Best Lighted Toilet Seat

If you don’t want to utilize lights, the finest lighted toilet seat’s intrinsic sanitation advantage lets you keep your toilet as clean as possible.

Toilet night lights are sophisticated systems that illuminate your toilet, particularly the bowl and seating area. They are turned on by a unique sensor that includes a UV light. They make it easier to see the toilet and use it at night.

Toilet lights are inexpensive and give lighting to your bathroom. The beautiful lighted toilet seats may be found in a variety of forms. 

We’ve made a list of the top five best lighted toilet seat brands on the market for your style, comfort, and convenience to assist you in your shopping decision.

Best Lighted Toilet Seat

Best Lighted Toilet Seat

Best Lighted Toilet Seats Review

Delta Faucet 813902-N-WH

Best Lighted Toilet Seat 1Best Lighted Toilet Seat 2

The Delta Faucet nightlight toilet seat is an excellent investment for anybody who is shopping on a limited budget. It is one of the most reasonably priced varieties available on the market, yet it provides nearly premium qualities. 

The nightlight adequately illuminated the toilet area, which emits a soothing blue light. The light is not dazzling, allowing you to securely exit the bathroom without tripping.

Delta Faucet, a well-known brand, is responsible for the design and production of this seat. With Delta Faucet, you can never go wrong when it comes to the quality and longevity of the company’s plastic goods.

The nightlight seat is equipped with bumpers that prevent it from sliding around and guarding the hinges against harm. 

In addition, the silent shut design ensures that there will be no slamming or pinching of fingers, and all you will need to do to open the lid is give it a little tap with your finger. 

This nightlight seat’s robust surface is meant to resist staining, chipping, fading, and peeling, making it yet another vital characteristic of this seat that closes slowly. Because of this, cleaning and maintaining this toilet seat won’t be as much of a chore.


When you are using this Nightlight toilet seat, you are able to navigate through the nighttime with ease, thanks to the Delta nightlight toilet seat’s gentle brightness. The slow-close function of the toilet seat helps prevent the seat from slamming shut. 

The Delta Faucet toilet seat has a well-built design and a non-stick coating, which together provide a heaven-sent experience for the user. 

The non-slip bumpers ensure that the greatest possible service is provided to you in a manner that does not cause the earth to quake under you. 

The lighted toilet seat runs on up to six months’ worth of power from only four AA batteries. The lighting cycle of the toilet seat is off for 15 hours and on for 9 hours. 

In addition, the dimensions of this beauty are spot on, making it an easy fit on almost all models of elongated toilets that are the usual size.

The installation method is rather uncomplicated and does not take up a significant amount of time. 

The producers placed equal importance on the product’s physical look as they did on its functionality. When you put it on your toilet, it will give your bathroom an air of sophistication for this same reason.

  • The soft light that is easy on the eyes
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • No timer settings required
  • Setting up is technical
  • There is a little gap in the slow-close function

KOHLER 75796-0

Best Lighted Toilet Seat 3Best Lighted Toilet Seat 4

The KOHLER nightlight toilet seat is one of the most well-known night toilets. It’s intended to give you enough light without turning on the lights in your bathroom. 

This seat is manufactured of rigid polypropylene, which is resistant to chipping, staining, fading, and other forms of wear and tear. 

Soft-close technology, for example, allows the seat to collapse softly with the least touch, removing the irritating slamming sound.

The seat also has tight bumpers that keep it in place and fast-release hinges that enable the seat to be removed quickly for cleaning. The KOHLER toilet seat is particularly created to convert your routine morning into an incredible start with its lightweight and practical design. 

Because of the durable plastic design, you won’t have to worry about replacing it for a long time after you install it in your toilet. The slow-closing mechanism also prevents the lid from slamming shut and creating annoying sounds.

Grip-tight bumpers give excellent stability and prevent the seat from moving. In addition to all of these characteristics, the simple removal procedures of the lid allow you to clean your toilet without missing any corners.


The KOHLER nightlight seat is driven by four AA batteries, each of which has the potential to live for as long as half a year. It goes through a cycle of autonomous lighting that may continue for as long as seven hours at night.

In addition, the KOHLER nightlight makes it possible for you to find the toilet without having to turn the main light on while you are in the bathroom at night. 

The light may be dimmed or turned up to provide a brighter illumination or a softer glow depending on the toilet night light. 

When you open the seat’s lid, the light turns on by itself automatically. After you have finished using the restroom, the LED light is easy on the eyes and will not interfere with your eyesight. 

This nightlight has a lid that can be closed silently and securely, making it an ideal choice for usage at night.

The toilet is offered in various colors, and matching hinges are also available, making it simple to coordinate your new toilet with the rest of the décor in your bathroom.

  • There are no cables required
  • Pleasing to the eye
  • The brightness of the light may be changed
  • Battery change required

Mayfair 87SLNL 000

Best Lighted Toilet Seat 5Best Lighted Toilet Seat 6

Mayfair nightlight toilet seat is an asset to own to help save the day without any troubles. You may rely on its beauty without worrying about hygiene difficulties since it prevents pee drippings and other unsanitary things.

Furthermore, since the material used in its manufacture is very robust, you won’t have to think about seat breaking or chipping. 

As a result, the days of squeezed skin and unneeded difficulty are over. It’s an amazing product because of the high-gloss polish and perfect fit on spherical balls.

Furthermore, the light that emits from this seat makes it an ideal choice for those with a keen eye for color and design, apart from it helping them look better at night. The seat may also be used in either a round or elongated toilet, even if they are from different manufacturers. 

However, just in case you’re using a more conventional or unusual Non-American brand, you should have the precise measures with you. The Mayfair nightlight toilet seat might be the right choice if you search for the best lighted toilet seat on the market.


A unique feature about this toilet seat is that the seat’s light automatically turns off when the bathroom lights are turned on. The adjustability from front to back is included on the Precision Seat Fit, allowing for a precise fit between seat and bowl. 

The setup also fits all elongated seats. This nightlight toilet seat is clog-free while having a built-in potty for toddlers. It has clearly defined features that keep the toilet neat and clear. 

The Mayfair LED toilet cover magnetically clamps the seat to keep it clean and sanitary for kids when not used.

The Mayfair nightlight toilet has a built-in potty seat for toddlers starting to use the toilet. It is fascinating for youngsters since, unlike when using a little potty, they can use a regular toilet when they wish to study.

When using the toilet, STA-TITE chair fastening technology assures no squirming. The toilet seat will never wobble or produce unpleasant motions while in use, thanks to the straightforward installation technique. 

Furthermore, while teaching a youngster to use the toilet, you won’t have to worry about a rapid closing that might result in pinched fingers or a startling noise.

  • Installing and removing it is simple
  • There is no wobbling or wobbly movement
  • The children’s seat is held in place by magnets
  • The slow closing lid ensures the protection of users
  • It’s exclusively available in white only


Best Lighted Toilet Seat 7Best Lighted Toilet Seat 8

In contrast to the other manufacturers on our list, the BEMIS heated nightlight toilet seat does not come with a particularly impressive assortment of high-tech extras to flaunt. On the other hand, it is very practical, long-lasting, and inexpensive.

This seat does not come with any elaborate design elements like a gradual closing mechanism or a high-end surface polish; instead, it is straightforward and distinctive in its own right. 

This commode seat, made of high-quality plastic, is not only unique for being environmentally responsible but also for the fantastic way it transforms answering nature’s call into a brilliant experience. 

Its heating technology ensures that you can suit your time in the toilet according to the weather outside. In addition to that, it has a soothing light that is pleasant to look at. 

Because of its unrivaled characteristics and long-lasting construction, the BEMIS toilet seat is a perfect option not just for the household but also for business settings.


This seat has three different temperature settings that you can choose according to your mood and comfort. The item contains an integrated night light composed of blue LEDs that provide a warm, comforting light and illumination inside the restroom. 

The seat shuts gently and silently with a tap, preventing any accidental pinching of fingers. Your seat will remain securely fastened thanks to the STA-TITE fastening System. To set up this system, you can simply use a wrench. 

Adjustability in both the front and rear of the Precision Seat Fit ensures a snug fit between the seat and the bowl. The Super Grip Bumpers keep the toilet seat from moving around on the toilet bowl, making sure that there are no unwanted seat movements. Lastly, the wall outlet that conforms to GFCI safety standards provides power.

  • Installation is simple
  • Material is of great grade
  • Only available in white color
  • The spray’s intensity and direction can’t be changed

Brondell LumaWarm

Best Lighted Toilet Seat 9Best Lighted Toilet Seat 10

Brondell is an American company that was established in San Francisco, California, where the founder was born and raised. 

The company is known for producing healthy home goods that are made from components of the greatest quality and are well produced. 

Their nightlight aims to end the discomfort caused by sitting on a chilly toilet seat and helps provide customers with a seat that is toasty and inviting. The LumaWarm provides year-round comfort because of its four different seat heating settings. 

Moreover, when you get up in the middle of the night to use the restroom, the toilet bowl is illuminated by a calming blue nightlight, which helps you see your way. 

The toilet seat and lid include a soft-closing mechanism, ergonomic seat design, and controls that are easy to use. 

Round and elongated sizes are also available, as well as the colors white and biscuit. The LumaWarm can be quickly and easily installed on your current toilet; all you need to do is remove your old toilet seat and replace it with the LumaWarm seat. There is no need for a plumber or any equipment.


The LumaWarm is equipped with many cutting-edge innovations that keep it warm. You won’t be as startled by the sudden chill anymore when you hastily sit down to relieve yourself in the middle of the night. The seat maintains a comfortable temperature throughout the year. 

In addition to this, you may customize the LumaWarm to meet your needs by selecting from three different temperature settings that correspond to different degrees of light intensity: medium, low, and high.

A button that may be either turned off or on controls the LED nightlight. The button is not hard to find, and once you press it, a bright light will illuminate the restroom. 

Because the controls are so easy to use and intuitive, even young toddlers are capable of turning the light on by themselves.

The seat softly shuts, and you may adjust it to provide the greatest amount of comfort. The circular and elongated shape of this nightlight makes it an attractive option to go with, and what makes it so is the seat and the lid. 

Both white and biscuit color options are available for the toilet seat and lid offered by LumaWarm.

  • Adjustment of light levels present
  • The seat goes down gradually
  • Technical installation

Buying Guide Best Lighted Toilet Seat

Buying Guide: Best Lighted Toilet Seat

It’s possible that installing lighted toilet seats won’t be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about ways to make your house safer.

On the other hand, this shouldn’t be the case, given the aesthetic value of the lighting and the fact that they lessen the likelihood of tripping or stubbing your toes. 

The restroom is the place in a house that witnesses the most instances of people falling, making it the most likely place for such incidents to take place.

Illuminating those dim sections of your house that are often ignored is a good idea if you want to prevent or at least reduce the risk of damage. This makes it possible to go to the restroom throughout the night quickly and securely.

Radiance and heat

The finest lighted toilet seats have a dependable outlet for power, and the majority of them often come pre-programmed with heat and luminance settings that can be adjusted to meet various requirements for a nightlight.

The heat that can be adjusted often comes with three different illumination modes: low, medium, and high, with high being the highest possible degree of hotness.

In this context, “lighting” refers to the brightness emitted by a toilet nightlight and the capacity of that light to adequately brighten a certain area.


There is a wide range of lighted seat designs available. Even while more adaptable toilet night light solutions are available, such as those that can be readily hung on the side of the toilet, these lights have also been regarded as a potential hazard to people’s health, particularly those who are more susceptible to infections. 

The most advantageous quality of LED lights is that they do not present any dangers to the health of older people, regardless of where they are strategically positioned. 

The elimination of the need to manually flick switches is one of the many ways in which sensors and motion-based lighted toilet seats make going to the toilet more comfortable.


When looking to purchase a toilet seat, the design of your toilet should be the first factor you take into account. Round and elongated are the two most prevalent forms to come across. 

Elongated toilets are more common in contemporary plumbing fixtures, whereas round toilets are often found in traditional construction. 

It is critical to have an accurate understanding of the contours of your commode before selecting a seat for it.

Electricity supply

When shopping for a lighted toilet seat, the electricity supply source is another important feature that should be considered. It is one of the factors that decide how useful the product will be. 

Luckily, battery-run toilet lights provide a more energy-efficient choice. Regardless of how it’s being used, you’ll eventually conclude that the product was well worth the cash you spent on it. They are made to function as a nightlight for your restroom for a considerable time.

Why not save more money and acquire a light that is effective for your toilet requirements rather than purchasing a toilet light that has restricted functionality in the name of lowering expenses and getting that toilet light?

Shades of color

Even if its major purpose is to provide illumination throughout the night, the colors that a nightlight emits provide a striking aesthetic look and make your bathroom seem to have more color. Based on the sort of toilet light you choose, the color spectrum ranges anywhere from 8 to 16.

Some units enable customers to explore multiple lighting settings for a lovely display of colors. This is an alternative to having a single color across the whole device.

You will also have more command over the level of illumination emitted by your toilet seat if it is equipped with a dimming option. This will enable you to direct light wherever and when it is most needed.


Plastic or wood is the material most often used for toilet seats, and all of these options have their advantages and disadvantages

While hardwood chairs are more stable but heavier, plastic seats are often lighter and have a longer life than their wooden counterparts. 

Many individuals think that wooden toilet seats provide an air of sophistication to the washroom.

Toilet seats that shut softly

When you drop an old toilet seat, it tends to make a loud noise. This is especially true if the seat has been used. This problem is no longer an issue because of the development of toilet seats that softly shut. 

When you are finished using the restroom, the lids and covers of the toilets will not snap shut suddenly. The seat glides down smoothly and gradually rather than plunging all at once, thus preventing any unnecessary noise from being made.

Toilet seats with a swift release mechanism

Because the toilet cover is permanently attached to the bowl, you may discover that it is difficult to clean specific toilet areas because certain areas are difficult to reach. 

You can easily remove the lid and the center of the toilet seat with the assistance of a toilet seat that has a quick-release mechanism. This allows you to clean your toilet fully. After you have finished the work, you may just put them back.

Nightlight toilet seats

The illuminated toilet seat will help you find your way whenever there is insufficient light. Imagine that you need to use the restroom in the dead of night, but you do not want to wake up anyone else in the house by turning the lights on. 

As it will be lit just for you, the lit toilet seat will make it possible for you to locate the restroom even when it is dark outside.

Toilet seat cleaning

One of the most luxurious amenities that some toilet seat manufacturers provide is this option. There are a few different designs, and some of them merely come with a spray nozzle, while others include a warm air dryer built into them. 

As toilet paper is not required with these models, they are not only more ecologically friendly but also more sanitary.

The majority of self-cleaning toilet seats have additional features like warming surfaces, soft-closing mechanisms, etc. 

You can purchase a toilet seat that is either cushioned or integrated with LED nightlights to improve the overall quality of your time spent in the bathroom.

Types of toilet seats you can buy

A significant change has taken place in the design of toilets over the course of the previous few years. 

In tandem with the development of a wide variety of urinals, toilet seats have also been subjected to a significant amount of innovation. 

Even though there are a number of different designs now on the market, all of those designs can be placed into one of three primary categories of toilet seats.

Rounded toilet seats

These are by far the most typical and typical toilet chairs that can be seen everywhere. They are not very expensive and are often used in the plumbing of residential bathrooms. 

Round toilet lids are around 16.5 inches in diameter, take up much less space, and may be found easily at sanitary supply shops.

Oval or elongated seats

The majority of the time, you’ll find an elongated toilet seat at restaurants, workplaces, or other public settings. 

They have a size of 18 inches, and they make sure that anyone who uses them is comfortable. These elongated toilet seats have a higher price tag than the standard circular toilet seats.

Open or U-shaped seats

This particular kind of toilet seat cover is most often used in public restrooms and other settings where many people share the same portable toilets.

The U-shape prevents urine from dripping onto the toilet and stops a man’s genitalia from coming into contact with the toilet seat.

Buying Guide Best Lighted Toilet Seat1

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a toilet seat really matter?

Yes, without a doubt. It is important to consider the style and substance of the seat you select. Given the wide range of toilet seat forms, sizes, colors, and textures offered, you may match one to your bathroom’s design and enhance its attractiveness.

Aside from looks, you should also think about the seat’s usability. Go with cushioned, heated, or elevated options to find one that matches your needs. 

Leaving those things aside, the simplicity of cleaning is the next factor for a decent toilet seat. To preserve your cleanliness and wellness, pick a good design that is simple to clean.

How do you put a toilet seat in place?

The procedure is not too complicated and consists of a few fundamental phases. To get started, unscrew the nuts positioned on each side of the seat at the location where it is attached to the toilet bowl. After you have removed the nuts, you will be able to remove the seat from the toilet. 

Remove the old seat and replace it with the new one, being sure to position it so that the holes in the new seat line up with the holes in the toilet. After you have the bolts in place, you may shut the lid and the seat. Replace the old nuts with new ones, then tighten the screws. 

Is it preferable to have a toilet seat made of plastic or wood?

There is no single right answer when it comes to deciding between wood and plastic. Both wood and plastic have benefits and drawbacks, and you should think about other factors before making a decision.

Molded wood, for example, is more dependable than conventional plastic but less robust than rigid polypropylene. Like conventional wood and molded wood, plastic has a wider range of color possibilities.

If you’re on a limited budget and your selection is mostly based on pricing, a medium-strength plastic might be ideal. 

Nevertheless, you don’t want to skimp on important elements like bumpers and quick-release joints, which influence the toilet seat’s functioning, safety, and simplicity of use.


Adding lighting to your bathroom in a cost-effective and expedient manner, such as installing lighted toilet seats, can make late-night journeys more secure for everyone living in your house. 

They provide a wonderful means of protecting against falls and helping you to stay in balance. The lighting in the toilet bowl makes things simpler. 

Now that there are many different choices available, the most difficult part of the process will be selecting the best lighted toilet seat. 

Hopefully, we have made your work easier through this article, and you will be able to choose a lighted toilet to suit your liking.

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