Best High End Toilets

A high-end toilet combines a premium design, an efficient flushing system, and cutting-edge technology. The most expensive models, including high-tech features such as heated seats and automated bidets, cost well over $5000.

The general public prefers high-quality toilets that are simple to use and built of safe materials. But, behind closed doors, engineers seek to address the budget problem and become more efficient while consumers speculate about what’s next on the horizon. To bring a product to market, you must ‘work’ through development procedures and manage the supply chain under time constraints. Sometimes you need assistance in that area as well!

Choosing the best high-end toilets to buy in 2022 can be difficult. There are numerous goods accessible, each with its advantages and disadvantages. So, how can you determine which one is best for you? The quality of any product is determined by the materials used, the manufacturing process, and the sort of care instructions provided.

If you want to buy the best high end toilets, you need to do some research first—some of the most important aspects in deciding how good a product is in terms of quality are explained here.

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Best High End Toilets Review

  1. TOTO MS992CUMFG#01
  3. TOTO MS988CUMFG#01
  5. Kohler K-5401-PA-0
  6. ENVO Aura


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Even if you don’t use them all the time, there is nothing wrong with savoring the finer things in life. It’s a good idea to think of the Toto Neorest as an investment like that. Although it isn’t the cheapest option on this list—quite the reverse it offers a level of comfort and convenience that is unmatched. The comfort height toilet includes sensors that open and close the seat lid, a built-in programmed bidet, a lighted bowl for late-night journeys, etc.

Even the heaviest loads may be handled by the Toto’s automatic flush. Cleaning the bowl’s sides is easier by using E-water (electrolyzed water). And at just one gallon every flush, it is one of the most water-conserving toilets on the market.

The installation of this toilet, like that of other toilets, has been said to be challenging. But it’s simple to see why with all the additional equipment. Because of its high price, Toto would have easily occupied the first slot on this list. A toilet is a big investment for many people.


At the door of the TOTO Neorest 700H, the comfort features begin. The seat slides open hands-free when you approach it to make your entrance easier. A night light illuminates your road. This toilet bowl’s surface is kept moist by an automatic Premise spray. CeFiONtect is TOTO’s ceramic glazing that prevents waste from clinging to the bowl.

You can feel the warmth of the heated seat when you take your seat. The seat’s five adjustable seat-warming temperatures come in handy during the winter. An automatic air freshener is activated to cover up unwanted odors. You can use the remote control to begin the cleansing procedure when you’ve finished your excursion. A variety of options are available, allowing you to customize the cleansing experience to meet your specific needs. 

These options include a variety of spray patterns and intensities and a choice between a gentle or firm cleaning action. Selecting one of the two user memory options might also help you quickly dial in your preferences. An air dryer can help you eliminate any residual moisture from your cleaning.

  • There is no need to flush the toilet manually
  • A remote control is included
  • Bidet with a built-in tank
  • Seat backlighting by remote control
  • Auto flushing with a powerful flush
  • It’s a complex machine to use


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Volvo’s STYLEMENT smart bidet toilet is now available with integrated style. This new innovative toilet system has been created with a contemporary design and the most up-to-date technology in mind. Your bathroom experience will be completely transformed by STYLEMENT’s new innovative and elegant toilet system!

The product’s auto deodorization mechanism removes unwanted scents. Sterilization LED light with heated seat, warm water, and warm air dryer with remote control of the self-cleaning full stainless nozzle performs posterior, feminine, and turbo wash functions. Wireless remote control of the nozzle

This item is equipped with a smart seat sensor that recognizes when the user sits down and flushes automatically when the user gets off their seat, making it possible to flush the toilet without using your hands. The product distinguishes between large and small flushes based on how long the user sits on the seat (less than 2 minutes, small flush; 2 minutes or more).

The tornado wash thoroughly cleans the inside rim and bowl using a high-pressure flushing system. 1.12 GPF (35 PSI), a tankless system attaches directly to the pipe, eliminating the need for stale water and providing a cleaner operation.


Lids are automatically opened and closed when a user approaches or leaves a product, depending on its proximity. The auto dual flush system uses the least amount of water possible. It is cUPC, cETLus certified to reduce the amount of toilet paper used and the amount of water used for the environment. For ergonomic reasons, the product’s seat has been made broader (3+1 equals 4 in.

  • Compact and stylish
  • Efforts to conserve water
  • Inexpensive to set up
  • Uncomfortable flushing mechanism


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The TOTO Neorest Dual Flush Toilet stands out among bathroom fixtures. Is it worth the astronomical cost? In addition, this toilet has a one- and 0.8-GPF dual flush option. There is no need to touch anything because this toilet flushes itself for a truly hands-free experience. You may use the provided remote control to customize your experience.

The lid opens by itself, but it can also close on you! There’s also a temperature-controlled heated seat and a cleaning bidet to save you time wiping. If you’re looking for a hands-free phone, this is it. Installing it will necessitate the services of both a plumber and an electrician.

The Toto toilet, which received our premium choice recommendation, costs several times more than this model. That toilet’s lid never closes on you, but it costs a quarter of what the other one does. We can’t rationalize paying this much for a poop receptacle.


The NEOREST RH has been intended to complement interiors and architectural settings with a smooth form and elegant proportions. There are no sharp edges in the RH’s design, and the rounded contour gives the piece an air of tranquility that works well in any setting.

TOTO developed innovative comfort and hygiene features, including our eWater+ function that mists the bowl after every use and reduces the need for chemicals during cleaning. The Neorest RH Dual Flush Toilet has all of these features and more.

  • Everything is hand-tightened, making installation a breeze
  • A maximum flush of 1.6 liters is permitted
  • Affordable
  • No cons in comparison to other toilets


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Toilets were the same in the past. They shared a lot of similarities in design and function. The WOODBRIDGE B0980S Smart Bidet Toilet, for example, makes use of the way technology has been integrated into toilets in recent years. Just by looking at this toilet, you know it’s remarkable. Tankless, one-piece design is immediately noticeable. This type has no place for dirt or bacteria to accumulate. All surfaces are flat and smooth, making cleaning a breeze.

However, the true selling point of this toilet is the bidet seat that comes with it. It’s warm, so getting out of bed in the mornings is never a problem. Pressure can be adjusted to suit individual needs using sanitary, purified water from a bidet wand. In addition to not needing to scrape it constantly, the bidet wand is self-cleaning.

With this toilet, flushing is a thing of the past. When you get out of the bathroom, the waste is automatically flushed away. Improved air quality is ensured thanks to the unit’s in-built carbon filter and deodorizer. It’s hardly surprising that this is one of the more costly WOODBRIDGE toilets with these features.


It is possible to remove dangerous air pollutants and transform them into harmless water and carbon dioxide using a lightless catalyst that can initiate a catalytic reaction even in the absence of light. It improves air quality and is an alternative to activated carbon. Comfortable heated seats and powerful warm air dryers keep you comfortable and dry in the mornings and throughout the winter.

  • Incorporating a bidet
  • Clean, clean aesthetics with a heated seat
  • A bidet wand that cleans itself
  • Hands-free use of the system
  • Infra-red air purifier with activated carbon
  • It’s quite costly

Kohler K-5401-PA-0

Best High End Toilets 10Best High End Toilets 11

The Kohler Veil boasts the graceful curves of a Japanese crane thanks to its flowing and perfectly balanced design. Touchless flushing and accurate water consumption are just a few of the features included in this high-end model’s many pricey features. The design exemplifies precise water use and is calibrated to deliver optimum hygiene and utmost personal comfort.

Of course, this high-priced toilet has all the features of a modern toilet, including a sleek design, touchless flush, and exact water usage. The Kohler Veil boasts the graceful curves of a Japanese crane thanks to its flowing and perfectly symmetrical design. The design exemplifies precise water use and is calibrated to deliver optimum hygiene and utmost personal comfort.

It also includes a built-in LED nightlight for hands-free opening and closing. A touch screen LCD remote control makes it simple to use all features. The large bowl form of this pricey model provides the most comfort.


This toilet has a lot going for it, and one of its most appealing aspects is its seamless design. The extraordinary thing about the design is that it is relatively easy to clean because it is smooth and lacks numerous curves and edges. It also has a nice appearance and is a great choice. This toilet’s installation is a breeze, thanks to the clear instructions that come with it. Then there’s the fact that it’s a breeze to clean.

  • Cost-effective
  • Flush with minimal water use
  • A silent, strong flush is provided by the canister flush valve, which is operated by turning the handle
  • Flush troughs are limited to just one


With the Aura, you’ll be able to take your bathroom into the future of personal hygiene. The warm water jets do a better job of cleaning you than toilet paper. Using the foot sensor and remote control, you may easily and hygienically flush the toilet without touching any parts. We also went the extra mile to make it eco-friendly, requiring less water and electricity every flush than a regular toilet.

The ENVO Aura Smart Toilet Bidet defies conventional wisdom and ushers in a new era of personal cleanliness in the bathroom. It is convenient because the water pressure and temperature may be adjusted. 

In addition, it contains a spray mechanism that monitors the water temperature to ensure a pleasant experience. Large heated seats and a touch-free slim design boost the user’s degree of hygiene and cleanliness during cold weather. Using less water each flush, less electricity, and no need for toilet paper make the ENVO Aura Smart Toilet Bidet eco-friendly.


The warm water jets in the Aura smart toilet are more effective at cleaning you than any toilet paper ever could be. It includes a heated seat, and the water pressure and temperature can be customized to your liking. It is designed to be operated without the use of a hand. It saves a lot of power. It saves water and is friendly to the environment.

  • Product quality is excellent with ENVO Aura Smart Toilet Bidet
  • The toilet incorporates a touchless remote control that is easy to operate
  • When it comes time to replace your product, you’ll spend less money because of the lifetime warranty
  • Eco-friendly and energy-efficient
  • Water pressure and temperature can be set to suit the user’s needs
  • The price of this toilet may be prohibitive for some potential consumers


Best High End Toilets 12Best High End Toilets 13

The WOODBRIDGE B-0960S Smart Bidet Seat Toilet is one of the most costly toilets, but it offers many unique features. For example, it has a hands-free lid, which opens automatically as you approach the container.

Much more lies ahead. This toilet has a built-in bidet to clean the back and lady parts to save on toilet paper. Afterward, it will flush itself. Everything is done via the computer’s keyboard and mouse. As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also a built-in deodorizer to ensure that your excretion does have that rose-scented fragrance.

When you’re done with the shower, there’s even a built-in air dryer to ensure that you won’t be dripping when you get out. There is also a heated seat for those chilly mornings to sit back and relax.

The eco-friendly dual flush of the WOODBRIDGE smart toilet allows you to pick between a 1.6-gallon flush and a 1-gallon flush, so ordinary toilets do not outdo it. However, if you can afford to spend the money, your rear and restroom will undoubtedly thank you—one of the greatest premium toilets available in 2022.


The auto-open/close lid on this automated flush toilet will change the way you use the toilet. Additionally, the chair may be heated to provide extra warmth in the winter. Aside from that, when it detects your presence, the chair automatically closes and opens. The toilet flushes itself behind your butt after you are done with your business.

  • Technology that automatically flushes the toilet
  • A toilet seat that closes smoothly rather than crashing
  • It is possible to keep a comfortable temperature in the bathroom during the colder months thanks to the heated toilet seat
  • The extra length of the bowl adds to the overall comfort
  • It contains an air deodorizer that helps to remove defective odors from the air
  • The app is simple to use
  • It’s a bit pricey for certain customers

Factors You Should Consider While Choosing High-End Toilets

Factors You Should Consider While Choosing High-End Toilets

In many people’s minds, the bathroom is more than just a place to relieve oneself; it’s a place of privacy. Many people are working on their cellphones while losing weight in the morning because smartphones are now as powerful as laptops from a few years ago. Those who aren’t working are frequently found on social media. Just to say, our toilets get quite a bit of use. You’re well aware of this. You’re looking at the finest toilet reviews to see which one is the greatest option for your needs. This article will cover the most vital aspects to consider while evaluating different models of toilets. You won’t look back on your decision if you do these things correctly.

Low-Consumption Flush

Many individuals nowadays are more concerned than ever before about the environment. This has led to goods that utilize less and fewer resources. However, a byproduct of reduced utilization is lower costs. It took between 5 and 8 liters of water per flush until 1980 when toilets were first introduced. Contrast it with today’s average of 1.6 gallons per flush toilet. However, some of the most water-efficient toilets consume less than a gallon of water per flush, making them even more environmentally friendly.

To illustrate how much less water is needed per flush with an efficient toilet, consider one that uses two gallons of water per flush. With each flush, the less water your toilet consumes, the less water it uses and the less impact it has on the environment.


Plastic, cast iron, faience, china, and other materials make toilet bowls. The plastic ones are less expensive, but they are more prone to cracks and chips than the metal versions. In addition, they aren’t exactly water-resistant. China toilet bowls are extremely long-lasting with solid ingredients like quartz despite their high price tag. The material of a toilet bowl is an important consideration while shopping for the best toilet bowl. This can help establish how long it will be around.


You may want to avoid any more noisy gadgets in your home. When a toilet tank is refilled and flushed, it makes a lot of noise. Make sure you check for models with “silent flushes” on their packaging, so you don’t have to constantly announce your use of the toilet to everyone in the house, which can be embarrassing. Also, check out customer reviews to see whether they agree with your impression.

Flush Strength

The flushing power of high-efficiency toilets may be compromised as a trade-off. The last thing anyone wants to deal with is a clogged toilet. If you have to flush your water-saving toilet many times, what’s the point? Using your flush’s full force is essential at this point. Here, a dual flush toilet is a terrific option to choose from. A water-saving flush and a more forceful flush are available in these toilets. This saves water and serves as a preventive measure to avoid clogging the system. Consider the flush strength of the toilet if you want to avoid clogs, and know that your flush will work every time.

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Benefits Of High-End Toilets

You’re going to run into problems with your old toilet not working due to wear and tear or other problems. New alternatives offer improved benefits if you’re looking for a replacement for your current commode. If you need a new toilet, you might want to think about getting a high-tech one. This guide will show you the benefits of a high-End toilet if you’re still unsure.

Save Money

Because high-efficiency toilets use 20% less water than traditional toilets, you’ll save money. If you have old-school toilets that use anywhere from 3 gallons to 6 gallons per flush, this might save you 20% or more per month. In addition, a reduction in the number of repairs is possible due to the increased efficiency.


A high-tech toilet’s comfort level is a major factor in its popularity. Thanks to a heated seat in the middle of the night, you’ll never have to sit on a cold toilet seat again. The toilet’s adjustable height will support your legs and knees when sitting down. Each family member can choose their settings, making it easier for everyone to feel at ease. You may customize your toilet’s settings to meet your specific needs using a simple remote control.

Easy To Fit

Installing a high toilet seat doesn’t require time or effort. For maximum stability, elevated toilet seats typically include adjustable anchoring brackets. Typically, these brackets are located on the sides and back of a piece of furniture. It’s simple to set up, but it’s also simple to keep clean. Simply wipe down the toilet with a disinfectant or an antibacterial wipe, and you’re ready to use.

Increased Confidence

Because going to the restroom is such a personal experience, most people prefer to go alone. Maintaining independence while still ensuring one’s safety is possible with a raised toilet seat. In addition to boosting a patient’s self-esteem, this feature lowers the danger of a fall or slip while using the restroom.

Reduce Impact Of Joints

Mobility-related diseases can impact joints, and in certain situations, even a small amount of overuse of joints can cause substantial pain and discomfort for those who suffer from it. People with joint inflammation, such as arthritis sufferers, may find it helpful to reduce the amount of time they must spend bending their knees and hips.

New features

There’s certainly a toilet model with the features you’re looking for. For example, families with little children would welcome a high-tech toilet with colored nightlights that make late-night toilet usage a breeze.

A built-in bidet is one of the most common high-tech toilet conveniences. Using a bidet saves money on toilet paper and keeps you fresh and clean all day. Your high-tech toilet allows you to modify water temperature, use a hot air dryer, and utilize self-cleaning nozzles, among other features.

It’s also possible to listen to your favorite music while using a high-tech toilet with Bluetooth, making you or your guests feel completely at home. Deodorizers are also an option in some toilets, and some will lower the seat for you if you ask them to.

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Best High End Toilets

Frequently Asked Questions

What Exactly is a Smart Toilet?

A toilet consists of a tank, which holds water, and a bowl. Water from the tank flows into the toilet bowl during a flush, forcing the contents to be flushed down a pipe. That’s how a normal toilet flushes. As described in an article, a smart toilet serves the same job as a traditional toilet but contains additional functions that make it more useful. An integrated washlet or bidet, automated systems, and features for people with disabilities can all be part of a smart toilet.

What are the Automatic Functions that Smart Toilets Have?

Automated systems are another excellent advantage of smart toilets. The lids of certain smart toilets open and close themselves when motion is detected. To open or close the toilet seat cover, you no longer have to stoop down, saving you precious time. People who frequently use the restroom after dark may appreciate the automatic lighting feature in modern smart toilets. Your quest for the bathroom light switch will be over because you will be able to use the toilet with ease.

Are Smart Toilets Noisy?

Regular toilets can be overly loud when the flushing mechanism is engaged. In addition, the sound of the toilet tank being emptied is a nuisance. Fortunately, there is a better solution available in the form of smart toilets. Because the flushing noise of smart toilets has been minimized, you no longer have to be concerned about generating noise in the bathroom in the small hours of the morning. It’s also advantageous to those who don’t enjoy the sound of their toilets filling up, as the tanks of smart toilets don’t make any obnoxious noises.

Where can I buy premium high-efficiency toilets?

Most major retailers and home plumbing/bathroom showrooms in Southern California carry high-efficiency toilets that qualify for the rebate. Buy a qualifying product from a third-party website (eBay, Amazon, etc.) and have it installed at your home in a participating water district. You may be eligible for a rebate. However, the product must be brand new and in the original packaging at the time of purchase. Applicants who have acquired an item through a third-party website must provide proof of the item’s newness in their applications.

What does a smart toilet do?

The term “smart” has a wide variety of meanings. Most people associate the term “smart” with the availability of internet connectivity; however, when it comes to smart toilets, it more accurately describes “advanced features.” Depending on the model, these can either be an add-on or part of the toilet itself. Traditional toilets don’t have the advanced features that smart toilets do.

Self-cleaning and self-flushing toilets are among the most frequent features. Additionally, some smart toilets include sanitary features such as hands-free flushing or toilet lid shutting, aesthetic elements such as illumination, and more sustainable features such as the ability to auto-detect the flush needed to save water with each flush.

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The best high end toilets are brought to light in the debate because they are the most expensive. As far as the term is concerned, the traits that manifest themselves might serve as a guide to help you make the greatest decision possible. After reading the article about the finest toilet for performance, cost-saving, and convenience, A person must make their judgment. Several factors come into play when it comes to the convenience of use. Anyone with the correct information may get the most out of this by closely looking at it.

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