy to wipe down...
  • ✅ [QUITE AND POWERFUL FLUSHING]: Siphon Flushing one piece toilet, Fully glazed flush system , bringing a super quiet and powerful...

WOODBRIDGE is a new market entrant that has been in operation since 2005. Because of its highly efficient high-end toilet models and a five-year porcelain warranty, the brand’s goods are becoming increasingly popular among American households.

If you’re looking for luxury, the WOODBRIDGE T-0001 dual flush toilet is the ideal choice. As sleek as it appears, this tiny toilet will easily complement your modern bathroom while still performing admirably. The T-0001 single-piece toilet includes a siphon flushing system that efficiently removes liquid and solid waste. It flushes silently as well.

It only requires 1.0 gallons per flush for liquid waste and 1.6 gallons per flush for your feces. The skirted design not only provides it with a lovely appearance but also makes cleaning a breeze. There is no more slamming of the toilet with the soft closing seat.

If you want to go above and above, you can easily upgrade your WOODBRIDGE toilet with an attachable electric seat that includes warmth. The default seat is also reasonably comfortable. We enjoy how lightly it closes without hitting the bowl rim.


The five-year warranty covers replacement if the porcelain loses its characteristics too soon. Furthermore, your flush is covered by a separate one-year guarantee that includes complete system replacement if it breaks through no fault of your own. 

The brand’s firm technologies are housed within a solid one-piece body with a small water tank. The dual-flush system allows you to select between 1.0 and 1.6 GPF, implying that the average GPF of this model is only 1.28.

This GPF complies with all state standards and allows you to conserve up to 16000 gallons of water each year. Given the increased frequency with which we flush liquid waste, this figure could be considerably higher by the end of the year. Furthermore, the device is quiet.

Customer experience

There are no clogs or leaks because of the siphon flushing mechanism, which is powerful and quiet. At roughly 1000 grams, WOODBRIDGE T-0001 has the best flushing performance in the industry. It has the most excellent toilet seat for a big person. It’s got a lot of room.

  • Modern luxury with a tiny toilet design
  • Powerful siphon flushing technology
  • Installation is quick and simple
  • The mechanism for quiet flushing
  • A dual flush system conserves water
  • A high-quality soft-close seat minimizes slamming
  • The skirted form of the toilet makes it simple to clean
  • It saves water because it only uses 1.0/1.6 GPF
  • The porcelain has a five-year limited warranty, and the flushing system has a one-year warranty
  • To begin the flush, press and hold the flush button on the tank


TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated...
408 Reviews
TOTO CST744SG#01 Drake 2-Piece Toilet with Elongated...
  • High-profile two-piece elongated bowl and tank set
  • G-Max 1.6 GPF flushing system, creates a powerful flush
  • Cefiontect glaze gives the bowl a lubricious quality that helps prevent particles from adhering

TOTO is regarded as one of the top toilet brands on the market. Plumbers and previous customers alike strongly suggest this brand. In terms of toilet brands, TOTO is the most popular. As a result, their items receive a lot of excellent comments.

This is TOTO’s second most popular two-piece toilet in the Drake range, the CST744SG#01. High-quality vitreous china is used in the production of this item so that it will last a long time. The high-profile design and a wide range of color options make it ideal for home and commercial bathrooms.

The two-piece TOTO Drake CST744SG#01 toilet features the GMAX flushing mechanism. This flushing system comprises a 3-inch valve, a huge tramway, and an extra-large siphon jet. 

Thanks to this combination, the toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water to deliver a forceful flush. There is a 125% increase in the flush valve’s diameter, and an entirely glazed trapway is computer-designed for quiet yet forceful flushing in this unit. It uses a cefiontect coating to provide an extraordinarily smooth surface that prevents particles from clinging, which keeps the bowl cleaner for longer.


An ion barrier protects against dirt on this model. This saves water and reduces the number of chemicals released into the environment while cleaning. There are no microscopic gaps in the TOTO Drake CST744SG#01. Thus, it delivers both comfort and cleanliness.

Compared to the TOTO Ultramax Eco toilet, installing the Drake 2 toilet is a breeze. Following the instructions in the manual is all that is required. Avoid using an in-tank bowl cleanser, and don’t over-tighten the nuts.

Customer experience

It’s one of the most water-efficient toilets on the market and is also great for persons with special needs. This toilet has a gravity-fed flushing system, yet it has an automatic flushing system. Consider purchasing this toilet if you care about the environment and want to conserve water.

  • It is particularly cost-effective because it consumes less amount of water
  • The design and craftsmanship are superb, and they integrate seamlessly with more traditional bathroom fixtures
  • Comparatively, it is less expensive than other TOTO toilet models
  • It is equipped with a dual-cyclone flushing system for getting rid of tough waste
  • Easy to sit or stand on the extended bowl and universal height
  • Because it has Sanagloss glazing, cleaning it is a breeze
  • The ion barrier glazing ensures that the toilet is always clean
  • There is no built-in toilet seat included with this model

TOTO MS814224CEFG#01

TOTO MS814224CEFG#01 Promenade II One-Piece Elongated...
45 Reviews
TOTO MS814224CEFG#01 Promenade II One-Piece Elongated...
  • Modern and classic style, elongated one-piece toilet, easier to maintain versus a two-piece toilet
  • 1.28 gallons per flush with Tornado flush system for a powerful centrifugal rinse
  • Cefiontect glaze gives the bowl a lubricious quality that prevents particles from adhering

This would be the spot for you if you answered yes. TOTO’s Promenade II toilet is an excellent option for your bathroom. With its one-piece tank and toilet bowl, the elongated design toilet is simple to clean and maintain. This is not the case with two-piece toilets, which must be meticulously cared for to avoid the growth of mold and mildew.

Dual nozzles on the Promenade II toilet’s rim create a centrifugal washing action that works with the toilet’s tornado flushing technology to provide a forceful flush. While the Cefiontect glaze prevents particles from clinging to the toilet surface, this prevents the toilet from clogging.

It is also a low-flush toilet, requiring as little as 1.28 GPF to flush. So, it can be stated to be certified by the EPA WaterSense program. Despite its higher price tag, this toilet is a delight to use. It features a soft-close seat that doesn’t slam shut, which is a welcome feature.


This TOTO uncloggable toilet features a one-piece design with a traditional yet contemporary look. Traditional-style bathrooms will fit this design. 

The one-piece design makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze and helps keep mold and mildew at bay. Soft-close mechanism is also included as an option. Even if you think the price is high, this toilet is worth the investment.

Customer experience

With a powerful flushing system, this toilet will make cleaning a breeze. This is the appropriate toilet for the right height and comfort for taller and older folks. 

So, immediately remove that old uncomfortable toilet that makes your back hurt and replace it with this new, more comfortable model.

  • Certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as WaterSense
  • Cleaning is a breeze
  • The toilet’s universal height makes it convenient for a wide range of people to use
  • Dirt and grime are deterred from adhering to the toilet by the Cefiontect coating
  • In terms of force and efficiency, the TOTO toilet tornado flush is unmatched
  • Sleek and attractive designs that may be used with a wide range of toilets
  • Because it utilizes only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, it is a high-efficiency toilet
  • It’s a hefty price to pay

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best No Clog Toilet Brands

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best No Clog Toilet

Choosing the best toilet to avoid flushing isn’t tricky. However, It’s not also a walk in the park. The procedure necessitates some deception on your part. But how do you go about it? For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of what to look for in a no-clog toilet.

Flushing system

In retrospect, clogs can be attributed mainly to insufficient water pressure in the toilet. As a result, having a single, all-purpose hue would be convenient. 

In terms of flushing power, pressure-assisted toilets are among the strongest. In one fell swoop, they send even more trash down the toilet. For this reason, it would be better suited for industrial areas or high-traffic restrooms instead. 

In addition, gravity-fed toilets use more water than pressure-assisted models. However, remember that there are toilets with gravity-fed systems with extraordinary flushing power.

Water consumption

Flushing with plenty of plain water can be inefficient, even if it is pretty compelling. In most cases, it can cost you a fortune in water bills. The company has ordered 1.6 GPF of material. It doesn’t matter if a model has a WaterSense certification or not. Compared to the national standard of 1.6 GPF, they are 20% more water-efficient.

You can save even more money on your water bill if you choose an effective flush method like this sort of dual flush. The WOODBRIDGE T-0019 is only one example of this type of toilet. For both liquid and solid waste, there are two options for flushing. A high degree of efficacy and water treatment are the results.

Flush valve & trap way size

If you’re going to use the toilet in a public restroom, pay close attention to this feature. Speed and force are enhanced by using a large flush valve. 

The brand mentioned above, for example, has a 4-inch flush valve that provides a significant amount of cleansing force. You should also have a large trap, at least 2-1/8 inches in width. It allows more waste to be flushed down the toilet.


One-piece toilets are simpler to clean because they have fewer nooks and crannies. However, deep cleaning and maintaining a sanitary toilet requires more time and work. As a result, several firms have developed cutting-edge technology.

Noise level

Many public restrooms may be too noisy, posing privacy concerns. Let nobody know you’re in there running a modest business; nobody needs to know, in the end. 

As a result, a quiet toilet is going to be a massive benefit to you. Choose a noise-reducing flushing system. You could also want to invest in a chair with a soft-closing mechanism to eliminate the slamming sound.

Chair height

Relaxation chair-height seats and universal chairs are your options. The latter is ideal for bathrooms that see a lot of use. Children, in particular, appreciate its 15-inch height. The chair is between 17 and 19 inches wide. The comfortable chair is exactly what you need if you have knee problems, mobility issues, or a taller body structure.


Despite being a little more challenging to clean, two-piece toilets offer a straightforward setup for their customers. The tank and the toilet seat can be moved independently. You could do it on your own. 

In contrast, having an extra set of hands will be helpful if you have a one-piece toilet. It’s also essential to examine the rough-in dimensions, which are the distance from the middle of the flange to the wall’s surface. For the most part, a 12-inch height is what we recommend.

Benefits of No Clog Toilets

Investing in a bathroom renovation in 2022? There are a few choices you need to make beforehand. One of the most critical decisions you’ll make is what kind of toilet to put in your home. 

No-clog toilets are becoming increasingly popular among residents. These gadgets are cutting-edge, effective, and convenient. A no Clog toilet has several other advantages:

Environmentally friendly 

The bathroom is the ideal place to start if you want to save water. Thirty percent of the water used in the US is for flushing toilets. No clogged toilets save a lot of water in locations where water conservation efforts are necessary.

Lower costs to operate

In addition to saving water at each flush, no clogged toilets save money over time as you don’t have to repair and call maintenance for your toilets. No clog toilets can significantly impact households in terms of repair costs.

Space-saving designs

To save space, no-clog toilets use smaller tanks. In larger bathrooms, they provide for a sleeker, more contemporary aesthetic that many homeowners find appealing.

Money saving

The price of water is a significant portion of the overall cost of running a home. Reducing water usage is a cost-effective strategy. To save water, no clogged toilets can save up to 4,000 gallons annually, not to mention the money you save on your water bill.

Benefits of No Clog Toilets

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find the cause of my toilet’s improper flushing?

If your toilet isn’t flushing correctly, there could be a lot of causes behind it. Some examples are clogged vent lines, sewage lines/toilet bowl blockages, worn-out toilets, and wrong toilet settings. 

Clogged vent lines, weak flushes from worn-out toilets, and rising water levels indicate a clogged sewage line. If you observe any warning signals, you must take action immediately.

How can I prevent clogs in my toilet?

The first step in preventing clogs in your toilet is ensuring you’ve purchased a high-quality toilet. Unclogging is often the result of something as simple as a broken toilet. No matter how well you use the toilet or correct the problem, you’ll see that nothing changes. 

With a plunger, you can get rid of a non-biodegradable object that is clogging your toilet. Drain cleaners with chemicals might be used if the garbage is particularly obstinate. The flushing system can also be repaired or changed as an alternative.

How can I unclog a nasty toilet clog?

To begin with, if you’re wondering how to unclog a bad toilet blockage, you’ve probably chosen the wrong toilet model. If you’re having this issue, you’ll need to figure out why. 

When non-organic items cause the clog, the plunger can be helpful. Chemical drain cleaners can be helpful if the blockage is caused by human waste. The flushing system should be changed or repaired in this situation as well.

What is the difference between a one-piece and a two-piece?

The average flush of an American toilet uses 1.6 gallons of water, according to research conducted about 20 years ago. Since so many people were alarmed by the sheer volume, manufacturers responded with 1.28 GPF versions of their products. A new approach to reducing water consumption was devised.

Both liquid and solid waste can be flushed down the same toilet with a single flush valve. On the other hand, dual flush systems use separate valves for each. One is designed to move liquid waste with the bit of water possible. To eliminate solid particles, the other uses 1.28 liters of water.

Do I want to obtain a new toilet?

You shouldn’t hurry out and get a new toilet right now. The toilet bowl, however, can serve you for the rest of your life. Regardless, if your toilet doesn’t have a water-saving certification, you’ll need to upgrade it. 

If you have a pink or blue toilet unit, you might want to think about replacing it with one that goes well with any bathroom design.

How to prevent clogs in the future?

Having your drains cleaned regularly by a professional plumber is the fastest and most effective solution. Alternatively, you can clean the toilet while flushing it with hot water if you’d instead do things yourself. 

Strong cleaning chemicals like lye or hydrochloric acid can also be used occasionally with the appropriate precautions, such as those mentioned above. Dispose of all sanitary products in the trash instead of the sink.


Since you’ve finished reading, you must have understood what a best no clog toilet should look like. If you choose one of the companies listed above, you will have a pleasant buying experience. 

However, no two people have the same tastes. You might not understand the sense of having a perfect apartment for your friends. Before making a decision, you should consider your needs. 

We’ve created a buying guide to help you decide which properties to prioritize. Some professional-grade products may fall short of your expectations in terms of quality. 

So, eliminate the more expensive options. For comparison, look at the features and user evaluations of the other models and then select the best.

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