Best Composting Toilet For RV

Several topics are discussed here, ranging from variety to top brands to determining variables to advantages.

The composting toilet is a fantastic choice if you already have an RV toilet. Every year, an increasing number of people make the switch, and yours isn’t the only one. However, locating the best RV composting toilet is not an easy feat.

There are numerous composting toilets available on the market today. With so many alternatives, it’s easy to become frustrated and overwhelmed. We wish to ease these sensations by providing the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

This article will provide you with the information you need to make the best decision for your situation. You will no longer have to deal with a crowded market with numerous moving parts. In addition, four product reviews of contemporary composting toilet models will be presented.

These evaluations will give you a better understanding of the composting toilet for RVs. Continue reading to find out more information on the products that will help you make the right choice. Anyone who enjoys road travel would appreciate these best composting toilets for RVs.

Factors We Considered While Choosing the Best Composting Toilet for RV

In our opinion, choosing a portable composting toilet is the best option, rather than one of the vast varieties of composting toilets available. There is a slew of options to choose from. We should consider the following factors when choosing among the following brands.


Budget can play a role in our RV’s decision to use a composting toilet. You may end up buying a defective product simply because it’s cheaper. To meet your needs, we select from a choice of composting toilets for RVs that are economical and feature-rich.

Tank capacity

Different sizes of composting toilet tanks are available. Smaller tanks are more cost-effective for single travelers because they are less likely to run out of gas. A larger tank will be required for those who don’t want to empty their tanks daily. The capacity is often included in the product specifications provided by most manufacturers.

Easy to clean

Composting toilets of higher quality are easier to clean due to the better materials used during construction. The integrity of some brands diminishes with time. Because of the difficulty of opening a storage tank, a spill could occur. Certain types with better rinse systems than others keep you from scrubbing them after each use. Some versions can be readily cleaned and don’t require any special equipment.

Seat height

It’s not uncommon to find composting RV toilets that look just like regular toilet seats. Sitting in a chair the same height as the person sitting in it is considerably more comfortable. In addition, extended seats, which are more comfortable, can be found on certain models. If we wish to recreate the home sensation, we look for similar toilets to the ones we have at home.

NSF certification

Manufacturers of composting toilets may seek certification from this independent third-party body, which confirms that consumer products meet fundamental standards such as being odor-free or capable of handling the promised capacity.


Because a composting toilet for an RV, tiny house, or boat should be compact, we looked for models with a large enough toilet seat for an adult to sit comfortably. The cost was not a significant consideration; however, we preferred composting toilets with the best value for money.

Brand reputation

Purchasing a well-known brand provides a sense of security and confidence. Composting toilets from well-known manufacturers are listed below.

Other factors

When selecting the best composting toilets, we considered many parameters. To accommodate large groups or families, we exclusively selected composting toilets with ample capacity. A composting toilet’s odor management is essential. Therefore we chose models with well-designed ventilation systems that keep odors from spreading.

Best Composting Toilet For RV

Best Composting Toilet for RV Brands

Best Composting Toilet for RV Brands: Reviews

Nature’s Head Self-Contained

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with...
774 Reviews
Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet with...
  • No one - and I mean no one - will beat my customer service and individual support
  • Easy to install by any reasonably handy person.
  • Absolutely No Odor. No Maintenance. 5 Year Warranty.

The Nature’s Head self-contained composting toilet is among today’s most dependable versions, which is our first evaluation. It has risen to this position because of its eye-catching and innovative design. Even the harsh marine environment can endure Nature’s Head’s creation of this product. As a result of this feature, it is well-suited for use on an RV. Stainless steel-based hardware should not come as much of a surprise.

In addition, we liked this product’s capacity to eliminate unpleasant odors. Air in your bathroom can be recycled thanks to a little air circulation fan placed within the toilet’s head. It’s an action that will guarantee that your RV will smell nicer.

Another intriguing aspect of the device was its capacity to dismantle in seconds. It will make the entire dumping process much more straightforward and trouble-free. It appears to be a component that everyone can get behind, given that you want to spend as little time as possible disposing of rubbish.


Material: Plastic
Color: Granite
Brand: Nature’s Head
Capacity: 26 Liters
Shape: Rectangular
Item Weight: 28 Pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎20.98″L x 19.02″W x 20.98″H
Manufacturer: ‎Nature’s Head
Part Number: ‎Natures Head Spider
Item Weight: 28 pounds
Product Dimensions: ‎22 x 20.5 x 21.7 inches
Size: 20″ high
Voltage: 12 Volts
Installation Method: Wall

Ratings by feature

Durability: 5.0
Easy to use: 5.0
Easy to install: 4.3
Easy to clean: 4.0


This composting toilet also has a lot to offer in terms of adaptability. We mean, there are a lot of scenarios in which this product could be helpful. An RV, camper, workshop, or yurt can all benefit from this toilet.

Many buyers also mentioned the toilet seat’s comfort level. The product’s full-size, expanded seat appears to have been a significant selling point. The product was praised at least once when reading two evaluations.

Additionally, the manufacturer offers a 5-year limited guarantee on this item. With a device like this, it’s always great to have a little coverage.

Customer experience

To sum it up: if you plan to go off-grid, the Nature’s Head toilet is an excellent option! It accomplishes the job well and can be adapted to fit any environment and situation. This is an excellent option if you don’t want to make any substantial changes to your vehicle.

  • There are a lot of instructional videos and articles available online for this toilet
  • This toilet is great for squeezing into small areas
  • It can be taken out of your RV or vehicle in less than a minute and is completely portable
  • When properly cared for, there is no smell
  • Using it correctly requires some practice

OGO Self-Contained Waterless

OGO™ Compost Toilet Self Contained Waterless for RVs,...
9 Reviews
OGO™ Compost Toilet Self Contained Waterless for RVs,...
  • Electric agitator with an easy to empty solids bin
  • Modern, sleek compact design with very small footprint
  • USA Made with direct human contact customer service

When it comes to everyday use, the OGO composting toilet is an excellent choice for small rooms because of its compact size. Due to the built-in electric agitator, it does not require manual agitation, and its disposal is just as simple. The indicator light signals when the liquid container should be emptied and is reported to last for 25-30 uses before emptying. 

Up to 50 persons can comfortably use this compact composting toilet per day. We recommend the OGO composting toilet for those with a limited amount of room or a small family searching for a compact option.

Thanks to its detachable and compact design, you don’t need additional equipment to install the outdoor sink. You can significantly speed up the installation procedure with the clear user guide; Therefore, there is no need to set up a camping toilet.


Color: White
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 15 x 16 x 18.38 inches
Material: Polypropylene, High Density Polyethylene
Brand: OGO
Item Weight: 28 Pounds
Installation Method: Floor Mounted
Shape: Rectangular
Seat Material Type: Polypropylene
Item Weight: 28 pounds
Size: ‎Small
Style: ‎OGO™ Compost Toilet
Finish: Matt
Warranty Description: ‎5 year plastic components, 1 year electrical components


To put it another way, this toilet is substantially less cumbersome and environmentally friendly than incinerator toilets (s). Most importantly, the GTG may be used as a toilet without water. Your portable bathroom will be complete after you add the GTG. They are popular because of their tiny size, functionality (similar to a cassette toilet), and convenience of use.

Customer experience

Because of its compact size and simple design, this toilet is an excellent choice. The OGO Compost Toilet is a great option if you don’t have the time or resources to build your composting toilet but still want one that works well.

  • An electric agitator with a solids bin that is simple to empty
  • With a small footprint, this design is ultra-modern and streamlined
  • Minimalist architecture in the United States with a very modest carbon footprint 
  • There is a urine level indication lamp and trap door mechanism
  • Toilet and waste bin that can be used 25 to 30 times
  • Purchase of an optional fan is required


SUN-MAR GTG TOILET | Portable Toilet, Compost Toilet...
61 Reviews
SUN-MAR GTG TOILET | Portable Toilet, Compost Toilet...
  • COMPACT AND PORTABLE - The efficient GTG is the ideal portable toilet for camping or RV toilet use!
  • INSTALLS IN MINUTES - This portable potty for adults (children too) is almost TOO easy to install!
  • SOLID/LIQUID SEPARATION - This smart toilet separate liquid and solid waste to separate chambers!

Sun-Mar happens to be the manufacturer of our third toilet review. This is one of the most miniature models on the market today, and it is sure to please. It has a few exciting features thanks to its clean and stylish appearance. 

A few minutes is all it takes to install one of these features. You won’t have to break a sweat moving it around because of its modest size. As a result, the installation process is streamlined and takes significantly less time.

Because of its compact size, it may be used in various small spaces, including RVs, barns, garages, cabins, boats, and more. The Sun-Mar GTG Composting Toilet may be the best solution in these cases. With its ability to separate solid garbage from liquid waste unaffected by size, you’ll be delighted. Each sort of garbage is processed in a separate chamber. However, this composting toilet is a viable alternative for redirecting human waste.


Color: White
Item Dimensions LxWxH: 24 x 15.75 x 19.8 inches
Brand: Sustainable Village
Installation Method: Wall Mounted
Shape: Oblong
Item Weight: 29.5 pounds

Ratings by feature

Easy to install: 4.8
Easy to clean: 4.6
Value for money: 3.6


Sun-Mar also puts this product through its paces in the most extreme conditions possible. As a result of this feature, the product should last for many years to come. This toilet appears suitable for use in any location in the world.

However, none of these excellent characteristics is the most noteworthy aspect of this fantastic selection. The title refers to the cost of this product, which is one of our most affordable. Because of this, it’s a good deal for someone who can handle its smaller size.

Customer experience

Overall, customers are pleased with this restroom. The drawbacks of this toilet, aside from the lack of a trap door for the solid bin, are purely subjective and have no bearing on how well it works! However, this composting toilet is among the first choices for those who have RVs.

  • Composting medium is not necessary
  • An easy-to-use flexible vent pipe
  • The sleek design and compact size are ideal vans, RVs, and more, 
  • There is no odor if properly applied
  • The solids bin has no cover or trap door

Separett Villa 9215

Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC
257 Reviews
Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC
  • Composting,Waterless,Urine diverting, off-grid, toilet

This Swedish company has been making toilets that are not connected to the mains for a long time. New composting toilets have been developed for the US market; they’re fantastic! The Separett Villa 9215 AC/DC Composting Toilet is one of the best waterless toilets for RVs today. Owning an RV should find this device’s many features particularly useful.

Versatility is one of these characteristics. This composting toilet, for example, can run on either DC or AC power, making it handy in various settings. Regardless of where you need it, it’s a very versatile resource. Another great feature is the fan, which has only one speed. This feature allows for up to 20-foot venting, which will help keep your bathroom odor-free. As a result, the rest of your vehicle will be odor-free.

Another enticing feature of this product is its relatively light weight of 34 pounds. Installing this much weight shouldn’t be a problem for anyone. Other buyers’ feedback appears to support this conclusion.


Color: White
Brand: Separett
Material: Paper
Shape: Oblong
Product Dimensions: 333″L x 276″W
Installation Type: Wall Mounted


A child seat is also available for this toilet as an add-on. For those traveling with little children, this would be a welcome addition. Separett thought of everything when designing their composting toilet, and it’s a beautiful addition.

A 5-year warranty even covers it, so you’re covered for a long time in the event of an accident. It’s always nice to have a backup plan like this. You never know what may happen during the shipping or installation process.

It’s also worth noting that the installation process has garnered some favorable feedback from other consumers. It surprised many individuals who had previously used composting toilets how quickly and easily this one could be installed.

Customer Experience

There is nothing terrible to say about this toilet. To customers, it’s a dream come true, and the pricing is reasonable compared to similar products. Many customers love this composting toilet in Sweden and the US for its affordability and features.

  • The most comfortable toilet seat you’ll ever sit on
  • When you sit down, the solids bin is automatically opened
  • Easy to clean, the bowl conveniently separates liquid and solid waste
  • Compostable bag liners are included in the solids bin to make disposal simple
  • The solids container in the toilet is automatically rotated
  • Composting media is not necessary
  • The slightest bit of odor is present at all
  • RVs, huge vans, and compact residences are better suited for this

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Composting Toilet for RV Brands

Factors to Consider While Choosing the Best Composting Toilet for RV Brands

When looking for an RV composting toilet, there are numerous features and factors to consider. Even if it initially seems daunting, there are ways to make it less so. We’ve put together this buyer’s guide to help you find the appropriate toilet for your home.


In a recreational vehicle or camper, space is a precious commodity. It’s essential to make the most of the space you have if you want to live comfortably. Make sure you know how big your RV bathroom is and what kind of composting toilet it can accommodate before you buy one.


Is the installation of your toilet on your to-do list? Be aware of pre-assembled units while purchasing. Most composting toilet manufacturers include step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow, regardless of their level of expertise.

Easy to clean

Composting toilets of higher quality employ better materials and are therefore easier to clean. The integrity of some brands diminishes with time. Because of the difficulty in opening a storage tank, a spill could occur. Washing them after each usage is unnecessary with some versions due to their superior rinse systems. In addition, seek models that are simple to clean and don’t need specific tools.

Organic material

The organic stuff is what aids in the drying and composting of your feces. It’s an essential step in the procedure! Storage of resources like sawdust or coco fiber, both of which take up a lot of room, should be a priority. Another thing to keep in mind is where you’ll get your supplies. Where will you camp to get these supplies if you run low?


The difference in price between a $10 do-it-yourself bucket toilet and a $1k+ toilet is enormous. Because of shipping and installation costs, the price of installing an RV composting toilet may end up being much higher than initially anticipated. Don’t put your money into bad composting toilets until it’s worth your time and effort.


You’ll have to empty your RV’s toilet at some point, regardless of the type of toilet you choose. Unlike a standard toilet, you must empty a composting toilet differently. But even without an overflowing black tank, you still have to find some way to get rid of the liquids. You may require a pit toilet or public restroom if this means lugging a bottle of pee through a parking lot. You can also install a gray tank system in the RV.

Empty the bin into a bag and put it in the trash for the solids. For humane trash disposal, check with your local waste management provider. Make sure you carefully do your homework before adding solid trash to a compost pile. Composting human waste correctly necessitates a variety of temperature conditions. Check with your local society to determine if human composting waste is allowed in your area.


Composting toilets take longer to fill for lone travelers or couples than traditional RV toilets. If a large number of people make “deposits,” the solid bin may be complete before the trash has had a chance to decompose. Considering the emptying process, it’s essential to keep this in mind.

Benefits of Composting Toilet for RV

The finest RV composting toilet converts waste into safe and environmentally friendly fertilizer like ordinary compost. Human excrement is beneficial to the ecosystem because it’s recycled. There are three significant advantages to installing a composting toilet in your RV.

Ease of installation

It is possible to put in composting toilets just about anywhere. Remote places and areas where a permanent dwelling is not required are particularly well-suited for installation.

Save water

Compared to a regular toilet, a composting toilet uses no water. They conserve water because they don’t have to use it to flush. Since there is no reliable water source, they are the most excellent option for rural or remote areas. Little water pressure and high septic demands make them ideal for regions with low water pressure.

Cheap to install

Composting toilets, as previously stated, do not require water or a connection to a septic or sewer system. Due to the reduced installation requirements, they are easier to install and less expensive to buy. Composting toilets typically cost less than $1,000 to buy and install.

End-products enriching the soil

Nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, and potassium are all valuable soil nutrients that compost end products provide. It is an organic fertilizer or manure that you can apply to the soil. Individuals will no longer have to spend money on inorganic fertilizers. Domestic gardening, such as planting trees, flowers, or other plants, can use the items in residential locations.

Save space

RV composting toilets are famous because of their small form. They can go almost everywhere because they don’t require a black water tank adapter. Such a small footprint makes them ideal for the cramped conditions of camper bathrooms. Repairs are also more straightforward because there are fewer components and systems involved. You will not need to cram into tight spots to tighten screws or tighten up leaks now.

Minimal maintenance

You may need to mix up the compost or add water to the toilet bowl. Composting toilets, on the other hand, only need to be installed once, and the rest takes care of itself. Solid matter decomposes more efficiently than water and urine in most models.

No hookup required

For this toilet to function, there is no need for a septic system or connection. The no-flush system is also used by people who live in remote regions, such as tiny dwellings, boats, and cabins. It’s easy to use and doesn’t require a trip to a campground.


The average family uses a composting toilet to save about 8,000 gallons of water a year. That would dwarf an 18-foot-round swimming pool. Using these toilets also reduces the requirement for sewage treatment facilities that employ hazardous chemicals to treat raw waste.

Benefits of Composting Toilet for RV

Frequently Asked Questions

How do composting toilets work?

Many different types of composting toilets exist, but the underlying principle remains consistent: It is stored in a compartment beneath the toilet where bacteria break it down into a volume of 10% to 30% of its original size. 

It’s possible to flush using just a few ounces of water, but it’s also possible to add a form of bulking material or substrate like wood chips or peat moss. This maintains the pile porous and serves as a carbon source for the bacteria. While the most advanced models include automatic mixing arms, several variants require hand cranking to mix the mixture.

Composting chambers can benefit from the use of fans to draw air into the chamber, which aids in the evaporation of liquids. At the same time, vents to the outdoors are utilized to keep composting aromas out of the living area. 

Heaters can be used all year round to keep rooms at their ideal temperature. If local restrictions allow, organic matter can be composted or put in the garbage, depending on how long it takes for the material to decompose. 

A self-contained container that does not require plumbing is the only way to keep liquid waste from evaporating. This scenario can use a regular toilet or sewage system for liquid waste disposal.

How do you empty a composting toilet?

The model makes a difference. Most feature a chamber beneath them for storing liquid and solid waste. Removing a tray or trash container varies from maker to manufacturer, but it usually involves releasing a cover or latch.

Do composting toilets accept toilet paper?

Using toilet paper in a composting commode is permitted. However, it will be visible for a more extended period than solid waste. Thinner and quicker dissolving RV or marine toilet paper is an option for some people. Tampons, for example, should never be flushed down the toilet.

How much does a composting toilet cost?

You can spend as little money as you choose on RVing. Toilet designs range from a 5-gallon bucket of sawdust with an old-fashioned seat on top to a toilet powered by electricity that costs thousands of dollars. This is a decent depiction of the pricing range for urine-diversion composting toilets, as seen in the composting toilets above.

Where to buy a composting toilet for RV?

Use Amazon to acquire a composting toilet for a camper, RV, or travel trailer. They have a more comprehensive selection and better costs than their rivals. It’s what’s made them such a force in the consumer market throughout history. 

Additionally, their vast customer review database is a plus. These materials will be crucial when deciding which RV compost toilet is best for your scenario. Let these advantages not deter you from looking around at other internet retailers.

Of course, a potential buyer isn’t limited to shopping at an online business. Composting toilets are still prevalent in many brick-and-mortar establishments, which some customers prefer. 

Walmart, Home Depot, and your local RV supply stores will likely offer a decent range of these items. You’ll have to shop at a retail store if you’re looking for a bargain. For this reason, people are more inclined to conduct their retail business only online.

What is an RV composting toilet?

In an RV, a composting toilet functions like a regular toilet but does not consume any water. As an outcome, there is no need for plumbing with these gadgets. Isn’t it a good idea to have a rig around? It’s worth noting that composting toilets are entirely organic and do not require flushing or chemicals. To put it another way, these toilets are a miniature ecosystem that separates the solids from the water to keep them distinct.

The waste will subsequently be broken down by these toilets into compost, known as humus. Your state’s norms and rules dictate whether or not you can utilize this humus as fertilizer, dispose of it, or bury it in the ground. 

As a result of this information, a composting toilet has become a useful RVing accessory. It eliminates the need to use water from your rig’s limited supply to remove human waste. In our opinion, there’s nothing better than a toilet for a rig owner.

Do RV composting toilets require special toilet paper?

For the most part, toilet paper is made from either tree, recycled paper, or other materials, such as bamboo and sugarcane. Recycled paper is best tolerated by composting toilets. Due to the thinner strands, it degrades more quickly and efficiently. The degradation of toilet paper also provides a source of carbon. Because of this, utilizing it in a composting toilet may be advantageous.

Only use RV-safe toilet paper in your camper, just like in a black water tank. With the addition of other ingredients, it decomposes significantly more efficiently. You’ll notice the tissue when dumping because it doesn’t decompose quickly. Observe that a single ply breaks down faster than two or three plies. You should use Aqua Soft Toilet Paper in your RV as well.

Some campers choose not to use the chamber’s toilet paper. A separate trash can is utilized to dispose of used tissues. Allows the user to go longer between emptying the tank this way. Avoid flushing things like wipes, diapers, and tampons. Because they’re made of non-organic cotton and include chlorine bleach, these things won’t disintegrate.


Your trips will be much more joyful if you have an excellent RV composting toilet. Forget about clogged toilets and odorous restrooms. You’ll be able to remedy those issues immediately with your new toilet. You should be able to find the best composting toilet for your needs if you use the information in this article. 

Purchasing one will make your travels far more convenient. It will also make you feel good about helping the environment when using it. Before making a final decision, ensure you have all the relevant information. All you have to do now is apply everything you’ve learned to your goal. Following that, it will be clear which option is the finest.

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