Best Low Flow Toilets

Toilets are important. Although we may not give them much thought, toilets are essential to our daily comfort and wellbeing. Toilets play an important role in establishing a more environmentally friendly society.

Some older toilets can use up to seven liters of water with each flush. That equates to billions of gallons of water that could be used elsewhere being wasted annually. Low-flow toilets, thankfully, are an easy answer to this issue.

Low-flow toilets use only 0.8 to 1.6 gallons of water per flush, which is better for the environment and your wallet. 

Additionally, several businesses have started producing these low-flow toilets because certain governments mandate them for new constructions. We have created a list of the best low flow toilets for you. So, let’s begin.

How Did We Make the List

Water conservation and functionality

The best low-flow toilets should work the same way as standard toilets while saving water. Unfortunately, not every low-flow toilet meets that requirement. Because of this, we searched for toilets that consumed less water and had the same flushing capabilities.

Quality materials

We looked for high-quality versions made to last because low-flow toilets can be a little more expensive than standard toilets. Every model on our list is constructed with high-quality components, most of which include warranties. All models on our list are excellent investments because of these attributes.

Ease of use

It might seem strange to choose toilets based on their “Ease of Use,” but we weren’t just considering everyday use. Additionally, we considered things like installation, upkeep, and cleaning.

The first low-flow toilet designs were not very good. Many lacked the flushing skills to clear the waste bowl and rinse it effectively. Because of this, we searched for contemporary designs that could continue to perform well throughout time.

Benefits of Low-Flow Toilet

Best Low Flow Toilets

Best Low Flow Toilet Reviews

Kohler K 6669

KOHLER K-6669-0 Memoirs Stately Comfort Height 2-Piece...
99 Reviews
KOHLER K-6669-0 Memoirs Stately Comfort Height 2-Piece...
  • Comfort Height feature offers chair-height seating that makes sitting down and standing up easier for most adults; Toilet height without...
  • Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort
  • Concealed trap way and Clean Caps low-profile bolt caps facilitate easier cleaning and enhance design

Let’s begin with a traditional choice: the Kohler K-6669-0 Memoirs Toilet. This hybrid of the K-4434 tank and the K-5626 bowl resulted in one of the Memoirs Collections’ most popular models. It’s a charming piece that would look great in any modern home.

Details are one of the things that stand out most about the K-6669-0. Its molding-like details allow it to match the details of a modern home, allowing it to blend in nicely with most American homes. It was the perfect match for many homeowners’ home decor.

Despite its classic appearance, it does not appear to be out of date. Its concealed trap design adds a modern touch while making it very easy to clean. It also promises excellent results in terms of performance. It is outfitted with various technologies that make it powerful and effective when flushing.

It uses gravity to flush and an Aqua Piston canister for 360-degree water flow, which cleans the bowl’s walls and aids in flushing. Overall, this product is more than just a pretty toilet for your powder room. It’s also very functional and even pleasant to use.


Color: White
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 29.6 x 18.8 x 31.4 inches
Material: Vitreous China
Brand: Kohler
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Shape: Elongated
Item Weight: ‎49.9 pounds
Size: ‎1.28 GPF
Finish: ‎White
Warranty Description: ‎One year limited

Customer ratings by feature

Easy to clean: 4.9/5
Easy to install: 4.5/5
Comfort: 4.5/5
Value for money: 2.3/5


We feel something is missing when a toilet’s trapway is not skirted or concealed. They lose a few points for lack of style. The Memoirs provide a hidden trap by providing a smoother, more appealing surface. This style is known to be a little more expensive than standard traps, but we believe the extra cost is well worth it. After all, everyone wants a modern-looking bathroom.

The Kohler K-6669 receives a score of 1,000 g. This is powerful and at the top of the scale. So, this would be something to think about if you want a toilet that doesn’t get stuck up easily.

Perhaps more impressive than the above performance is its ability to use less, conservative amounts of water. With a 1.28 GPF rating, it complies with EPA WaterSense guidelines. Good news for people who want to save money on their water bills. You may also be eligible for rebates or vouchers in some states. Compared to the current 1.6-gallon toilet range, 1.28 gallons save an impressive 20%.

While it has all the functionality you would expect from a top toilet brand, you should be aware that it is slightly more expensive than average but still falls within the affordable mid-tier price range. However, at around $500, it may not be an option for those on a tight budget. And to them, we say keep an eye out for new reviews coming soon.

  • Trip lever with polished chrome on the left
  • Comfort height, two-piece, elongated, single-flush
  • From the collection of Memoirs
  • Simple to clean
  • Canister flushing avoids obstructions
  • Expensive
  • Single flush

TOTO Eco UltraMax

TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated...
152 Reviews
TOTO MS854114ELG#01 Eco Ultramax ADA Elongated...
  • Eco UltraMax Cotton One Piece Elongated Toilet with E-Max Flush System and SanaGloss

The TOTO Eco UltraMax is a modern, one-piece design that instantly makes your bathroom look more attractive. In addition to being aesthetically beautiful, the one-piece design has the advantage of being simpler to clean than a two-piece toilet. They removed the space where dirt and debris could have been hidden by closing the gap between the tank and bowl. 

One further advantage of the one-piece toilet is that it does not run the risk of gasket or bolt leaks, which may happen with two-piece toilets. The TOTO Eco UltraMax uses the E-Max flushing mechanism from TOTO. A 3″ broad flush valve, an extra-large siphon jet, and a big trapway are all features of the E-Max flushing system. 

With just 1.28 liters of water, this dependable, highly effective mixture produces a strong cleaning flush. This version of the TOTO Eco UltraMax reflects TOTO’s People-Centered Design, meeting ADA accessibility rules while preserving the elegance and creativity for which TOTO is known. 

The TOTO Eco UltraMax 1.28 GPF also satisfies EPA WaterSense regulations and CEC and CALGreen standards in California. The TOTO Eco UltraMax has a chrome trip lever on the left side and a TOTO SoftClose seat that comes with it.


Color: White
Material: Ceramic
Brand: TOTO
Shape: Elongated
Item Weight: ‎75 pounds
Finish: ‎Cotton
Installation Method: ‎Floor Mounted

Customer ratings by feature

Easy to clean: 4.6/5
Comfort: 4.6/5
Easy to install: 4.5/5


When it comes to durability, TOTO has advanced. The TOTO Eco UltraMax one-piece toilet has received high praise from previous owners for its exceptional endurance. This toilet is made of vitreous china and lasts more than 20 years. As a result, it is a wise investment because you won’t need to get another toilet anytime soon.

The TOTO Eco UltraMax toilet will be a terrific choice if you’re sick of having to flush your toilet multiple times to get the waste out of the bowl. The industry standard for flushing performance is the G-max flushing mechanism. Liquid and solid waste will be removed with just one flush, leaving the toilet spotless. Because of its strong flush, it may be utilized as a business toilet.

In addition to having a strong flushing system, the TOTO Eco UltraMax self-cleaning toilet is also simple to maintain. With just one flush, the toilet is clean and free of debris, thanks to the strong siphon jet that clears the contents.

Whether your bathroom is conventional or modern in style, this toilet will blend in beautifully. The Eco UltraMax one-piece toilet has a stylish appearance and is expertly built. Due to its 12-inch rough-in, it may be easily installed in the bathroom. The elongated bowl shape also gives users extra room to sit down.

  • It operates quietly and is perfect for tiny bathrooms
  • It is comfortable because of the expanded toilet bowl design
  • G-max flushing system with high power
  • SanaGloss ion barrier keeps the bowl clean after each use, making it simple to clean
  • Due to the unit’s one-piece toilet design, installation is somewhat challenging

American Standard H2Option

American Standard 2886218.020 2886.218.020 Toilet,...
312 Reviews
American Standard 2886218.020 2886.218.020 Toilet,...
  • EverClean surface included at no extra cost
  • Siphon jet bowl technology with PowerWash rim provides optimal UHET performance
  • Seats sold separately

Many homeowners are seeking methods to save money around the house, but many are unaware they may do so by selecting cost-effective fixtures. The H2Option toilet has features that make it stand out as the greatest American Standard toilet overall while also being designed with water saving in mind.

Since the H2Option has two flush options, you can select either a full or partial flush. Solid waste uses 1.28 gallons of water every flush, whereas liquid waste only uses 0.92 gallons. The toilet bowl is kept clean thanks to the company’s Power Wash rim and EverClean surface coating. 

Do you prefer an elongated commode or a toilet with a round front? With this toilet, you can select from any choice, and it is available in two heights: standard and right. Both variants include 2-inch completely glazed trap ways with high MaP ratings.

The H2Option can be customized to meet your needs, whether you desire a circular front toilet that is chair height or an extended normal height toilet. Most buyers would be interested in it only based on the features, but it also comes at an excellent price. Homeowners adore this toilet’s streamlined appearance and ease of maintenance.


Color: White
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 29.75 x 15 x 31.5 inches
Material: Vitreous China
Brand: American Standard
Item Weight: 72.3 Pounds
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Shape: ‎Elongated
Size: Right Height
Style: ‎Elongated
Finish: ‎White
Warranty Description: ‎Limited Lifetime Warranty on chinaware. Limited 5-year warranty on all mechanical parts

Customer ratings by feature

Comfort: 4.4
Easy to install: 4.1
Value for money: 4.0


The toilet is made of vitreous china, which is extremely robust and long-lasting. It will endure at least ten years and has a comfortable shape. It will keep bacteria and dirt from clinging because of its enamel layer. Finally, the toilet surface requires little maintenance and is simple to clean.

It has a bowl with a round front that makes it perfect for tiny facilities. This variant comes with a chrome-plated push-button actuator for simple and practical flushing. Finally, the 2-inch fully-glazed trap-way reduces clogging by enhancing flushing.

The American Standard H2Option uses dual-flush technology to provide a strong flush. This system supports both partial and full flush options.

This toilet is EPA WaterSense certified and offers low volume partial flushing, making consumers eligible for rebates on their water costs. 

This unit has a Speed Connect System, which greatly speeds up installation in contrast to most toilets on the market. The H2Option also includes pre-assembled bolts and other components, reducing the possibility of losing minor parts.

This model’s affordability is a further advantage, surpassing most one- and two-piece systems. The H2Option is a very cost-effective product, say many users.

  • Dual-flush system
  • PowerWash rim
  • Multiple options and colors
  • The seat is not included


TOTO CST243EF#01 Entrada Two-Piece Round 1.28 GPF...
338 Reviews
TOTO CST243EF#01 Entrada Two-Piece Round 1.28 GPF...
  • Clean, modern two-piece round bowl and tank set | Toilet seat is not included
  • Product dimensions – 26-5/8” D x 14-3/8” W x 30” H | Flush valve – 3-Inch Flapper Style | Rim size – 22-7/8” D x 12” W x...
  • ADA, WaterSense, CALGreen, and CEC compliant

Consider purchasing a TOTO Entrada Toilet if you want a high-quality flushing toilet at a reasonable cost. Both the circular and elongated Toto Entrada are reasonably priced. The E-Max flushing system on the Toto Entrada elongated toilet performs incredibly well. This indicates that a flush only requires 1.28 liters of water to empty the contents of the bowl. 

Additionally, the toilet is constructed of incredibly durable vitreous china material. Additionally, it has a lovely cotton white finish that gives it a refined look. This toilet is simple to operate and has a very quiet flushing system, thanks to its universal height. Additionally, it complies with the ADA and is relatively easy to install with little assistance.

The primary target market for this reasonably priced toilet is those with limited resources. TOTO Entrada is a reasonable option if you’re seeking a toilet that costs less than $200. Nevertheless, considering the cost, this toilet is quite good.

Not to mention that this extended variant is both simple to install and simple to use. The bowl and tank assembly require no additional tools, which are included. Only some bolts and the wax ring will be needed to mount it.


Color: White
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 26.4 x 14.3 x 30 inches
Material: Vitreous China
Brand: TOTO
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Shape: Round
Item Weight: ‎24.4 pounds
Size: ‎Medium
Finish: ‎White

Customer ratings by feature

Easy to clean: 4.6
Value for money: 4.4
Easy to install: 4.3


Some of the toughest toilets on the market are made by TOTO. The durable vitreous China material used in constructing the TOTO Entrada toilet, like most Toto toilets, is no exception. So, the Entrada is one of your options if you’re seeking a sturdy toilet. You can expect many years of use because it doesn’t break easily.

The E-max flushing system, one of the best and most effective toilet systems, is included with the Entrada toilet model. This robust mechanism operates at a very low noise level. So, you won’t have to worry about waking the baby up while you empty the entire contents of your toilet bowl.

After purchasing this TOTO Entrada toilet, you can install it independently without a plumber. This particular toilet model features two bolts and a 12-inch rough-in. To ensure correct installation, stick to the user manual’s directions.

In addition to being ADA compatible, this toilet is WaterSense certified. This is because it only requires 1.28 GPF and enables you to conserve at least 20% of the water. So, it can be deployed everywhere in the USA and worldwide.

  • It is created of sturdy, long-lasting materials
  • The white cotton finish provides the toilet’s exquisite finish
  • As only 1.28 GPF of water is needed, it enables the consumer to save 20% on water
  • The toilet is easy to clean and, because of its good finish, usually remains clean
  • The toilet seat is not included

Niagara Conservation Round

Niagara Conservation Toilet Round, 0.8 Gpf Ultra...
9 Reviews
Niagara Conservation Toilet Round, 0.8 Gpf Ultra...
  • Color: White
  • BathType: Toilet
  • Bowl Shape: Round

Since its debut in 2009, the Niagara Conservation Toilet line has completely dominated the market. This toilet uses only 0.8 GPF, which saves a lot of water and relieves your budget for paying bills. Additionally, this toilet will alleviate any concerns about using excessive water if you care about the environment.

This product’s quiet operation sets it different from many other toilets. The Niagara conservation toilet employs unique stealth technology to operate very quietly. This toilet is designed to flush quietly, unlike most others that make a lot of noise. 

Additionally, it has an expanded bowl that provides maximum comfort for both men and women. Additionally, it has the ideal height for every age group. This toilet is 28.88 x 18.75 x 31 inches and weighs 102.8 pounds. 

Due to its reasonably medium size, it won’t take up much room in your bathroom. Because it is made of vitreous china, it is durable and sturdy. It won’t ding or break easily. As a result, you won’t have to replace your toilet anytime soon.


Item Dimensions LxWxH: 48 x 21 x 33 inches
Brand: Niagara Conservation
Item Weight: 101.5 Pounds
Shape: Round


The innovative vacuum technology in this toilet, which enables the water to enter the bowl at a higher pressure, is its best feature. While other toilets require more than 2 gallons per flush, this helps to empty the bowl with as little as 0.8 gallons per flush.

A 2-inch diameter trap way inside the toilet enables efficient water movement. The water pressure is increased, and its direction is guaranteed to remain unchanged by this unique design.

In addition, the trap way is glazed. As a result, there is less friction and less danger of water seeping through the ceramic surface. Water travels smoothly down the flush; as a result, improving flushing effectiveness and reducing water clogs.

The bowl must be rinsed to keep the toilet in excellent condition. Near the rim, the Niagara Conservation Toilet has strategically placed holes. While the smaller holes clean the remainder of the bowl by allowing water to enter from all sides, the larger ones lead water directly to the trapped passage.

  • Design that is simple, strong, and comfy
  • Single-flush, water-saving system
  • It makes very little noise when operating
  • Pricing is reasonable
  • Completely glazed trap ways reduce friction when flushing
  • Children can find the height uncomfortable

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Low Flow Toilets

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Low Flow Toilets

Water use and certification

Make sure the low-flow toilet you’re buying has the WaterSense certification before you buy it. This indicates that it satisfies all criteria for becoming an environmentally friendly toilet. 

To determine whether a toilet satisfies its stringent requirements, WaterSense looks at how it flushes and how much water it uses each time. A toilet is sure to be a good option if it has the WaterSense seal of approval.

Toilet comfort and warranty

We probably spend longer than we would want to admit on the toilet. It just seems to reason that we would want it to be as comfortable as our favorite chair. Consider what height seems more comfortable for you. 

Taller toilets like the Kohler are preferable if you have problems standing up. They are ADA compliant and frequently referred to as comfort height toilets. A lower seat height is better if you have trouble with things going down.

This brings up the warranty, which is another thing. In terms of financial savings, a low-flow toilet takes a while to pay for itself. Therefore, it’s not something you typically intend to replace too frequently, just as you want your toilet to last for a long period when you get the best low flow toilet. A strong warranty offers you confidence that your goods are of high quality.

Noise level

Another thing to consider is noise, particularly if you plan to put the toilet next to your bedroom or the baby’s room. Fortunately, you can monitor the noise level using the unit’s flushing system. 

The best flushing toilets are typically gravity-flushed types since they flush quietly. Some units, however, have unique fill-valves that allow for a silent flush. Leaving that aside, you should think about flushing toilets that have a soft lid closure rather than one that slams shut.

Bowl appearance and material

Everyone naturally has unique tastes, preferences, and fashion sense, especially regarding something as straightforward as a toilet. Different materials and shapes are used to make toilets. 

Some toilets are fixed on the wall rather than sitting on the floor. All of these criteria should be considered when choosing the best low-flow toilet.

Type of toilet: one-piece vs. a two-piece

One-piece and two-piece toilets are the two types of toilets that are available. The primary distinction is rather obvious, but what does it mean (given that there are more than two parts to a toilet)? The tank is where there is a difference.

The tank and base of a one-piece toilet are one complete component. As the name suggests, a two-piece toilet has a separate tank and base as its two primary parts. It occasionally has a bigger tank than one-piece toilets, but they typically cost less.

Color options

Having a variety of color options is helpful when choosing the greatest low-flow toilet, even though this shouldn’t be a deal-breaker among the other toilet functions. While having a functional toilet is important, having a nice-looking bathroom is also important. 

There isn’t typically a flushing toilet that is best rated for its aesthetic, but it is preferable to get one that matches the design of your bathroom. You should consider the interior design of your bathrooms and the color possibilities. 

The top flushing toilets come in a variety of designs and decorations. Choose one that will fit your bathroom as a result. A modern piece, for example, won’t go well in an outdated, rustic bathroom. There are various styles to pick from, and your bathroom needs a toilet with a strong flush system that looks excellent.

Finding a quality toilet

Look for companies with a stellar track record and glowing customer testimonials. You should also look for a toilet with the best power-to-water ratio. In other words, using the least quantity of water while producing the maximum energy. These low-flow toilets can be identified by how their flushing systems are constructed. 

Check for features like pressured rims, wider flush valves, and jet siphons to improve power. Additionally, keep in mind that more power occasionally necessitates more water. If you prioritize flushing performance, you can wind up with a low-flow toilet that consumes more water than average, although still just 1.6 gallons.

Benefits of Low-Flow Toilet

Saves you money

Imagine having hundreds of additional dollars in your pocket annually. One of the main advantages of selecting the most recent low-flow toilets is that. Compared to conventional toilets, low-flow toilets are built with a smaller tank and a higher level of water efficiency.

The leading low-flow toilets consume just 1.6 gallons per flush as opposed to the 3.4 gallons used by conventional versions, saving you nearly two gallons of water per flush. This can result in hundreds of dollars in annual savings for homeowners with a large family residing in the house.

Use less water

Low-flow toilets utilize a quarter of the water that standard toilets do. Some high-efficiency toilets can use as little as 20% of the water flushed by a standard toilet, or even less when using the half flush option. Most low-flow versions use less than a quarter of this amount.

Since water conservation is one of the largest environmental problems of our time and is predicted to get worse in the years to come, this is extremely important. Each can make a difference by adopting more water-saving appliances at home, starting with our toilets.

Compact designs

Low flush toilets are now available in a variety of amazing designs. Various colors, bowl forms, seat shapes, and general styles will be available to select. Low flow toilets typically have smaller tanks than standard toilets, making them smaller overall. 

As a result, they may fit in small areas, free up room in larger bathrooms, and generally have a more contemporary, slimmer appearance.

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Increased home value

Like other home improvement projects, installing low-flow toilets will unquestionably raise a property’s market value. Low-flow toilets will greatly raise the house’s value even if they may not seem a huge concern.

Modern technology

Installing low-flow toilets allows you to modernize your home with cutting-edge technology. Unlike other forms of technology, this won’t be obsolete anytime soon. Your investment will be wise because low-flow toilets and plumbing will be useful for a long time.

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Best Low Flow Toilet

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a low-flow toilet?

Low-flow toilets use the least amount of water while providing a strong flush. As a result, they lower your water bill while also assisting in environmental preservation. Additionally, most low-flow toilets have contemporary designs that will give your bathroom a chic look.

Are low-flow toilets more prone to clogging?

It’s one of the main issues preventing manufacturers from reducing water use. Still, given that this norm has been in place for nearly 30 years, outdated prejudices no longer apply. Most of them develop innovative flushing techniques that increase the flow’s strength.

Some also create new surface types that are stain- and debris-resistant, which improve flow and reduce clogging. But that happens very infrequently with the models we looked at above. 

Should I choose a dual flush toilet or a single flush toilet?

These two flushing technologies are very efficient and make waste removal simple. But, if conserving water is your priority, a dual flush toilet is a superior option. 

The dual flush toilet allows you to choose between a partial or full flush, which ultimately helps you save water. With a single flush, this is not the case.

Do low-flush toilets cost a lot?

The price varies depending on the mechanism; gravity-assisted toilets cost almost twice as much as pressure-assisted versions.

Numerous local councils are providing refunds and incentives if you purchase a low-flow toilet as they work to cut water usage. Check with your local council, as this could make purchasing a low flush toilet much more affordable.

Is it possible to install a low-flow toilet yourself?

You might consider removing your old toilet and installing the new one yourself if you want to replace it with a low-flow one. Although it may seem straightforward, upgrading a toilet is time-consuming and deceptively complex.

Toilet removal and installation necessitate specialized tools and skills. So it’s best to leave it to the experts unless you’re an expert in this field and have your tools.


We think you now better understand the best low flow toilet and how to pick the ideal model for your house. You should be able to conserve water and lower your water bill with a decent low flow toilet. You should also consider other elements when choosing a low-flow toilet, including performance, comfort, ease of cleaning, and rough-in size. 

Because you will use the low flow toilet for a very long time, ensure it fulfills your needs. Don’t compromise because doing so will make you regret it later. 

We sincerely hope that you may now choose your next low flow toilet with confidence.

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